Made this map for the fantasy novel I'm working on, how is it?

This is one of the kingdoms on the continent. All of ‘The Dark Mist’ happens in this kingdom.

Click on the image to view it in full scale.

Click here to see the wiki (WIP)


I’m no designer, but I think it is pretty good :slight_smile:

What program are you using?

It looks great!

I used Photoshop. With different set of brushes for the mountains, forests, etc.

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Wow, this map is really awesome! It’s evident that a lot of thought was put into it :slight_smile:

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The layout of it is really good, but do you think that you could add a little bit of color?

Nice map, though I wonder if adding some more locations or sights pinned on there might make it more appealing to look at; the middle near the Vandora Dynasty label seems unnaturally barren (though that may be the fault of the label itself).

Thanks for the feedback. The map is not completely done. There are many places that I haven’t even named yet (the forests, the other mountains, the villages, etc.)

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Thanks for the feedback.

I don’t really think adding color is possible for this specific design, because I used techniques which makes it almost impossible. But in the future, I will definitely think about a colored version.

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Haha, thanks. Well I like fantasy and designing stuff, so it was an amazing experience creating a map for my own story.

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Cool! Can’t wait to see the final layout. You are doing great so far, so keep it up!

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I think it is epic! I’ve tried for so long to make a really good map for my own fantasy story without much luck, I think maps can often look tacky or messy for some reason, but yours is really just super!

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