MANIP: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Romance only. [ OPEN 5 SLOTS ]


Hello! @shakespearian1 Here’s a remake! I know the previous one sucked. I’m not really happy with that as well. I hope this makes it up for it. :slight_smile:


I love it.


Hi! So I’m not really sure if it looks romance-y lmao. Do let me know if you’re not gonna use it. Thank you >< I’m kicking myself on this one cause I couldn’t make it a little more soft.


I love it, but the author name is Ashley Lehno, without the “n” at the end. Do you think you could fix it? Thank you!


Thx for the info


Take your time! I’m in no rush :smiley:


I totally understand. Take your time <3


I love the new one even more. It’s amazing. Tysm.


I’m pretty proud of this one since it came out great even though I did it only within an hour. It’s not as pretty or as sad as the inspo but I was hoping it matches the mood of the summary you gave me :smiley: Let me know if you’re going to use it!


Hells yes! :clap::clap::clap:
I will use it, without a doubt. But can you change it from “Counselor of the Deceased” to “Counselor to the Deceased”?


Hello! I’m not really big on pure typography. But I hope I did well in this one. Do let me know if you’re going to use it. So sorry for the long wait!


I do love the cover so much and I’ll definitely use it! I’ll be crediting you as well. No need to apologize, it was kinda worth the wait.


Hello! Since you broke one of the rules, which is the rule ‘STRICTLY NO THREAD HOPPING’. I’m labeling this one as a premade.




Just to let you, I loved the cover you made in your last delivery. I would have requested if my story was posted. <3


Aww. Thanks so much! I was sort of bad with that kind of covers. I’m glad to know someone loves it :slight_smile: Feel free to request when you posted your book! :heart: :


• Title: The Ferocious Battle
• Author: SweetJisoo
• Genre: Fantasy
• Subtitle: N/A
•Characters: Park Jiyeon and Kim Myungsoo
•Specific request: both of them without emotion in their faces. the background has a palace. The side background has a ice and fire powers. There also have a crown above the title and also there have a double sword. My theme in the story is light. (My english is sucks sorry)

•Summary: Jiyeon and Myungsoo is the one who are written in the prohecy. They are both cold and heartless. But they are different powers. Jiyeon have an ice power and Myungsoo have a fire powers. They are really don’t like each other but for the sake of the world they must be in good terms to fight as one and to killed the enemy.
• Password: chicken curry

  • TITLE: Immortal, Wise and Desperate
  • AUTHOR: Kanishma Ray
  • GENRE: Fantasy
  • CHARACTER/S (OPTIONAL): - - - (no face claims)
  • SPECIFIC REQUESTS: Bright violent/lilac eyes with the text around it. I’m bad at explaining but here’s an example:
  • SHORT SUMMARY: The dying breath of every Hero marks the birth of a new ray of hope. Every time a knight in shining armor loses themselves to death, a feeble baby is born with the burden of protecting it’s realm against all evil.

But what about the legacy that oppoes this light? The bloodline of legendary Villains survives by feasting upon the souls of the innocent. And so does Chiara Kingsley - the granddaughter of one of history’s most wicked, ruthless beings. It’s the purpose of her existence to continue her family’s legacy, to destroy everything that prevents her from achieving what her forefathers couldn’t. She’s the true heir of the Blood Throne, the darkness that just might be the end of the world, and also the puny middle-schooler who doesn’t like to eat the vegetables on her plate.

When called upon, will Chiara fight for her pride? Or will just give up on everything like she always has, and continue with her obsession of Kpop?

*PASSWORD: What do humans even eat these days? I’ll go with pizza I guess, lol