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C’mon peeps. You kept coming before like a storm. Where are ya?


Do you think you could make one for a zombie apocalypse story that also has to do with dinosaurs coming back from extinction at the same time? (no the dinosaurs cannot be turned into zombies, no clue why, they just never can be, and yes, this came from a dream and the Prologue is basically that dream)


Fill out the form and then I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

If it seems I can’t do it simple,
you can check out The Miscellaneous and ask there :wink:

Also, epic dream :wink:

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There was a zombie polar bear and a huge explosion…I think the MC kissed the zombie polar bear then ran and then the polar bear and the shop it was in exploded…

It was strange, so I immediately turned it into a story :woman_shrugging:

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That’s what you do :wink:

I’ve done that :stuck_out_tongue:

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Title: Karalena
Author Name: Lauren Jessicaa
Genre: Fasntasy/Adventure
Short-Short Summary: After three strange men break into the forgotten city which Karalena has made her home, and kill her mother while taking her friends, Kara enlists the help of one of the men left behind to find those taken from her and soon discovers nothing is what she thought.
Mood: Adventurous and passionate
Ideas: I don’t have a picture or anything for guidance but this is based off a dream I once had and the scene that sticks out to me most was the two characters riding a ship over a vast sand desert towards what looks to be the end of the world? Like the sand just drops off into blackness? I don’t know is this is possible to make. If not, just think desert. The main girl has chestnut hair and clear blue eyes and the boy has black hair with silver streaks and silver eyes, Idk if any of that is possible but I thought I’d throw it out there- anything based off that would be perfect, doesn’t have to actually look exactly like that. Just inspiration I Guess :joy:
Password: I don’t really watch anything on there anymore but I used to love smosh, and Liza (I forget her last name) is funny. I don’t have a third.




Here’s your cover!


I was about to deny because this cover might be better as a manip, but I gave it a try without. If you want a manip cover, I’d be willing to do it for you in my services shop The Miscellaneous if you find this cover isn’t quite what you had in mind.



After getting inspired by your covers like what I have said, I really love to have a cover from you. I haven’t posted my story yet cause I am a meticulous person and that I must have a great cover with an acceptable content before I do so. if it would be alright, I’d like to request.

Title: Who let the dogs out
Author Name: Haraya (@gaaagokaba)
Genre: Werewolf
Short-Short Summary: people gotta admit that supernatural beings exist and that werewolves do odd jobs. xD
Mood: my whacked brain says its light and hopefully humorous.
Ideas: I don’t really have one as it was an impulse writing and I haven’t planned the whole plot yet but I’d really love and will be eternally grateful if you’d go all through the trouble.
Password: ThePianoGuys, RushGarcia and Barby (from Geography Now)


I absolutely love it!!! Thank you so much! :heart_eyes:

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You’re welcome :smile:




Here is your cover! Let me know if you will use it or not :slight_smile:

CLICK HERE to download


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OMG. It was better than what I expected. Of course I am going to use it. It is beautiful.

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OMG I really love the first one. Can I request another one?

Title: Miracles (the tales of my stepbrothers and I)
Author Name: Haraya
Genre: Young Adult
Short-Short Summary: Stazz finally found home with the people who loved her for who she is, by blood or not
Mood: inspiring and funny
Ideas: can i have a clover, spade, club and heart placed on diamond shape. Preferably the heart is red, the club or clover is green, the spade blue and the diamond orange. the background probably light color
Password: Kurt Schneider, Renee Dominique, and Monsieur Z


Title: The Do Over

Author Name: Emily Lauran

Genre: Teen Fiction

Short-Short Summary: Eloise Aldridge is tired of her old life with her lame friends, she’s ready for change and she’s ready for it now. In some twisted New Years Resolution, she breaks up with her boyfriend, leaves her friends, and sets out to start a new life in her last semester in high school. It’s only when she opens her eyes to life outside of being the popular new girl that she meets new friends and sets out to teach her old friend group a lesson.

Mood: Light, Happy, not too romantic but like the teenager omg we’re gonna be together forever romantic ya know

Ideas: OKAY so she goes through this big transformation from girly to grungy so either of those of a girl w/o her face showing would be really cool OR a cute couple kinda on the edgier side? bein cute and stuff etc etc OR confetti? it happens on new years so??

Password: Ok, David Dobrik, Bob Ross lol, and recently I’ve been into binging with babish, The try guys and James Charles


@gaaagokaba You’re on my trying list. I’ll have to try to see if it’s possible for me to do. And then I’ll let you know if you’ve been accepted.

@caxhton I have an idea for your cover…so accepted! :smiley:


Accepted! @gaaagokaba

In fact, here are your covers. Plural because I made two versions.
One with your idea of colors and the other with the colors a bit more unified.

It’s best if a graphic cover doesn’t have too many colors going on. Let me know if you will use them or not.




Hi :slight_smile: @caxhton

Before I make your cover…I found a bunch of possible pics to use and I would like you to choose. I don’t normally do this but I can’t really decide. I was going to go with option 1 but then I found others. Let me know what you’ve decided. You can choose up to two :slight_smile:

order completed so the pic links are deleted