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@TheTigerWriter I’d really like for you to do a cover for my upcoming wattpad story.

Title: A Well Kept Secret… Almost
Author Name: MelBastien
Genre: YA romance
Short-Short Summary : It’s a love story developping between a young Hollywood actor trying to be anonymous and promising young actress who thinks he’s just a regular guy who work in the same theater as her. At least until his true identity is revealed.
Mood: light, romantic
Ideas: A young couple kissing in front of a theater that could announce the title as if it was the movie playing or something like that.
Password: My three favorite YouTubers are The Material, Colleen D’Agostino and The Script


No worries :slight_smile:


I might not request any time soon, but I love the examples quite a bit!

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Accepted if you accept :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t sure if I could accept until I tried. So, I tried but it turned out to be something more in a graphic illustration style (simple style is when the background is a picture of real scenery). Let me know if you’re going to use it or not. I understand if you don’t like it.


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Accepted :smile: (I swear, it’s not because of the fox…well, partially it is :wink: I think I have just the thing for you.)

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Title: need me a freak like that

Subtitle: another book of imagines

Author Name: @analphabet_

Genre: romance

Short Summary: im mostly writing this book as a joke for a friend but its gonna have imagines it it which makes single girls feel less lonely (??) it sounds mean but its not i promise i just dont know how to explain it…

Mood: romantic but not too romantic (??) fun

Ideas: a cute guy smiling or laughing or something to do with the title. up to you :)))

Password: shane, jenna, jeffree


Accepted :smiley:





So, I tried a bunch of things and came up with these. If you want either one of these (or two or all of them if you want) please let me know the number and then I’ll upload that one so you can save it :slight_smile:

I know it says “Pick one : )” but you can pick all of them if you like :stuck_out_tongue:



@Allergic2Normal Accepted

@melbastien Sorry denied :confused: I think you’d be better off requesting in a shop that does manipulated styles. I don’t think I can make it happen with simplistic style because of how you want the title.


@analphabet Accepted

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Pic will be used as a premade so removed.


Removed to make into a premade.


hi, could you change the guys photo if it’s not too much? And yes I plan on using it



Title: Forbidden Lovers
Author Name: Jacqueline Michelle
Genre: Romance/teen fiction
Short-Short Summary: A girl named Rory falls in love with her brother’s best friend after he saves her from sexual assault. He’s a bad boy, with a soft interior.
Mood: Light, colorful bright.
Ideas: Anything with a bad boy, or rebellious looking couple. Or a couple being playful/cute. Maybe something with a motorcycle. I don’t really care as long as it’s bright and simple and clean looking :slight_smile:
Password: itsblitzzz, lovetodayamsr, bennydrama


It’s really good but I might not use it. I’m sorry but it’s really good thank you so much.


Yeah, the ears aren’t my favorite. And, is there any way you could make the background white on 1? That would be perfect. Again, I’m obnoxious. You’ve done a lovely, lovely job, these are just my picky preferences!


Title: Sins of that Summer
Author Name:Em
Short-Short Summary:Margot returns to her summer home at the beach, excited to see all her summer friends only this time one is dead. (basically one gets murdered and they’re all suspects)
Mood: darker, mysterious
Ideas:I was thinking a face (like your example) the mc is a blonde girl with blue eyes.
Password: Dolan twins, emma chamberlain, shane dawson (im basic)


What kind of photo do you have in mind? Would you like his face looking at the reader? I might not be able to find the exact same guy though.


No problem :slight_smile: The overall design will be turned into a premade then. Thank you for requesting and feel free to come back any time.