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I saw it, cried and died, came back to go to class and then apparently by noon, the school had banned the video…


(shit deleted my reply instead of hitting edit =_=;)

I WAS SAYING…everyone looks so damn defeated and Hawkeye looks like he has nothing left to lose. He’s definitely turning into Ronin (or has). Poor Tony. I don’t think he’ll die out there, but we can be proven wrong. And lmao at Scott appearing at the end like a god damn beacon of hope.




Gah! I know, right? Clint and that sword and the dark look? So many chills. I’m inclined to think Tony’s not going to die out there, simply because I feel like he is going to need to accomplish something, you know?

And yes! Scott! Oh, man, so much love for him and his ‘please let me in, I know you all remember me!’ <3


So one of my friends sent me this…

My response was ‘oh, fuck, no!’


Dude no goddamn joke, I told my friend that is how it would happen. Because the Asgardians are still out there. And I will not be happy if that happens lol


You know, this has me thinking back to an old interview where they said Korg, Meik, and Jane being alive after the snap was spoil territory. This has me thinking, that Korg and Meik may run into Tony and Nebula in space. Maybe.

Secondly, if they do bring Jane back, she may prove to be useful when it comes to the quantum machine seeing as Scott has the damn thing in the back of the van. I can see Banner helping with that too, but his thing has always been gamma radiation, nuclear physics, and biochemistry. On the other hand, Jane specializes in astrophysics, astronomy, and a side of tinkering (she makes all those makeshift equipment used to track spikes and such). Considering her obsession with Einstein-Rosen Bridge, it’s not farfetched to think that she may prove to be very helpful in figuring out the working of Pym’s work—since Einstein-Rosen deals with wormholes (related to space-time) and space and time are considered irrelevant in the Quantum Realm.

I just kind of smell a Banner-Foster partnership, especially since Thor is back on Earth and more than likely knows how to reach out to his ex-girlfriend. Even if Jane is to not return, Banner is going to prove quite important with his knowledge of physics when it comes to operating that machine. He’s just not very much an inventor, I believe. That has always been Tony’s territory, but I think he possesses as much skill as Foster in the inventing area (aka feasible).


The Asgardians I’d be cool with… Korg, not so much… XP

@lucidhalos Hmmm…that’s a good point about Jane and the quantum machine. And I do remember hearing whispers about Jane being back (even if word on Natalie is a little less forthcoming…not that that necessarily means anything). If she doesn’t, though, I could see them relying on Bruce for that easily enough, too, but it’s still an interesting idea, that’s for sure.


Somehow, someone made the trailer even more depressing. :sob::sob::sob:


It’s okay. I didn’t need my heart or anything…




No, I’m totally fine…

Starts bawling my eyes out


Question for y’all. Before Shuri, who was the tech person in Wakanda? Like, was there a specific person or should I just make someone up?


I don’t think it is ever mentioned in the movie and I’m trying to think of some kind of face in the comics too, but it is hard to think of anyone. I’d assume it may have been some kind of family friend or someone of the like—since she seemed to have been dabbling with tech from a young age (Russos confirmed she is the smartest person in the MCU too, though I personally think she is just one of the smartest since she is still relatively young and can become the smartest with time).

But yeah, you bring on a good point. Before Shuri, who was the one making their tech? It’s obvious there had to be someone considered the opening scene has a cloaking ship. Shuri would have not been born by that time (I think) and even then, she would have been an infant. You can totally create an OC, but I think you just need to be careful about connections since it would have to be someone trusted.

EDIT: I went digging around. There is this dude, N’liX, who serves as a Chief Scientific Advisor to the Princess Regent. I have not read the comic he’s been in, so I can’t really offer much information about his character. T’Chaka had a brother named S’yan in the comics, but I believe he played the role of N’Jadaka in the MCU movie, even though S’yan has a son named T’shan who in no way is related to Killmonger.


Hmm, okay. I’ll probably just go and create someone, most likely related to N’ilX since that’s the closest character. Thanks


Well, I picked the wrong time to come back. Now I’m dead inside. :sob:


I think @lucidhalos is on point. My only other addition would be that undoubtedly Wakanda would have its own University (or multiple ones) with a specialized R&D department and/or technology-focused R&D groups/individuals which would undoubtedly be responsible for the creation and development of a great deal of tech too (like the cloaking-capable ships) since I rather doubt Shuri is the only tech-mind in Wakanda. ;D lol! She simply couldn’t be responsible for the whole country, in that respect. Perhaps just for Black Panther-related stuff she’s become the primary tech-person, but I imagine there are many tech-people in the employ of the King, the Royal Family and the Palace/Government with Shuri perhaps being a top-tier research and developer of a larger group or just a preeminent or ‘personal’ one for T’Challa. You could even perhaps explore the idea that the Black Panther makes use of a top mind from a Wakandan University and Shuri just happens to be that top mind, atm. That sort of thing.

I suppose what I’m getting at is that I think you’re options are potentially limitless with what you can do on that front.


I feel your pain…


Hey! Does anyone know if there are any Marvel-themed book clubs out there?


There should be a few, the only problem is not all of them remain very active unfortunately. I would check out MarvelousCommunity, I believe they’re active, though they’ve been pretty quiet since October.