Magic and powers - Help Needed!



Should I add that to dark magic or to elemental? Because lightbending should have a place too


Some of my faves: Healing magic, seeing/future-telling, speaking to animals.


Ooh, yes. Those cannot be forgotten


The ability to speak and or to summon animals.

I rather think summoning is an interesting one


Put in dark. I agree lightbending should have a spot

Solar beam - creates an intense beam of of light that can vaporize anything.

Healing - duh

Eye of light - originally eye of Kul. Replaces the user eye with that of a light god and allows one to see 7 seconds into the future.


This one is only possible if your light god sees the future. I have a special goddess of prophecy, so you’d have to name it after that. I guess it depends per universe


True true. My goddess can’t see the future unless she has a vessel.


Boop! We need more magic


Most bizarre ability I have come up with: person suffers from bipolar disorder, every time his depressive mood arises he can conjure up a rainstorm and anyone who comes into contact with a raindrop will experience his depression and the way they will die.


Uhh… do you have a fancy name for it? xP




Oh wow, I


A character in my WIP has the power of fundamentally understanding how the universe works. This is fun because he gets to be the smartest guy in the room, and therefore a sarcastic know-it-all, but I fear it makes him too powerful, because he immediately knows every enemy’s plans and weaknesses. I need to give him some sort of “Kryptonite,” but I don’t know what yet.


I don’t give them names, maybe just call it Heavy Rain


Like a weather (elemental magic) tied to a person’s emotions


Well, given that I wrote a universal RPG system a while back. I happen to have a comprehensive power list in my back pocket! Bear in mind these are general power categories and each has subsets and power skills that extend their usage.

  1. Adhesion
  2. Alter Fortune (Luck)
  3. Animal Abilities
  4. Astral Projection
  5. Baleforce (poisons, curses, etc.)
  6. Bio-Control
  7. Combat Prowess
  8. Damage Resistance
  9. Divination
  10. Earth Control
  11. Elastic Body
  12. Empathy
  13. Enchantment
  14. Energy Control
  15. Energy Projection
  16. Flight
  17. Force Control (Telekinesis)
  18. Force Projection
  19. Gemini Power (Cloning)
  20. Gravity Control
  21. Healing Force
  22. Heightened Senses
  23. Illusion Creation
  24. Immortality
  25. Invisibility
  26. Matter Control
  27. Matter Creation
  28. Mimicry
  29. Mind Control
  30. Natural Weapon
  31. Phasing
  32. Physical Union
  33. Power Control
  34. Prescience
  35. Psychic Blast
  36. Shapeshift
  37. Size Shift
  38. Spirit Force
  39. Superhuman Attributes (strength, speed, intelligence, etc.)
  40. Telepathy
  41. Teleportation
  42. Time Shift
  43. Transmutation
  44. Weather Control


Ability to see deaths of people


Good call




According to Paul “Muad’Dib” Atreides, that power comes with the complete lack of an interesting or fulfilling life because nothing can excite or stimulate you - a powerful narrative weakness.