Make a story with ONE sentence!

Hey everyone, let’s tell a super cool story.

You add one sentence after reading the previous statement. It’ll be so much fun.

Try to not use curse words or anything like that to uphold a safe and friendly environment :slightly_smiling_face: I can start:

The carnival was Avery’s favourite place to visit as a child…

Now it’s your turn. Good luck!

But of course, a couple things have changed since then.

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For starters, she was no longer a child.

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Her favorite games and booths were missing because they had been replaced by new ones.

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And to top it all off, the Wardens had turned the place into an army barracks


It really sucked and Avery wished that it’d stayed the same

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But with the War going on, she understood why things had to change

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With a sigh she continued on almost sorry for the lad she just picked as her next victim.

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leaving the carnival and her childhood memories far behind.

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In search of hope of discovering what she had lost in the war…

The buildings and stands she’d once loved were nothing but pale skeletons of their previously bright and cheerful sounds, stripped to fragile foundations.

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That would most likely collapse at faintest and lightest of all weights that one would deem to be bearable but soon realize that even the littlest of all can cause destruction.

One wouldn’t suspect that just a couple meters beneath the surface lay top-secret barracks, where only the most elite of the Order were trained. Top-secret, except for Avery. Who knew secrets the Overlords would kill to know.

She entered the elevator with the feeling of dread.

Will she be able to pull this off?

She didn’t think she would, but it wasn’t like she gad anything to lose at this point.

The elavator dinged, signaling the arrival to the right floor, Avery lifted her feet and walked outside to meet the sight waiting for her.

She melted into the shadows of the dimly it room and scanned her target for strengths and weaknesses. The Usurpers would pay well for his head.

“What on earth are you doing here?” A deep voice asked her

Avery was stoned to where she stood, there in front of her is the man she dreaded to see.