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[This is CLOSED until further notice. If you want a cover from me, check out Limited Free Manipulated Covers.]

I have two premade covers shops and one is in collaboration with an amazing typography artist (you can find Illusions cover shop under the tag, “premades”).

About me: I’ve been making covers for people for about 4, 5 years now but more seriously the past 3, 4 years.

Cover type offered

Simple type and for commercial use as well



Program using: Canva (enables title and author name change)


I do not do any covers with sexual stuff in them or cuss words. Keep clean folks.

BUT, LGBTQ+ themed covers are totally okay and a splash of blood is also okay.

If you use it, credit me somewhere as (@TheTigerWriter)

If you don’t use it, let me know and the overall design can then be put up for a premade in my premade shop and not go to waste.

Please DO thread-hop (as long as the other person is okay with it) I don’t like binding requesters to my shop. I know I might not always live up to your standards where others might. But do know that I try my very, very best and I would be really, really happy if you used the cover I made for you for at least two weeks :slight_smile:

Password is your three favorite YouTubers (if you can’t think of any, shame on you! jk :wink: just name somebody)


Author Name:
Short-Short Summary:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask :blush:


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Heya, before I request as it may seem mature but like a zombie is classed as mature isn’t it? If so would you be able to do a silhouette of a zombie like figure?


does the story have to be posted?



My book hasn’t been posted yet, because I’m trying to get at least three or four foundational/fully edited chapters written first before I post, but I’d love to get a cover from you!

Title: The Chef
Author Name: Kelsey Weise
Genre: I wish there was an “independent woman” genre, but I’ll probably list it under chick-lit
Summary: The arrangement was simple; run the restaurant, get a Michelin star, or three, and in return get free rein of the restaurant. This arrangement has worked perfectly until the owner’s son shows up, demanding to run the restaurant. Delaney is a serious chef, an executive chef of a very prominent New York City restaurant to be exact. Her life is falling into place with her fiancee Leo and her dream job doing the thing she loves most. How could this inconsequential man effect Chef Delaney’s perfect plan?
Mood: Light, playful, nothing with too many shadows
Ideas: I have Zendaya listed as playing Delaney, but I’m not super into the idea of a picture of her on the cover. I’d like maybe a city scape of NYC and the title, like your sample of “Into Light” above, but maybe a kitchen or something like that would be best; you’re the artist so it’s at your discretion. I also like the design of the “Chef’s Table” docuseries’ cover (I tried to post a picture but Wattpad wouldn’t let me)

But again, it’s at your discretion and maybe a city scape would be perfect.

Password: Shane, Jenna, and James :wink:


Nah. It’s okay :slight_smile:


I can do horror :wink:

Mature would be like…you know…lovey dovey scenes that are a bit too suggestive.


accepted :slight_smile:

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@got_kelk So I made two versions. If you use it, please credit me :blush: You can use these for commercial use, too :wink:

Second option removed.


Thank you so much! I think I’ll use the first one

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great I’m in need of a trilogy cover


Title: Knights Of A New Era: An Empire Destroyed

Author Name: Flamesword01

Genre: Adventure

Short Summary: A young prince named Dustin Rickland aspires to become a knight. Through a series of adventures that leads to a war, he develops into a strong young man, physically and spiritually. By the time the war comes to an end, he is fit to lead his country through the peaceful time that will follow.

Mood: The story has a lot of ups and downs for the main character, but it’s generally lighthearted.

Ideas: The setting of the story is in a modern country that still has knights. They’ve adapted through the ages to cope with new technology. If that fact could be reflected in the cover somehow, (a plane flying in the background, for example) then that’d be really nice. Another thing to note is that these knights don’t wear armor, but have to rely on dodging and blocking to avoid being hit.

Password: Loveliveserve, Teachingmensfashion, Redlettermedia


Do you want any people on the cover? Like a silhouette of a guy fighting or standing, running etc.?


Title: Rocket Web
Author Name: Minni Stein (This is a surname I use for contemporaries)
Genre: Contemporary/Coming of Age/Romance
Summary: I’m going to give you the elevator pitch because, I have no clue what the summary is. A young science whiz is thrilled to return to his stomping grounds, smell the engines of the motors and feel the machinery at his feet. That’s how robotics makes him feel. What doesn’t make feel good is when he has mistaken identity and forced to reliquinsh his title winnings and step down from this years competition. Oh not before having a viral meltdown though.
Mood: Dark undertones but light and comical.
Ideas: I was thinking of a dark figure of a man holding a mini rocket ship and it going down instead of up or that same rocket ship zigzaging.

I would really like to say thanks in advance if you chose to accept or not.

Password: I have a many of them. Shane, David, Liza, Jessie Cox’s (he’s more of a gamer technically but oh well)


Yeah, maybe a silhouette of a guy in a fighting stance would be good.


Title: Dear, Becca
Author Name: PointOfVieau
Genre: Teen Fiction, Mystery
Short-Short Summary: A young girl has lived a pretty normal life parents are still together surprisingly, she has a best friend who means the world to her. She has a job at a coffee shop in town and loves it there everyone is a big family there. But late one night after a long shift she’s driving home and runs across a dear and ends up rolling her car and in the hospital from there. Not knowing who she is she goes to a foster family until she is adopted a month later.
Mood: Mysterious
Ideas: maybe a dark road, or even like a girl sitting on a porch
Password: I really like H2O Delirious, Vanoss, and Ummmmm… Basicallyiwrk


Hey, I actually just got a cover, so I don’t need one anymore. Sorry for any inconvenience. :slight_smile:


Hello! This seens to be serendipity for me as I’m looking for a cover with a fox on it! :wink:

AUTHOR NAME: ISmokeAndMirrorsI
GENRE: General fiction
SUMMARY: Known throughout Kalla, Arlo is a master thief. He prides himself on his cunning and ability to steal nearly anything. When he and his best friend are tasked with kidnapping a royal in exchange for riches more than either of then could imagine, Arlo is eager to accept. If he had known the price he would have to pay in return, he may have decided otherwise. Perhaps, he will find, the prize is not worth the cost.
MOOD: Though the summary is slightly sinister, the book actually has quite a ligthearted, humorous. and playful tone.
IDEAS: I’m REALLY into minimalism. I would love a fox on the cover, maybe half of its face off to one side, if that makes sense. I like watercolor or simple line drawings as well. Monochrome is fine, I don’t love a ton of color. Sleek would be the best word to use, I think.
PASSWORD: JulienJennaDavid

P.s.: I’m rather particular. Don’t worry about it if it seems too difficult or confusing and you would rather not take it on, I’ll understand! Thank you so so much! :slight_smile:


Title: Finding Franco Chavez
Genre: Teen Fiction
Summary: Franco Chavez is the hot-headed outcast of Silverwood High. While the rest of his classmates seem to live happy and vibrantly coloured lives, he can’t help but feel as though he’s stuck with only one piece of charcoal that’s running out. No matter what he does, he isn’t satisfied with just his shades of grey, yet he can’t figure out how to fit in with the crayon boxes around him.
But then he meets Haven Montgomery, someone spirited enough to go against the rules, and isn’t afraid to colour the sky green or the trees orange. With her help, Franco Chavez might also be ready to colour outside the lines.

“The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be, and it may not be easy, but it will be worth it.”
Mood: dark, depressing
Ideas: I’m into a simplistic covers, and minimalism. I’d like for a boy to be on the cover. I want the font to be big enough to be able to read it
Password: joana ceddia, Alissa violet, tasty