Magical Realism


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Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work

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When Cyra wakes up trapped in the body of a snow leopard, she struggles to find a way to be “normal” while also being a shapeshifter.

Cyra has a caring Nana who probably makes the best pies in the universe, a best friend that she’s secretly in love with, and she can’t wait to get out of high school and enjoy the college life. Even though her parents passed away when she was younger, she’s keeping her head up.
However, Cyra’s perfect world comes crashing down when she has a terrible nightmare and wakes up in an animal body. Unfortunately for Cyra, a powerful group of hunters seek out shapeshifters. Forced to flee her home, Cyra heads to a hidden village in the woods to reunite with the parents she thought were dead.
Navigating this quirky new world where berries give people superpowers, students transform into animals, different species of shapeshifters have different “life mates,” and hunters hide behind every corner, Cyra strives to find a way to make her crazy new life feel normal.

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Summary: Everybody knows the story of Pandora’s Box. A girl was given a box and she was told not to open it. The Box spoke to her, tempting her to… well you know the rest… or do you? Because the thing that no one ever asks is… what happened next?

This is that story.


There’s also a sequel to it here:


Summary: A new threat rises as Pandora tries to deal with the fallout of opening The Box and the spirits that have possessed her classmates.


And finally I am working on the third in the series:


Summary: The stress of saving her classmates and the break down of her relationship with Jemma has pushed Pandora to the breaking point. And the corruption of the box isn’t helping anything either. She’s then offered a way out by the person she’s worried about most.


The Dark Soldier


With a deal that may go wrong. Past dramas, and high school all thrown into one. Only one question remains. Will they make it?

Noah’s an alpha that just got it handed to him…his pack of course. Its the last year of high school and Noah wants to go out with a bang.

Clayton couldn’t be dreading it more. Clayton’s a loner, With a past that haunts him daily.

when the two meet the day before school starts You could say they were more than shocked.

The kicker? They go to the same school.

The other kicker? They’re mates.

-Updates every sunday-

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Summary (WIP): The end of summer brings tragedy for the town of Bas Rathain. A series of occult murders have shook the sleepy, Irish idyll, but the keen witches can sense something far more sinister afoot. The heir of the coven, Reimund Howell, must figure out what has taken root in the forests of his home before whoever, or whatever, destroys all he has ever known.

This is updated every Saturday and I’m happy to do read for reads.
Here’s the link:’s-tale

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