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Cover Delivery!


Let me know if you will use it or not.




Let me know if you will use it or not.




Let me know if you will use it or not.


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Thank you so much, I will definitely be using this :slight_smile:

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Title: Escaping from them
Author’s name:@Bings2004
Genre: Adventure
Summary: Katrina is a girl who is escaping werewolves. She falls off of a cliff and has experiences in her comas.
Mood: Running/Fearful/Magical/Empowering
Idea: I would like a silhouette of a girl running through a forest or her using her powers. If you don’t want to do a silhouette then use a black girl sitting in the forest/beach or maybe have her unconscious.
Password: Aphmau/ Game Grumps/ Markiplier(???)


ill use it lol

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Thank you! It’s awesome! That is definitely the direction I was looking for! Thanks!

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You’re welcome :blush:


Sorry, denied :confused: Unless you can give me some more ideas.


I edited it for you. Hope it helps :smile:


Will this work for you? Shall I use this pic?


Hi again!
I hope it isn’t too much to ask for another cover
Title: Perfect Companions
Author’s name: Race Mclaine
Genre: Scifi/fantasy
Summary: Melody just wanted to make her own perfect companions, but shot down over a medieval world, her creations are scattered over all over. She attempts to recover them, while avoiding the persecution of the church.
Mood: Emotional, Sad, Active
Idea: Maybe a cornfield. I was also thinking maybe two people holding hands or walking together
Password: Rob Dyke, Jontron, Vsauce


Would a man sitting on the edge of a bridge be considered mature. I know touchy subjects like that are —eh. But y’know just wanted to make sure


Nope :slight_smile: Not in my shop :wink: Order away

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Title: Red Raindrops
Author Name: Alexandra Danko
Genre: GenFiction
Short-Short Summary: It’s about a girl who moves back to her hometown in Florida to spend the summer before college. She recently experienced a traumatic event and wants to enjoy her summer and get her mind off it. But she get’s mixed up in gang drama especially with one specific boy.
Mood: Black and white with red would be cool. sad/mysterious
Ideas: I’d like the picture to be raining at night either in an ally, a street, or any beach area! Basically anything representing night time and rain since thats the big moment in the book, but I’d love to see your creativeness flourish!
Password: SarahsDay, David Dobrik, Josh Peck

Thank you so much if you can do my cover. My book isn’t even done yet so I don’t care if it even takes a month for you to create. <3


Title: Love Thy Neighbor

Author Name: tales_and_tea

Genre: Romance / Young Adult

Short-Short Summary: Girl gets new neighbor and thinks he will be rambunctious party boy annoying and messing with her structured way of life. Guy moves into new place and sees girl that intrigues him. Guy challenges girl to start taking risks and going on adventures outside of the ones she’s always reading about. (college aged btw)

Mood: Fun, Flirty, Wild, Cute

Ideas: I would love like a couple outside of an apartment building or door or something like that, even if its just part of their bodies you can see and doesn’t matter if they are together or not. I just think it’d be cute because ‘neighbors’ ya know. lol. but anything really. get creative!

Password: what mia did next, joel and lia



Title: Her Misty Whisper
Author Name: scripturecoal
Genre: Romance
Short-Short Summary:
Emma Lyons is a billionaire with everything she could ever ask for, except for one thing: love. When she boarded the plane from London to New York, she didn’t expect to be attracted to one particular flight attendant; she certainly didn’t expect to join the Mile High Club with said flight attendant and not be able to get the woman out of her mind afterwards.

Mood: Simple
Ideas: Peaceful and somewhat mysterious? I’m not so sure
Password: Lilly Singh, Rose and Rosie, Ryan Higa


@waterbaby31 Accepted!

@tales_and_tea Accepted!

@scripturecoal Could you tell me some more specific ideas? Like…do you want a plane or silhouette of a woman or…anything that I can work off of?

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i think a plane would work :slight_smile:


A plane flying in daytime or nighttime? Anything specific or shall I just make something?


I hope you can work with this :slight_smile: If you need more, please ask! I don’t have that specific ideas and you’re free to do whatever you want, but if you need more, I can try.


Title = A Scheme Of Spirits

Sub-title = none

Author = Nathan Sullivan

[center] Link to resource = none

General feel of the story or summary = The story is a fantasy mystery much like harry potter. The tone is generally mystical, but dark at the same time.

Genre of story = fantasy

Specific Ideas = I want the cover to be of darker tones. The face of a teenage boy takes up most of the cover. His face shouldn’t be overly young looking, and he should not look flawless or overly handsome. Maybe a little bit of a smirk. The main thing about the cover is that his face is cut in half, so that one half looks like a normal person, but the other looks ghostly and white. Specifically, I want that half of his face to greatly resemble what the ring wraiths from LOTR look like when Frodo puts on the ring. So in summary, one side is a bit dark and grimy, while the other side is white and ghostly, like a spirit (but not transparent) and his eyes on the spirit side should be white.

Payment = I’m willing to follow, but also read a chapter of your choosing and give some feedback. I’m open to suggestion in the payment aspect.

Extra details = brown eyes, dark hair, not extremely white or extremely dark skin (somewhere in between), boyish look but at the same time mature (disregard this if you find it confusing/oxymoron)

password = Shadiversity, Shadiversity, Shadiversity