Make a story! 2.0

Hi! My last thread got closed, so I decided to start a new one! Same characters, somewhat of the same plot, but new timeline!

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Summary: Alitrexos, The Demon King, had it all.

He had his loving and handsome husband at his side. He had their precious and powerful daughter. He also had his glorious kingdom.

Until it was all taken from him by one of his enemies: The troll king.

When the Troll king invaded, Alitrexos lost everything. He lost his kingdom. He lost his husband who died during the invasion. He lost his young daughter days after. Then, he took his own life.

Alitrexos thought that he would meet his family again in the afterlife, but found himself in entirely different world, where everything is completely different, but at the same time, so familiar.

In a new modern world of technology, Alitrexos, now Alejandro Martinez, finds his family.

Now he plans to get them back. Them and his kingdom.



I let out a big sigh as I stared outside of one of this castle’s many windows. Could a man wish for more? I was a supportive and wonderful kingdom to rule over. I had my wonderful daughter, Geritifina, who would someday inherit my throne, and then I had the love of my life, Jensenantaliopil, who I nicknamed Joseph.

Speaking of…?

“Joseph? My love?” I called out as I looked behind me. I do wonder what he’s up to right now.

“Ali!” he comes running towards me like a child, wonder blazing in his beautiful eyes. He extends his arms toward me excitedly.
“Look what I found!” He opens his hands to show a baby squirrel, grey and fluffy as could be. I gasp. He is so cute.
“Can we keep him? Please?” He begged.
“Of course we can, darling,” I chuckled and pecked his forehead. He leaps into the air, and does a little dance. I beamed at him.
He is just so wholesome, I sigh.


Joseph smiled and walked away, holding baby squirrel closely to his chest. I smiled at the joyful demeanor of my husband. That’s was one of his many qualities that I fell for. After he was kicked out of heaven, I couldn’t help but take him in.

“Your Majesty!” a voice called out to me.

I turned to the person who called me. It was a young man, probably Geritifina’s age. He gave me a quick bow and handed me a letter.

“A message…from the Troll King.”

I raised my eyebrow. Of all people, why would he send a message?

“Thank you. You may go.”

The boy gave another bow as he hurried away. I simply turned back to the window as I opened the letter.

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i just fruking love joseph hes such a pwecious bean GAHHH DONDJJDBDFDF-
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Yeah he is :blush:

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