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Hello fellow Marvel fans! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Welcome to the thread, where we can discuss Marvel related content, such as theories, headcanons, and what not. This is also a place to talk about your writing process, lend tips, seek answers, ask questions, etc.

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PS: I wasn’t sure if I should call this Phase 3 or what, but decided this was a necessary thread since the original ones always blew up with conversation. Plus, who doesn’t love a space where all Marvel fans can converge and discuss things?


And…we’re back!


I feel like this is a staple thread for the Fanfiction club. :blush:

How’s writing and brainstorming going?

Slow. Stuck on one part, but working through it. It’s like, I know where I want the scene to end, but getting there is hard. Makes me seem like I’m just using filler details to get through the chapter.

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Hahaha! Most definitely a FanFiction Community staple. ;D

I was debating starting it up again myself, but you beat me to it! So much stuff to talk about all the time! lol!

Like those Captain Marvel Pics, guys!

i’m currently working on a marvel fan fiction right now and since i haven’t read a lot in this fandom, i’d love any advice y’all can give me!

Been there, for sure. I’m not quite at that stage of frustration on my current working chapter, but I’m getting pretty close…

And I’m here lol I finally found it lol hi guys :slight_smile:

@SylviaWolfe I feel you. Like, you know where it wants it to lead, but unsure of the best way to get there. Filler details aren’t bad. It seems everyone is afraid of filler, but then sometimes content seems rushed without some downtime.

@DarkLadyAthara I was surprised it wasn’t set up and wanted to go ahead and do it, because I was itching to talk about stuff. I was a bit disappointed actually with the whole Captain Marvel stuff. They hyped it up a lot, like they were going to show us a trailer or clip, only to show us pictures. Granted, the shots are fantastic and I’m still looking forward to the movie. Just, I wanted to see more like the greedy fangirl I am, lol.

@OHMYSTARS Hello! What kind of Marvel fanfic are you writing (genre, main characters, etc.)? And what do you need help with?

@ErzaSlayyzz247 Hello!

i’m writing an agents of shield fanfic that’s blending into the avengers. peter parker is my oc’s love interest, but it isn’t the main point. if i had to label it a genre, it’d be YA action/adventure. i have a lot of things down, like her story and all, but she is the daughter of tony, so i’m just trying to keep his personality in check as i write.


Oh, that’s a bit daring considering how the MCU likes to ignore the television series. I’ll confess, I haven’t watched much when it comes to Agents of SHIELD, but they have a lot of good material that can be very fun to incorporate into the cinematic storylines. I like the fact that you’re focus on the story and action, rather than the romance. That’s refreshing.

Finding a good balance for Tony is a bit tricky, because it depends on what stage you’re beginning to write him at. He’s evolved over time and if you’re basing this around the time him and Peter have interacted, then he’s at the point where he’s not really drowning in his PTSD, but he certainly carries a lot of weight when it comes to how things went down in Civil War (and Sokovia, considering his guilt).

My advice? I’d rewatch movies around the time you are writing the storyline at and then do a bit of unravelling and begin watching the movies in reverse order. That way you can analyze how he got from one point to another by reverse engineering it in a way. I’d also actually suggest watching interviews with RDJ, because in essence, the actor and the character have a lot in common.

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Ooo, good luck! I love AoS and find myself adding in things from the show constantly. Good job about not focusing on the romance.

it is, it helps though that AoS constantly refers back to the movies so it helped me pinpoint the timeline of my book. yeah, i want some romance, but the point of the story is the OC’s character development not her relationship with peter. in fact, it’s going to be an after fact that’s only touched on later in the book, with some little moments sprinkled in. too often it seems that stories with a romantic couple forget to touch on other important relationships, such as families and friends, that help shape someone.

i do have a set timeline for him, it was going to be post civil war. but thank you for the advice, i think i will go back and watch the movies i can that deal with the timeline. i’ll watch interviews too! so far out of all the characters, he was hardest for me to pin down. everyone else seems so straightforward, but beyond being sarcastic, tony is a bit enigmatic.

@SylviaWolfe i love the show to death and after coming up with a great character idea, i just knew i had to add in AoS. thanks, like i mentioned before, i think it’s important to focus on other relationships that help shape a person. (:

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@lucidhalos is so right. Sometimes a little ‘filler’ is necessary just to give the reader a bit of a break from action, action, development, development. And sometimes ‘filler’ is when some of the best character and interpersonal development happens.

@lucidhalos and for sure! I’ve been debating on and off for days, but never really had a chance to just sit down and start it. That’s fair. I just happened to go on FB and see the photos. I’d missed the hype that something was coming, so that probably helped. Didn’t hurt, I suppose that I’ve been figuring it’d be another month or so before we got a trailer anyway, so there’s also that. But yes! They look definitely look good. I know next to nothing about either the character or the movie, so it’s all new to me. I just haven’t been following it the way I have previous MCU movies. There’s been a lot going on the last couple months. lol! Like, it was a total surprise to me that Ronan’s back! I’m actually weirdly excited about that. lol! I can’t even say that I was blown away by him in GotG 1, either, so it’s certainly odd. Hahaha!

And that’s fair. Who doesn’t always want more! XD

Sounds fun.There really doesn’t seem to be all that much in the way of AoS that I’ve seen, at least. Yeah, Tony’s a tricky one. I have a couple Tony stories of my own planned and I think that’s a major factor in my hesitation to really dive in on them. lol! I mean, I manage pretty well (at least, I like to think I do) when he’s a background character, but having him as a main one is definitely intimidating.

And I’d definitely echo @lucidhalos’s advice. Just watch the movies, - over and over, if it helps - and just absorb and pay attention to details. :slight_smile: And that’s a good point to about how much of RDj is in Tony, because it really is very true.

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They do constantly refer back to the movies. I watched S1 and part of S2, and I know they referenced The Avengers, Thor: Dark World, and Captain America: Winter Soldier during that time. There were also a bit of easter eggs from elsewhere as well, but the big events from those movies were referenced.

Anyway, I like the fact that you’re not making romance the main focus. It seems to be something many try to do and I feel like as a result, the actual storyline is lost. The MCU certainly never really focuses on romance, but relationships do exist. It’s just always there, while the story goes on. But yeah, you’re right. Too often are others forgotten, as well as families and friends. It’s the whole nature and nurture aspect of human development.

No problem! The movies are certainly going to be the best place to gather research. You could always read some of the comics based off the movies too, especially if you wanted to read thoughts on certain things. Though, the comics are a bit trickier to get a hold of. Tony can be tricky depending on what aspect you utilize. Many people seem to forget he is more than sarcastic and focus on only making him such when they write him. He has many sides to him and he’s certainly matured over time and learned from past mistakes.


@DarkLadyAthara I feel like people are afraid of fillers, because it’s not really part of the story—but I find them to be a good thing to have sprinkled in for breathing room. And yes, like you mentioned interpersonal development is usually when this all happens. I think as long as your entire story isn’t filler (and it doesn’t drag on), you’re fine.

And lol, I just went onto the community the day before for the first time and checked in here and was like— “No Marvel Fanfictioners? Well then—” and boom. Yeah, you not hearing about the hype probably helped. I heard about it, so I was a bit annoyed, haha. The sad thing is, I wasn’t even looking up any Marvel news, it just appeared on my news feed. I have a feeling we’ll probably get a trailer around Thanksgiving or the holidays, since the movie is due in March. If we get anything else before that, I feel like it would be a short trailer.

But yeah. Her costume looks nice and the “de-aging” CGI looked pretty good on Nick Fury. I know a little about the character, mainly because I didn’t spend a lot of time reading about her in the comics. She just always reminded me a bit of Superman, who I wasn’t ever the biggest fan of, so I never invested much time looking into her. That’ll probably change, since MCU is more than likely giving her more of a persona. There are going to be alien races coming along with her.

I’m not totally surprised Ronan in back, since Captain Marvel has been fighting the Kree race and Ronan is one. I’m excited though, because I also liked Ronan and Lee Pace is always lovely to see on screen (though I’d rather see him as Thranduil :stuck_out_tongue:). I wasn’t blown away by him in GotG 1, but he wasn’t a terrible villain. Hopefully they do more with him now.

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For sure. I’ve been accused of it in the past with The Ghost, but the supposed ‘filler’ was more often than not the prefect place to show and develop the relationships growing between all the different characters I’ve included. So much fun, and really fleshed out my OCs and my takes on canon characters. But for sure. balance is definitely key.

Hahaha! That’s the way to do it! just glanced, really, and what time I did pop on for, I focused on experimenting with the SyS thread. But beyond that, I haven’t spent a lot of time on here yet.

That’s pretty much when I’ve been figuring for the trailer too. It’d be nice to get a teaser before then, but certainly I should hope the trailer will be out in November.

For sure! I was a little worried about Nick, and I suppose i’ll have to reserve judgement until I see it in action, but it’s promising so far. And that sounds to be the case, for sure. They really seem to be hyping that she’s the ‘most powerful hero’ in the MCU. shrugs we’ll just have to see. lol! Now that you mention it, what little I’ve heard about her does sound a little Superman-y. :stuck_out_tongue: It certainly has potential!

Yeah, see I didn’t even consider that he might show up again given that I didn’t realize just how involved she’d be off-Earth until the photos. And yes! Lee Pace is the best! XD I’m happy to see him anytime! lol! It should be fun to see him before he breaks with the Kree nation, perhaps even seeing the beginnings of that break. It’s definitely another area with a lot of potential.

I mean, I tend to drag out stuff myself but that’s cause I’m guilty of slowburns. I just really like working on character development and relations and don’t want to fling things together for the sake of plot. Things need to feel natural, not forced. I suppose that’s why I like your fic. The only drawback when it comes to reading such lengthy stories, however, is time. When I have the time I try to read, but then it’s hard to remember what has happened if it’s been a while. Sigh.

I’ve also taken a peek at the SyS thread and some other forums as well, just to see what is going on. I tried out a HTML testing one and it showed to me that it wasn’t as limited as I initially thought. It’s a bit confusing though, the combination of HTML and BBCode. Like, when to use one over the other.

It would be nice to get some kind of teaser. A part of me wish we had, just so I could see how this amazingness looked in motion, since a picture can look good but how does it look on screen?

I will also have to reserve judgement until I see it in action, but it does look good thus far and I have faith. RDJ looked fantastic and he really looked as young as he was in Ally McBeal and Wonder Boys—I also just realized Hank Pym was in that movie too. Then again, RDJ’s Watson, Jude Law, is going to be Mar-Vell in Captain Marvel and the Benedict’s Watson, Martin Freeman, has been Everett Ross since Civil War. All these overlaps!

I’m kind of excited for them to explore places outside of Earth. I want to see more worlds. I want them to explore alien races, especially since the mentioned Mar-Vell is Kree and Carol’s mentor. Plus, the Skrulls are finally here! At least, I believe they are those green aliens we saw in those photos. They looked a lot like the comic book counterparts anyway. I’m wondering if they’re going to explore the war that led to the peace treaty between Kree and Xandar. Also makes me wonder if they’re going to explore more Nova Corps.

Oooh, the possibilities make me excited!