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Title: ** Fox’s Tale** (Don’t laugh it’s actually the name of my novel, and when I stumbled upon this thread I had to make a request :smiley: )
Author Name: Shen Liuxian
Genre: Tern Fiction/Fantasy
What is your story about?: About a nine-tailed fox named Adorra. These are playful but pure white fox spirits who protect humans and ward off evil. This is a morality tale with an undercurrent about heroism and the human trait of avoiding death. The story is about an impostor. It takes place in a magical part of our universe. The story climaxes with a political conflict. A conflict between magical and nonmagical races plays an important role.
What you want or don’t want: I want something like this: gene%20mollica%20-%20under%20a%20spell%20by%20hannah%20jayne Screenshot_2019-08-19-22-52-15
If you can do something like a first photo, can you please give her a fox tail and ears? She’s a fox after all. But if you do it like the example two, please put a ball of fire instead of that snowflake. I would like a golden, orange or dark brown colors on the cover.
Password: Magic Fox? :smiley: thank you so much for reading this. I really appreciate it even if you don’t accept it, I still love your covers :slight_smile:

your thread is beautiful and i love it so much

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Title: Lighted Fools
Subtitle: Seven Voices, One Admissions Game
Author Name: Jenjibread
Genre: Teen Fiction
What is your story about?: There are 7 different narrators, each trying to apply for college. They have there different struggles (one where the parents try to control every aspect of their lives, one who tries really hard but everyone thinks he got in just because his family is rich, one who was accepted but couldn’t afford to go, etc). Each chapter basically starts off with how they respond to a college essay prompt and then contrast that with their actual lives.
What you want or don’t want: I initially wanted the background to be a piece of paper with the words college applications to be burning. But it looks pretty and interesting and isn’t just a piece of burning paper? And if possible, the smoke from that burning paper will form silhouettes. If you think something else would look better with it, please help?
Password: Do whatever you think looks best?

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Considering your request. I have to see if I can gather the material first :wink:

Would you like me to use the first photo? I could do that. Of course I will put on fox ears and tail (red fox is okay? or white fox?)

Or, I could try to come up with something similar with a girl in uniform?

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U can use the first photo. Actually, she’s an orange fox, white fox spirit is just a title in Chinese mythology, they aren’t necessarily white Foxes. Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Title: Kore
Subtitle: Women of Olympus Series
Author Name: Madison Kunzler
Genre: Fantasy
What is your story about?: This is a retelling of the Greek myth of Persephone, and how she falls in love with Hades and goes from being a meek spring goddess to the Underworld’s Queen.
What you want or don’t want: I am wanting a kind of dark and powerful vibe to this. I’ve included a few pictures of inspo photos. My only must is that Kore is African.

kore%205 queen%201 queen%203
Password: Magic Fox Rox!


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Title: Lavender Monarch has Exactly Thirteen Fears
Subtitle: N/A
Author Name: angelikagrae
Genre: teen fiction / romance
What is your story about?: Lavender Monarch is a teen girl and she has exactly thirteen fears, she decides with the help of her best friend June to try and overcome every single one of them except the last one which is falling in love. She inadvertantly falls in love with him along the way.

What you want or don’t want: I really like how the cover 'diving into the wreck looks in your above covers. Something relatively simple. The focus is mainly on the ‘thirteen fears’ so if that text could be bigger then the rest and also have the ‘Lavender Monarch’ slightly bigger than the ‘has exactly’ if that makes sense. For the actual image, I would like a girl of around 16/17, she is a bit edgy so either bangs or a cool outfit type look. It would be cool if she could have some sort of outline around her in red or black (idk if that’s possible?)

do whatever you think is best aha! I’ll be happy with anything even if you disregard all my ideas :slight_smile: & feel free to ask me for clarification as I know this was pretty confusing and vague.
Password: thank-you!

I think I can make that work :wink:


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@shen_liuxian I have a question about that first pic you posted (which I might try out first), do you still want the same background (star on tree, building, bats in sky) or something different?

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You can and you don’t have to. As long is a fantasy background, mystical and etc I don’t care, the girl is important