Made my own cover for my book Tell me if it's good? #Rating


I’m in the process of making a book named 162. It’s a YAA romance novel about two high schoolers who both have a IQ score of 162 and go to this elite school called St. Rose Academy, FUN Fact: which is higher than Albert Einstein important) Since the whole story is based off of them being prodigies, I thought it would be funny/cute if the cover was…kind of “tacky?” And it’s like a modern day type of story soo I’d love some feedback on the aesthetic of it, I’ve never made a book cover so I need some criticism and pointers!162%20Book%20Cover%20unfiniished

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Aww, that’s really cute. I like it. However, you might want to include the title and/or author’s name! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you, I’ll need to find the right type of font thanks for the critique!


Which design tool are you using?


I’ve been using Canva and GIMP

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Nice! I can suggest a bunch of Canva fonts, if you’d like - I’m a huge Canva user.
Off the top of my head, Barrio seems like it’d fit.

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I’ll make sure to look for it, I’ve never really used Canva before so this is my first time with all the fonts and everything, but what color would you suggest?


When in doubt, try white or black. If the background is varied and that makes one colour hard to read, put a white or black rectangle behind your text (white if your text is black, and vice versa) and lower the transparency to about 50%. You could also try going with the red, but don’t do bright red whatever you do; lower (or raise) the brightness and the saturation if you’re using it for text.

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white is good

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I’ll try that and see how it goes, thank you so much!


I’ll probably try the white lettering with the black rectangle like you suggested

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It’s ok but you should try PicsArt
and add the Tittle/Author

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Why not try a different picture as well. (Well maybe the students are walking by and Albert Einstein is in clouds looking at them…something like that.)

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I just recently started using it and I fell in love (completely!)


Cool concept. Fits nice as a lil promo graphic, but it’s not particularly book cover material.


Whenever you pick up cover, think; ‘would I pick this up, read it, and find what exactly I would expect to be reading?’

Also, wattpad book covers should be in the ratio of 16:25 iirc so something like 512x800 or 206x400 would be ideal - wattpad displays covers a little over a width of 300px at it’s largest fyi


I was going to say this! Though I do like the concept of it fitting into a “science-y” because of the meaning behind the title.


Add a nuclear—wait, make that TWO nuclear mushrooms behind that creature, and some random people that were found dead, nay, skeleton-ed from chernobyl.

And then it’ll be perfect, like his “IQ”.