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Title: Spare Change Critique Center
Author Name: ReisaGrownup
Genre: Nonfiction? It’s a review book.
Short-Short Summary: People ask me what I think of their stories and I answer in a long-winded, bitter, but hopefully informative way.
Mood: Light, happy
Ideas: The color theme I’m aiming for is gold and white. Since it’s a review book there could be books, notebooks, or other writing-related things on the cover, or there could also be coins in reference to the title. I’m super open to whatever you feel is best though, this book is just a fun thing for me to do so I’m not picky about the cover.
Password: SimplyNailogical, Molly Burke, and CinemaSins


Could you fill out the form? That would help, too :slight_smile:


@copyedit accepted! I’m busy this week so you might have to wait.


This is mainly for me to keep track of you guys. Will be updated when I get more requests and when I finish them.



thank you! Waiting is no problem at all, take all the time you need :grin:


Alright :))


Title: The Blackout Boy
Author Name: Em Leigh
Genre: YA / Romance
Short-Short Summary: Best friends April and Cat find themselves locked in a coffee shop during a power cut with two other people: hot twins, Gabe and Wyatt. Their time inside is telling. They share secrets. They play games. They get to know each other. And just as April begins to feel something beyond the caffeine fuelled adrenaline and fear, then the owner shows up and lets them free. April questions the sudden infatuation, and goes in search for Wyatt. But London is a big city, and he was just a boy. Right?
Mood: Fun, summery, light-hearted (it’s a whirlwind summer romance)
Ideas: A couple on a city street or like a mysterious looking guy by himself with the sun behind him? Overall a dark tone to match the blackout title. I’m really bad at ideas, but I want it to be like cute and typical of a teen fiction, since it’s just a fun love story!
Password: Helen Anderson, Shane Dawson, Emma Chamberlain


I was searching the forums for something else and realized you actually have several different cover art threads.

What is a ‘manip’ cover? Does it matter which thread I post in?


Yes I have several XD Two of which are premade shops :slight_smile:

Simple cover (in this shop) is no extra effects apart of changing the hue of the picture or adding a sticker.

Manip cover, or manipulated cover is a bunch of extra effects. Think about a high fantasy cover.

It depends which you request in because I would then make a simple cover or manip cover. Depends on what you want.

Currently, I am taking requests for both types for free.


Accepted! :smile:


@besmabesma3 Just wondering if you’re still requesting. I have not denied you. I just would like you to fill out the form I provided.


Deliveries!!! :smile:

Some of you have two versions, but that’s not because you gave me some creative freedom. I just couldn’t decide which one would be best. Sometimes I can, but not always :wink:

@KeladryAnn Here’s your cover! Click! Let me know if you will use it :slight_smile:

@S25189145 I made two versions. Let me know which one you will use :slight_smile:
Cover 1
Cover 2

@copyedit I made two versions. The first one, I just found this silly little picture and thought, well, maybe? :stuck_out_tongue: Let me know which one you will use!
Cover A
Cover B

@em-leigh Here’s your cover! Click! Let me know if you will use it :slight_smile:


Oh okay I was a bit confused lol
Title: therapy sessions of an almost functional human
Author Name: Besma Abdallah
Genre: young adult
Short-Short Summary: in which this girl tries to go through life without taking the absurdity of existence too seriously
Mood: humorous sad fun a bit weird artsy
Password: i don’t have a favorite youtuber lol
Thanks again


Accepted! :slight_smile:


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Ahh, it’s beautiful! I love the contrast. Yes, I’mma use this.


I love cover A :joy: Thank you x 10!


Hi, I was wondering if you could make a book cover for me? I’m new to Wattpad and not the best with new technology, although I am teachable : )
Title: LockDown
Author: Karen McCarville
Genre: Action?
Summary: Trapped in the guidance office of Central High School in Princeton, NJ, while violence rages around them, Gwyn, Alaina, Jacque and Delilah struggle with whether to follow school procedures or find some other way to escape deadly, tauntingly repetitive attacks. As the shooting unfolds, it provides a framework for the individual narratives of these four women- a counselor, a parent, two teenage students- and others: Gwyn’s carefully planned life disintegrating around her daughter’s mental illness, Alaina’s spiraling lack of control within her abusive marriage, Jacque’s confusion and guilt about how her mother’s cancer affects her own relentless drive for success, Delilah’s inability to find her place in an affluent and academically competitive school. These stories provide a framework that exposes a slice of our society: a society where our frantically protective procedures and policies are often revealed as a flimsy facade.
Mood: Solemn, suspenseful
Ideas: If you could just read the first paragraph of my novel, it describes an American flag being ripped apart by bullets. I think that would be a good image? And in the background, the outline of Princeton High School, the old part with the two (Gothic?) towers over an arch. The arch is in my book, although technically this is a fictional high school.
Password: You’ve got me. I only see Youtube when someone sends it to me. Maybe Colbert or SNL?



Yay! :cat:


@Hula8888 Accepted!