Magic and powers - Help Needed!



Interesting. Is he a human character? If he is then you can give him a very basic kryptonite. Something on the lines of the more he knows, the less time he has. You can link his ability with his frustration of having his lifeline reduced by fifteen minutes. It will be kind of ironic that way. He knows everything but cannot live forever.


Yes, he is human, though he has no such limitations. He’s perhaps the most OP character I ever read (except for his son who has the same power), so his conflict comes from knowing he must commit atrocities to ensure long-lasting peace. His initial story is often cited as the best science fiction novel ever written.

Edit: Oops, I thought you responded to me, but I guess it’s relevant since it’s the same power.


Uhh I was actually suggesting an idea for macfrenzy’s character’s kryptonite ^^’


Yeah, saw that afterward. I edited.


Thanks for the suggestions!


The cool magic I have in my 3rd WIP was just written down as I was writing the chapter/s (because I’m a pantser and never plan anything out).

One was quieting my MC’s feet, or as I put it, “willing her feet to become as quiet as a mouse” so she could run without being heard. The other was her skin turning into actual bronze (because my WIP is set during the Bronze Age in Breton) when she was angered and had to hold onto someone’s wrist that was trying to turn his back on her.

I suggest playing around with magic and see what happens, then write it into making it realistic.




I have three forms of magic: arcane magic, shamanism, and chaos magic.

Arcane magic concerns the conversation of energy, mostly electrical and heat energy, and allows the user to use a part of their mana to cast spells like fireball or electrical bolt. Advanced arcane magic follows the laws of basic quantum mechanics and thus allows a person to use teleportation or mirror images. Mostly humans, high elves, lizardmen, and dragonfolk use this form of magic.

Shamanism is the worship of the spirits of nature, who in return for the shaman’s devotion manifest themselves in forms of natural entities and aid the shaman. Usually it takes a lot of mind power to conjure an entity, but a well-versed shaman can summon elemental beasts to aid them. Mostly tribal humanoids, forest dwarves, wood elves, and most other beast races use this form of magic.

Chaos magic is the opposite of arcane magic: whereas arcane creates order, chaos destroys. The most prominent spells in a chaos priest’s arsenal concern chaotic fire: a green flame which leaves behind no smoke nor ash, and demonology: the study of summoning the daemons of chaos. This form of magic is mostly used by chaos-tainted races, dark elves, demons, and dark templars.


A boop




I have characters that can see and manipulate magic, however it’s only lasts as long as their magic does (like energy/stamina), ancient/corrupt magic can physically harm them, and using this power causes them to go temporarily blind (for either as long as they used it, or longer, I haven’t completely decided). It also a rather rare genetic ability, so it’s not like everyone can do this.


Transformation - think were people. Werewolves, weredragons ect


I think that counts as shapeshifting


Oh yeah we have that. What about dark matter manipulation.


I never quite figured out what that is. What is dark matter?


Im not to sure but in my mind I imagine space. Taking a piece of that infinite darkness and shaping it. With enough training you can control the density, give a sword a gravitational pull. One could even create a blackhole


O.o that’s a lot different than shaping darkness/shadow


Darkness i guess so lol


But a shadow technically isnt darkness as darkness can exist without light.


Wooooow! This is useful! Thank you dear citizen