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Yeah, I had a little too much fun with the ears XD

Yes, I can make it white :wink: And don’t worry, you’re not being picky at all :stuck_out_tongue:

Here it is in white :slight_smile: @ISmokeAndMirrorsI


Sly%20legal%201%20white%20c >>>>this is the edge


@writexmusic Accpeted!
@PinkPreppyPerfect Accepted!


its super cute thanksss :)))

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i have requested for a cover on a couple of other threads too so i’ll let you know if i use this one depending on what the others look like…


No problem :slight_smile: As long as the other covermakers are okay with that.

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No, just any hot guy haha, they could be looking at the reader or they could be looking off somewhere else, I don’t mind. If you want check out my cover on Finding Franco Chavez to get a sense of what I want


@Allergic2Normal I made two versions.




It’s so simple yet creatively tasteful

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Thank you!

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So you’ll be using it?



You two are next :slight_smile: Just putting this here to keep track :wink:


yes, simple always win

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Question, how mature is too mature for you? I have a story that has character acting as a high grade police force (think US SWAT, GIGN, GSG-9 for reference) and I was wondering if depicting them with weapons is not allowed?


Weapons are fine.

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@writexmusic Here’s your cover! Let me know if you will use it or not.

removed to be made into a premade

I made another version:



Removed probably to my art book. If you want to see a different rendition of β€œKeep Out Sign” which is in the examples above.



Title: When Royalty Collides (#YIKES)
Author Name: ayzrules (Alicia)
Genre: satire/humor, mystery, realistic fiction
Short-Short Summary: a modern royalty AU (like, 2018 but royalty still exists basically) set in fake!America. Main plot is that the princess of fake!America is getting married and hosting a bunch of pre-wedding social events, and she’s invited all the princes/princesses of basically the entire world to attend. POV is from a flippant and irreverent gossip columnist who knows all the dirt on anyone who’s everyone

Mood: light-hearted/bright
Ideas: I would really like something on the brighter/lighter side! Like, girls in big poofy dresses running down a city street, or maybe something with a crown? The β€œ(#YIKES)” part can also be set apart sort of, maybe with a font that has a colored background and the lettering inside the box background thing? OFC that’s definitely not required, lol.

I have pictures that capture the vibe really well, but Wattpad won’t let me post them (eeek) so I’ll try to edit when I figure out a way to include
imgur. com/a/U6sX1S2

(remove the space between the . and the com lol)

Sorry this is all so vague! If you need me to elaborate, please just @ me <3 thank you so much!

Password: Cantomando, Cinemasins, Jeffree Star


Ok, I just want to make sure that everything with you first. Another question that I have is that the characters happen to be aliens (it’s a si-fi story) I can PM you details about the characters if you want. Just want to make sure it’s not too weird for you or if you don’t want to.

Title: Helix Operatives: Creation
Author Name: RocketManEarth
Genre: Science Fiction
Short-Short Summary: On a distant planet there’s a dictatorship with a ruling race and a lower race. One day a shock wave happens and gives members of the lower race powers. One group forms a paramilitary police force while another group forms a resistance force. The two sides fight each other for the future of the world.
Mood: Dark and Serious,
Ideas: I’m thinking about having the two leaders of the two groups standing near each other in their equipment, almost like they’re ready to fight each other with the title and the author name in between them. What’s in the back ground, how big the characters are, and how dark of shading you make it is up to you (just at least the outlines of the characters at the least).
Password: Cinemasins, Rosterteeth, Skabs!


hey, so im using another cover this time. sorry :))
still loved yours though x

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Hi sorry thanks but I dont think I’m going to use them. Thank you so much for your effort and sorry to waste your time.