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Your covers are gorgeous!

Title: Everlong
Author Name: ColorMeGone
Genre: hmm… technically a slipstream, but I guess you could say it’s a fantasy short story
Short Summary: in the town of Everlong, people don’t age. This is a short story about a woman who left the town when she was 19 and has returned aged 20 years. She tries to convince an old friend to leave the town.
Mood: eerie and reflective
Ideas: I’m thinking of something like a skeletal hand with it’s pointer finger used like a candle (if that makes any sense lol :joy:). Or maybe a kind of creepy photo of a town?
Password: youtubers… oh gosh. I don’t really know of any… but I just started following coldgamekelv on instagram and he’s hilarious (and pretty clean which is cool) :smiley:


Title: Our Hope
Author Name: ChrisMystery
Genre: Young Adult/Science Fiction
Short-Short Summary: A thrilling and inventive sci fi tale and a more personal love story.
Mood: Hopeful Positive
Ideas: The main character is a young woman named Hope. I would like to have her sitting on the ground and looking up at the stars, dreaming.

Thanks in advance.


@analphabet No worries :slight_smile: Using the cover is not mandatory at all. I had fun making it :wink:

@PinkPreppyPerfect No worries :slight_smile: You didn’t waste my time. I love trying out new cover styles and experimenting :wink:


@ayzrules Accepted!

@RocketManEarth Why don’t you PM me the details of the characters. It would depend on that if I can do it or not. Not because they might freak me out but because it might be better if you requested from someone doing a more manipulated style.

@color_me_gone Oooh, I like creepy :wink: Accepted

@ChrisMystery What does the main character look like?

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@ayzrules So, this is what I came up with. If you like the picture but you want something different with the font or color of the font, I can change that. Let me know if you will use it or not. Also, I wasn’t sure what you wanted for author name so I have your username in for now but that can change.


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Hope is a young woman skinny curly strawberry blonde hair blue eyes.


Long hair? Short hair?




link removed


Yes that’s great!


Great :smiley: Then accepted :wink:


Thank you!! I haven’t made a final decision yet but I’ll definitely have it at least as a banner+give you a dedication/shout-out

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@RocketManEarth Don’t worry, I’m not denying you just yet. PM your character description as soon as you can :slight_smile:


@color_me_gone Here’s your cover! Made two versions. I can get rid of the smudge if you don’t like it.




@ChrisMystery Here’s your cover! :smiley:



Thank you very much. This is what I wanted.

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Yay :smile:You’re welcome :blush:

  • **Title: Synthetic Sea
    Author: Sol Valente
    Genre: there is no real genre, it’s an entry for a contest
    Short-Story Summary: it’s an entry for the National Geographics contest
  • **Ideas: either a blue or a black ocean whatever is more nostalgic
  • **Mood: Blue ocean: hopeful and feedom Black ocean: darkness and bitterness
  • **Images:

grafik.jpg971x1454 341 KB


  • **Password: Dan and Phil, Zoella.

@sol_valente Accepted!


Title: Angels Reborn
Author: Eon Wolfe
Genre: Horror, Thriller, and Fantasy
Short Story Summary: When five teens find themselves in a tragic, life threatening car accident, they find themselves given another chance by a Goddess. She comes to one of them in a vision and gives them powers, informing them of an impending threat to humanity, the Demon King. She instructs them to use their powers to protect the world from an eternal burning hell.
Ideas: Something with a silhouette of a female angel and a male demon with demon wings. Or something to do with the idea of angels vs demons. Or if you have a better idea.
Mood: Dark and Looming
Password: FaZe Jev, Rifty, Gabe Helmy


@Kareemance Accepted!


Yay. Thank you :slight_smile: