MANIP: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal only. [ closed ]

W E L C O M E !

My name is Bree and I mostly make romance, sci-fi and fantasy themed book covers. If you have those stories, read the rules before dropping down your request!


  • STRICLY NO THREAD-HOPPING. Once I accepted your request and you done the payment, I make sure to deliver. I don't ghost people cos I respect their time. Usually, I message or mention if I think it will take longer than expected or I can't make the cover. Also, I check.
  • Fill up the form nicely. I don't accept request that didn't use the form.
  • Complete the payment #1 AFTER I accept your request. Failure to comply within two days will mean termination of your slot.
  • Respect my schedule. A cover request will be usually delivered in a week, two weeks at most.
  • Story MUST be published.
  • I reserve the right to deny your request. No explanation needed.
  • Password: Your favorite food.
  • If you decide to not use the cover, do let me know so I can label it as a premade.

    F O R M

  • TITLE:
  • GENRE:

    P A Y M E N T S

  • Read one chapter of my story TETRIS IN RED and leave real comments. PLURAL.
  • Credit me in the description of your story. { e.g. Book cover credits: @speedocks }
  • Q U E U E

    • TITLE: Wing Girl for Prince Charming
    • AUTHOR: Cosette Altair
    • GENRE: Romance/Fantasy
    • SUBTITLE (OPTIONAL): No one decides their fate.
    • CHARACTER/S (OPTIONAL): Ella by Ellie Bamber, Mael by Colin Ford, and Cordula by Halston Sage.
    • SPECIFIC REQUESTS: I guess you could have a polaroid like bottom with a picture of each actor referenced above. As for the top, there could be a castle/palace, specifically the Palace of Versailles.
    • SHORT SUMMARY: After her father is executed, Ella becomes a lady-in-waiting for a high-maintenance countess where she meets Prince Mael Charming who offers her enough money to save the family chateau in exchange for her help in helping him move on from Cordula. But when Ella discovers a hidden fact of her nation, she might just spiral down in a series of mistakes.
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    • TITLE: Learning to Let Go
    • AUTHOR: Ashley Lehno
    • GENRE: romance
    • CHARACTER/S (OPTIONAL): Cole Sprouse and Shailene Woodley (alternatively you can use only one of them)
    • SPECIFIC REQUESTS: you could (A) have the character(s) inside Polaroid pictures and a wooden background behind, (B) have one of the characters be reflected in a mirror and the other one stand in front of the mirror itself or (C) just have the two characters stand opposite each other, back to back, on a deserted background at night.
    • SHORT SUMMARY: the story of a guy who, heartbroken over his cheating ex announcing her wedding, meets a new girl but struggles to open up to her.

    The story is posted on @dematerialize.

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    Payment complete.

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    TITLE: Strangers
    AUTHOR: Mitsuna Airi
    GENRE: Romance
    CHARACTERS: Gianna and David
    SPECIFIC REQUESTS: I hope can read the first few paragraphs of the second chapter to get an idea of what scene I hope to see on the cover. It doesn’t have to be the replica of the scene, just similar scene works.
    SHORT SUMMARY: Two people, meet as strangers, yet are very familiar with each other since the first meeting. When fate is determined to set them apart, do they have what it takes to win over their destiny and stay together?


    Can I link it to you?

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    Here it is:

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    SPECIFIC REQUESTS: I would like the cover to be a light brown haired woman sitting on a park bench under a pine tree when it is subtly snowing and a guy in dark mahogany hair gazing at her.
    SHORT SUMMARY: Strangers. This word carries a sense of unfamiliarity with it. But when these two people meet, though they are strangers…they are able to see the familiarity through each other. But when fate is determined to set them apart, who will win?

    I hope this answers your questions. I didn’t know what you were not clear about so I elaborated the things that could be confusing.

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    • TITLE: hate, love and other filters

    • AUTHOR: aditi jain

    • GENRE: fanfic

    • SUBTITLE (OPTIONAL): My love is yours if you’re willing to take it
      Give me your heart 'cause I ain’t gonna break it.

    • CHARACTER/S (OPTIONAL): zayn malika and selena gomez

    • SPECIFIC REQUESTS: zayn malik and selena gomez, lights in the background, happy…looking at each other. (You may look at my current cover) zayn and selena hugging. Background can be of paper and then zayn and selena laughing. Selena laughing and zayn admiring her. Maybe, vectors of Zayn and Selena, standing against each other or doing something cute, like this.
      [ /

    Selena gomez : / [ ]

    Zayn : [ / (

    • SHORT SUMMARY: zayn and sophia, two opposite people, hate each other with all their love, but with all the other filters, they care for each other.
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    • TITLE: The Storm That Lies Ahead
    • AUTHOR: Candycanelambo
    • GENRE:Romance
    • CHARACTER/S (OPTIONAL): Nia and caleb
    • SPECIFIC REQUESTS: i want it to be cute but also dark.
    • SHORT SUMMARY: its about a boy who goes to the army comes back they try to work things out but it doesnt turn out as exoected
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    • TITLE: Undivided: Crowns and Horns
    • AUTHOR: fearlesslight_06 (i am the co-author but no need to put me)
    • GENRE: Fantasy
    • CHARACTER/S (OPTIONAL): no characters needed on the poster per se but the characters are Jung Wooseok and Jeon Heejin (portrays the characters)
    • SPECIFIC REQUESTS: something minimalist–only crowns and horns are visible or manipulation. please see peg below:
    • SHORT SUMMARY: Deus seeks for an answer about his identity. No mere human can destroy life by touching it. He set forth to another dimension along with his father’s messenger and discover a shattering world that needed his help.

    Thank you!

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    • TITLE: Counselor to the Deceased

    • AUTHOR: Emerald

    • GENRE: Paranormal


    • CHARACTER/S (OPTIONAL): If you need a faceclaim, try Bella Thorne (although that’s only as a last resort)

    • SPECIFIC REQUESTS: Something similar to that of a female grim reaper or a woman (face not visible or blurred/smudged our) with a black cloak or gown (or… just Bella Thorne if that doesn’t work) with a graveyard type setting or black fire around her. Meant to be… hellish.

    • SHORT SUMMARY: (a chronicle in one book) Dawn can see, hear, and speak to the dead. She’s the counselor to the deceased, it’s her job to ensure that all spirits are seen to. Both the innocent and the damned.

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    Thx for informing me.

    Payment done, thank you!

    Payment completed. Don’t know if I did it, right. It says to read one chapter but it says comments as in plural, but I did just one 2+ lined comment at the end.

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    Yes. It’s plural. Some people just don’t get that. Lol. Expected Delivery Date: April 4

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    I just didn’t know how to decipher it, I’m sorry :joy:
    But thank you!

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    Thank you! Payment done!

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    Hello, I know it says Closed.
    I was wondering, could I still post a cover request?
    Or, when you are open again, could you possibly post a message, so that I can get an update?

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