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Can I request another?



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Sure :smile: Go right ahead!


Hi! I was wondering if maybe you could help me. I was told my cover is too boring. (Ouch :joy:)

Title: Creatures of Habit
Author Name: (@natalieh_greene) Natalie Green
Genre: Action Romance
Short-Short Summary: The world is black and white until you meet your soulmate. Alexandra is an Assassin, she is hired to kill her soulmate, but it turns out he was hired to kill her too. He keeps trying when Alexandra has stopped. In the end, they end up teaming up to find the people who set them up.
Actual Book Summary: In a world where your soulmate is determined at birth. When you turn eighteen, their name appears, scrawled across your heart. Until you meet, your world is black and white. You either live to find your soulmate or you die trying. Some learn to love others, some never find love. The loss of your soulmate is painful, it could drive you insane. What will happen when an assassin is tasked with killing her soulmate? Will she end their life or will she betray her employer?
Mood: Maybe black and white.
Ideas: Well, the one I have at the moment is London at sunrise, but apparently just that is too boring. I’m honestly not creative. :weary: Sorry if this doesn’t help at all.
Password: Jenna Marbles, Markiplier and Mia Maples.

This is the one I already had.:


Accepted :slight_smile: I could try something with that. I don’t think they meant the picture you used is boring. I think they meant the title needs some font creativity that reflects the genre of the book.

Do you want any people silhouettes on it?


I had the idea of three sort of spy silhouettes, one with red hair, one with blonde and one with brown because in the book she wears wigs as a disguise. Like, the hair colour is the only colour. If you get me?


Idk if I can do silhouettes with just the hair color different but I could play on that idea…guess you’ll have to wait and see :wink:


Thank you so much! I can’t wait. :smiley:


Title Cold as ice

Author Catharina de Wit

Mood A dark werwolf story

Genre of story Fiction

Ideas Dark cover. With the face of a white wolf with glowing purple eyes. ‘Cold as Ice’ in big words.

Payment You can put your name on the cover, i will mention you on my page and book. Also a follow.

Password: Floemie


@catharinadewit denied

BUT, don’t go away. I have an option for you because I can make the cover (I’m sure of it) just not in the shop.

Send me a message at the above account with the form again :slight_smile:


Title: The Grin

Author: Eon Wolfe

Mood: Creepy and Unsettling

Genre of Story: Horror, Thriller

Short Summary: When a young seven year old girls parents are mysteriously murdered, she’s to blame. upon further investigation, it comes to the light that she claims to see demons so she’s quickly thrown into a children’s mental institution where two overseers begin to realize that maybe she isn’t crazy after all. It isn’t long after they try to help prove this that things begin to spin out of control in the overseers lives.

Ideas: SX322_BO1%2C204%2C203%2C200
This was my original cover

This is kinda the idea I want not with these pictures but something along the lines of a puppet master or chess master. But if you cant then something similar to the first.
Password: FaZe Jev, Gabe Helmy, Rifty


@Kareemance Accepted


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Why Hello!

I have published three or four chapters to my wattpad account, but I have a fully completed first draft of my novel. I am working on editing right now, but I’d love to get a cover!

Title: The Soulis Archives: The Dragon Mercenary
Author Name: Mclaine Cramer
Genre: Fantasy/Action
Summary: Kodai Careful is going to be a man, and even better, he’s a man with a plan. However, things start to shift as a few wild cards come into play. The dynamic duo of Conrad and Seth, and the mysterious presence of Ject, the hundred year merc, send Kodai on an adventure he couldn’t have planned for. All while another mystery starts to come to light, with one question at it’s core. Who is Kodai?
Mood: Light, and often funny, a more serious undercurrent at times.
Ideas: It is based in the medieval era, so maybe something to do with that. There is also a lot to do with dragons, so perhaps one of those. You are the artist here, and I am rather new to the idea of Covers, so I’ll leave it up to you.

Password: Rob Dyke, Forensic Files(They have a youtube channel), theodds1oneout




Title: Loneland

Author: Aili K

Genre: General Fiction

Summary: It’s about a drug trial gone wrong, and a small Arizona town you’ll never know too much about.

Mood: deep, somber

Ideas:A blue bottle of cough syrup or pill in the middle of an otherwise gray color scheme





Removed to be made into premades.


Hey. Thank you! They all look incredible but I’m not sure it’s what I was feeling. Thank you so much though and I’m sorry for wasting your time. :heart:


No worries :smile: I had fun making them :stuck_out_tongue: The overall design will be turned into a premade.

Hope you find what you’re looking for :slight_smile: