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Hello, fellow watt-paddlers,

Are you having difficulties with keeping track of distances and travelling vs time in your world?
Are you looking for a chart that gives your readers a feeling of a “real” world that pulls them right into your story?
Do you want to stay consistent with the names of places, regions and kingdoms in your fantasy setting? Then look no further! What you need is a map! And I can make you one.

  • Now before we go over how this all works: I would like to ask special attention for the following. Let’s go for a tour in the workshop!

All that I do and make would not have been possible without the effort and hard work of numerable people who bled cried and sweated to create: (and special thanks + credits to all of them!)

  1. Wonderdraft by Megasploot (which is the software that I use to make my maps)
  2. The (collective) Cartography Assets Community at
  3. Two-minute-tabletop for their free assets.
  4. The GamingGeeks! - for allowing me the privilege to use their incredible quality content for my future maps (perhaps in yours?) For those interested in the sets for their own art and map makings; these can be found here at
    Thanks again Russ!

Other interesting sites and channels:
These channels and websites are really interesting in my opinion.
They provide a ton of helpful information regarding world building, being a GM, making maps and for sure have wisdom in them that will help you even in writing your fantasy story. I don’t know about all you people but I see so much common ground into being a fantasy writer and being a game master for example.

His info and insights on maps are great in my opinion although I still have to check out all of his vids. I like him!

Here are more assets for map making needs in exchange for a small fee. Lots of good looking content.

- Map making Services - Correspondence < Announcement! Sci-fi and Space Maps soon to be added to services>

Pictures speak louder then words: Let me show you some examples of what I can do:

Here are some maps I made.
The first is a map that I made for my own story. (very likely to be edited).
The second is a map that I made for @draphy for her story. (completed)
Third a map I made for @iris_the_virus’s story. (completed)


So let us go on towards my services.
This is a concept in which I offer to make maps of your fantasy worlds that you thought up.
I’m currently looking into my possibilities in making top-down city maps/floor plans.
For the future:

  • very likely that city maps will be added to my palette of available services!
    I am still developing my skills, but I am getting better along the way.
  • I will add samples of different mapping styles for applicants to choose from.

However, due to the popularity of good looking maps and for me to run this smoothly and efficiently, I am bound to set up a number of rules.


  1. The genre of your story/map: It is highly prefered to be related to any form of fantasy.
    Sorry, but at the moment no futuristic post-apocalyptics, dystopian (present-day), will be accepted for the simple reason that I lack the content and tools for it.

I’m always on the lookout for new assets, so should I get my hands on enough new and suitable content for my palette this rule is subject to change.

Attention!! Space and Sci-fi Maps will be added to my available services soon! The ban will be lifted for this sub-genre and you will be able to apply for them!

  1. No Fanfiction will be accepted. Period.
    This is not open for discussion.

  2. Do not apply if your map is not in line with these first two rules. If you really want to ask questions about it then either pm me personally or ask me in the Correspondence thread.

  3. You already have a good concept of how your world looks like.

  4. You will keep in touch with me.
    Once your application has been accepted, our communication will continue in the Correspondence thread found here. Not here in the Applications thread!
    During the forging of your map, I regularly need your input for your map, depending on how the progressions are. Where are the cities? What’s the name of this mountain range? Etc.
    It is disrespectful if I need to wait forever until I hear back from you, especially since I’m putting a lot of hard work and time into making you something pretty!
    Don’t keep me and other people in the queue line waiting, please.
    Accepted requesters are expected to reply within 4 days to any questions I might have. Otherwise, you risk your map being deleted and your request being forfeit.

  5. Do note that I will keep copies of the completed works for my portfolio. On a side note to this; I will in general vouch for a realistic map as much as possible (geographically) but in the end, it is your call.

  6. Don’t start payment before I accept your application

  7. Possibility to queue up while the shop is closed? Well no. But do leave a message in the Correspondence thread saying that you would like to be tagged for when the shop reopens again and I will do so. It is not my responsibility if you still missed the boat after that.

  8. Regarding Copyright Only personal use. No commercial usage accepted.

  9. Please be patient.
    I work full-time and make maps in my spare time. And on a side note to that; in about two months my life is going to be turned upside down. My wife and I are going to move at that time and finally live together. Thank you for understanding.

Application form:
1). Tell me in short what your story is about.
2). Link to your story.
3). Tell me how big your map is (km/miles/comparable to other countries). A distance scale would be very helpful!
4). A reasonable sketch of your map as good as you can make it!
It doesn’t have to be perfect but I will look critically at poorly/hastily drawn sketches.
5) Any preference in what style you want your map? (colour? non-colour?)
6) Tell me anything else you feel I should know about your map.
7) Password: Hammer & Feather. (by saying the password you agree to my rules and state that you have read them).

  • Wait until I accept your request. Please note there will only be so many slots available at a time. At a maximum 4 slots at once. Your request can be declined should I decide against it.

Accepted! Great! On to payment:

As payment you:

  • read the first five chapters of my story (the prologue, outcast, exchange of swords, a son’s pride and wintersnight) and leave comments in each chapter AND/OR pm me your feedback.
  • you mention me as the mapmaker when you are using my created maps as uploaded images in your story.
  • should I have used assets from The GamingGeeks then I will tell you so and you will also credit them for their work that is shining in your map.
  • add me to your follow list (perm).

Link to my story:

Heavy price?
Maybe, but please take into consideration that making a map from scratch can take many hours (depending on your wishes).
Edit: this is the minimum! Should I feel more reading and feedback is needed then I will tell you so (again depending on your wishes regarding your map - the more work for me the more you read)

  • Once you have finished and reviewed the first 2 chapters, I will start work on your map as soon as possible. I’ll upload it as soon as the payment has been received in full.

Once your map is finished, I will upload it first on the Correspondence thread for the last check up for completion and errors by you, then I will remove it there and upload it here in the Applications thread!

It will serve you well not only for a nice thing to look at but also for your story. More accurate estimating of distances, references in your story to other places, a clear overview of your world… your map helps you out and has your world building covered for a good deal.


@scmimi - accepted - payment received - mapping to be started asap.
@thesongist - accepted - payment received - map completed.
@WishesOnStars - accepted - payment received - mapping to be started asap.


LAST Important RULE: This topic is only for applications!
For all other commenting, questions, cheering and wooe-ing, I would ask everyone to reply in the Correspondence thread. > which has a link to it in this thread!

But feel free to leave as many hearts and likes in this thread as you see fit if you really need to satisfy that urge to react here!

Thank you! :blush: :smiley:


Tell me about your story:
(The map I’m requesting will span to the sequel)
Brief description, not the actual sypnosis.
Book 1:
The land of Antillia was stirred with Havoc when children began disappearing and a force of shadow began to rise. King Merlin was placed with burden to take action, find the solution and solve problems to all the people’s troubles. As if things couldn’t get worse, an assasin by the name, Jiyu, was sent to kill him. Her will and determination was so strong that even he, had difficulty keeping her in control. (And they fell in love.)

(Although it, currently, only has one chapter, I have finished the whole manuscript. Here is the proof just in case. I’ll be having consistent update of every Friday :slight_smile:

Size of your map:
My map is a world size. There’s 3 different great empires (countries/continental sizes) that fit into the world. The first two great empires go by the name the Great Long and Antillia are sizes as big as the South America Continent. While the last great empire, the Great Empire of Caelum, has the size as big as Russia. These three Kingdoms are entirely separated by a desert and forests. All these makes the map as big as a world.

A reasonable sketch of your map


These are the zoomed in from the Triquetra map:
The Great Long

Great Empire of Caelum


I can make a zoomed in to the cities as well if that would be needed. :slight_smile:

Any preference in what style you want your map?
I’d prefer if it’s non coloured as I have a graphic theme for my story and they are rather monochrome and darker. But really any colour that would work better is fine.

Tell me anything else about your map:

  1. Antillia is mostly inspired by the Medieval Europe.
  2. For the Great Long, it is inspired by Chinese culture, so the buildings are like the typical ancient Chinese buildings. The city format is similar to the Forbidden City of China. There’s three Kingdoms in the Great Long, Xuanlong, Chilong, Zhulong. Xuanlong has a darker land area, trees are very thick. The walls are black and very tall as they like to keep themselves secluded. The other two are very glorified Kingdoms.
  3. Lastly, for the Great Empire of Caelum, it is heavily inspired by the ancient Romans (around 2nd century AD). Buildings are mostly pavilions like the Colosseum.
  4. The climate in the South is colder than in the North. So, the more Northern the hotter. So in Antillia, in the South there’s snow. As well as in the Great Empire of Caelum.

Thank you for reading this long request! I love your map :heart:

Hammer and feather.

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Accepted. Please come and have a chat with me in the Correspondence thread.

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Accepted. opens door and pulls up a chair
Have a seat at the correspondence table.

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(omgomg I’m literally fangirlling about this thread!!!)

1). Nayeh is a desert, the battlefield Anahi calls home. The blood beneath her nails was a constant reminder of everything she had helped to destroy. In the past, she hadn’t given much thought to the cities that were no longer there, or the lives that she had taken.

That was before she learnt that the existence of all depended on more than ancient disputes. Magic is making a resurgence, and its secrets must be protected.

The lines between friend and foe become blurred when Anahi meets Dasan from the Alcean army. But, can the pair overcome their pasts and set aside their differences so that their people may one day be united?

That’s the actual summary of my story. It’s a fantasy world based off of old Persia on one half and an almost Native American feel to the other (though this is far less explicit and Persian is the main feel to the world) which is reflected in the names for some places/things and the characters. The two sides are at war with one another, and everyone in this fantasy world has the wings of animals that factor as a metaphor for race and political agenda. The main character can be a bit of an anti-hero at times and the story follows her (beginning with an assassination) as she begins to become aware to the fact that the war is more than she had first been lead to believe as magic is making a resurgence and it can destroy everything.

2). The story is here I have so far only posted a prelude whilst I’m waiting on a cover, however, I have 10,000 words already written in the form of 4 chapters that are ready to post. If you would prefer to ensure I’m serious, I can give you the link to the google doc I have them on (but these are unedited).

3). I’d say that as it mostly comprises of two cities separated by a narrow sea, it could be distance wise about London to Paris. There are the two main sides to the war and the cities that are their base along with with the sea, some other villages, a forest, mountains, caves and hot springs.

4). (please don’t laugh - I don’t have any computer software to do anything nice on and I was drawing this out the other night!)

  1. I’d really like a small amount of colour if at all possible! I love the feel it gives!

  2. That weird circle I have going around Nayeh (the one to the left of the sketch) is basically a large wall. As the characters are at war and have wings, it was a defence mechanism for them to have built a wall that goes into the headwinds - it factors into a plot point about the politics of the wings, mostly.

  3. Password: Hammer & Feather.

(I’m sorry this was so long! Your maps are incredible)

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Your request has hereby been accepted. It will be interesting how I’m going to figure into place a Persian looking palace. However, I would like to invite you to join in at the Correspondence thread. There are some thoughts I would like to share with you regarding your sketch that you provided. No worries, I ain’t laughing. Just would like to get a few things clear. Will talk to you soon.

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Attention!! Space and Sci-fi Maps will be added to my available services soon! The ban will be lifted for this sub-genre and you will be able to apply for them!

highly likely available on either saturday or sunday.