Magic and powers - Help Needed!



Out of genuine curiosity, what kinds of magic and powers can we all come up with? I’ll make a huge list down below, updated as time goes on. Everyone is free to use this list if they have Fantasy stories and need some ideas :smiley: Feel free to add your own!


The List


  • Invisibility || The ability to become completely invisible

  • Shapeshifting || The ability to change into animals, people, or objects such as rocks or chairs

  • Time-space manipulation (post #14) || The ability to bend space and time to one’s will

  • Warping (post #14) || The ability to rip in the fabric of space and time to reappear where ever the eye can see

  • Celestial magic (post #16) || The ability to draw energy from the cosmos and summon volatile mini-stars

  • Speaking/Summoning animals (post #22 and #24) || The ability to communicate with animals and summon them

  • Shattering glass (post #81) || The ability to shatter glass

  • Peeling back skin and muscle tissue painlessly || The ability to peel back skin and muscle tissue without pain

  • Playing music, but only what you can remember of a song || The ability to play music, but only what you can remember of a song

  • Creating two shotguns || The ability to conjure two shotguns (part of conjuring)

  • Turning the sky different colors || The ability to turn the sky different colors

  • Turning people’s skin different colors || The ability to turn people’s skin different colors

  • Unleashing a herd of jackalopes || The ability to unleash a herd of jackalopes

  • Raining bouncy balls || The ability to cause a rain of bouncy balls

  • Cooking a meal just by putting ingredients on a table || The ability to cook a meal by putting the ingredients on a table

  • Painting with a finger || The ability to paint using solely a finger

Elemental Magic
  • Pyromancy || The ability to conjure fire and control it - such as making volcanoes erupt, igniting/combusting things, and control flames

  • Hydromancy || The ability to conjure water and control it - such as creating tsunamis, rain, forming lakes - sometimes even snow or ice

  • Terramancy || The ability to conjure earth and control it - such as creating earthquakes and rips in the earth’s surface

  • Caelimany/Aermancy || The ability to conjure air and to control it - such as making storms, tornadoes, rain, and otherwise

  • Alloymancy (post #12) || The ability to conjure metal and to change its shape

  • Adamantemmancy (post #14) || The ability to conjure diamonds from the earth, or even from thin air

  • Electromancy (post #31) || The ability to conjure lightning and electricity, as well as control it

  • Glacmancy || The ability to conjure ice and control it, as well as freezing objects

'Dark' Magic
  • Darkness manipulation (Post #20) || The ability to conjure darkness and control it, giving it a solid form. Able to cast away light

  • Necromancy || The ability to raise the dead and control them

  • Monster summoning (post #14) || The ability to form contracts with beasts/monsters and summon them via a portal or gateway

  • Shadow travel || The ability to change into a shadow and reappear where-ever is darkness

  • Soulmancing || The ability to control and move souls into different bodies/vessels - even souls from the deceased

  • Siphoning || The ability to steal another’s power or energy and use it yourself

'Light' Magic
  • Light manipulation || The ability to conjure light and control it, giving it a solid form. Able to cast away darkness

  • Healing (post #22) || The ability to heal wounds, cure illnesses and regrow limbs

  • Solar beam (post #25) || The ability to create an intense beam of light that vaporises anything in its path

Mind Magic
  • Compulsion || The ability to bend one to your will and make them do things for you

  • Illusion || The ability to create life-like illusions, including all senses

  • Dreamwalking || The ability to enter one’s dream, controlling them

  • Foresight (post #22) || The ability to see or predict the future

  • Omniscience (Post #33) || The ability to know everything. All the secrets of the universe, all that’s ever happened and all that ever will happen


You might just categorize it as elemental magic




Lol ‘cause bending is an avatar thing normally


Oh wow, what a great list. I need to look up firebending.


You can call it hydrokinesis or pyrokinesis too. Airbending sounds cooler than simple “air magic”


Fire bending is elemental magic relating to fire


Lol, you should group them under elemental magic and have a drop down that says the names


It’s a very small list so far :stuck_out_tongue:




Allomancy comes to mind (like from the Mistborn series). Different types of metal give people different powers when consumed, but only certain people can utilize certain metals.


I see… interesting


Diamond bending - conjuring diamonds form the earth or even from thin air.

Monster summoning - forming contracts with beast/monsters and summoning them via portal or gateway

Time/space manipulation - being able to bend time and space to ones will.

Warping - ripping time and space around one’s being to vanish and reappear anywhere the eye can see.


In my world, this particularly powerful magician created this branch of magic called Celestial Magic. It involves drawing upon the powers of mighty outer space (maybe some dark matter) and summoning volatile mini stars as a sort of ultimate move.


What is voliate?


Volatile, I meant. Typo


My vocabulary’s messing up. What does volatile mean again?


Prone to sudden (typically dangerous), frequent changes.


Darkness manipulation - giving darkness a solid form. Advanced users can create sentient life able to change shape.