many questions regarding my book

first off, my book’s a part of a series and the thing is I tried contacting someone who helps with critiquing synopsis’ but she hasn’t messaged back so I’m just going to wing it. But how can I end the synopsis as a way to let the agent know that it’s a part of a series? Sounds confusing, but it’d be greatly appreciated if I got some help. :frowning:

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Book 1 of Series Title.

If you posted your blurb, you’re more likely to get help from other users!

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Since I’m not certain exactly what you’re working on:

A synopsis is (roughly) 1000 words and includes complete plot and character arcs, including the ending. I would mention the plot points that will be carried through the series (insofar as they are pertinent to the main plot and character arcs in THIS book). It should be VERY clear that this book has a complete (finished) story line.

A pitch is (roughly) 150 words that entice the agent to read more and includes the critical information necessary to show that the concept includes all the elements of a commercially-viable story. At the end of the pitch (if it’s a pitch NOT in a query letter) I would probably include the sentence, “This is a standalone story with series potential.” If the pitch is part of a query letter, includes that sentence in your final paragraph.


angry robots are looking for cover letter, synopsis and the first three chapters.

Angry Robots is in the UK. Their cover letter is similar to an American query letter.

oh ok.

The first time anyone’s explained synopsis and pitch. Don’t mind me if I bookmark this… :slight_smile:



it says that they need a cover letter but then they say a “Separate” attachment with synopsis and first three chapters (or the first 10-15 pages).

Okay. So what’s the problem? You do the query letter in email, and you attach the synopsis and first three chapters as a .doc or .docx file (from Word or Google Docs).

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Does the cover letter need to be in an attachment, or in the body of the email?

The cover letter is the email.

Ok thanks! :smiley:

synopsis, single or double spaced?

Single spaced


Been thinking about trying some UK agents. So a “cover letter” is the same as a query? Do you happen to know if they look for anything a bit diff in that format? I am surprised that in UK they all seem to want attachments. Thats such a big no no with american agents. Also hi! Its been awhile

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I queried agent’s in the US and UK and yes, cover letter = query. Just be prepared for possibly harsher feedback. I found a difference in the type of response US v UK.