Material Buffer Length

I was wondering how much material you guys like to write before beginning to post your story. I already have 25k words out of the way and I think I could manage weekly updates from start to finish if I start uploading, but I’m so cautious that I feel like I’ll end up finishing the story before a single sentence arrives on WattPad.

It varies. Sometimes I try to post as I write, which is normally a bad idea for me, as things happen and I end up missing weeks.

For my current WIP I had about 5 chapters stored up before I started posting, which would be about 20k words.

Now that I’m posting on a schedule I try to keep at least two chapters as a buffer between where I’m writing and where I’m posting, about 7k words. It’s worked really well so far and allowed me to take a break one week when I needed to!


I know myself well enough to know there will be more than one week where I take off. Thanks for the feedback!

I was going to finish the whole novel, but I caved for the Wattys, and am now posting once a week. I have 80k prewritten material with 18k left to write!

For me it varies.

For Daughters of Fate … that story is all but written. Has been for a long time. All three books. Just was going through editing. But I have to do some switching up of chapters and make additions for Book 2 based on changes to Book 1 as i prepared them for Wattpad.

For TotIB … well … that’s a side project broken down into episodes. Basically, a filler project right now for in between Books of DoF. The first 12 chapters are written (Episode 1) and I will work on Ep 2 once I get DoF 2 well underway.

I really don’t feel comfortable until I have about 10 chapters (at least) of forward thinking material before I post. Mostly because I don’t want to have to go back and change plot on already published chapters and material because I changed something up later on.

My other books are going to be the same way. Won’t start posting until I have what I feel is enough backlog that I have the plot nailed down. Since I’m a pantser, I don’t have a very detailed outline to keep me on track. My characters tend to go where they want and do what they want and the story will just flow from there.

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I usually aim for anywhere from 2-6 chapters before I start posting. I need to have enough for at least 3 weeks advance updates so that if I get behind it won’t kill me.

With short stories I write the whole thing before posting.

On my old account, I started posting the story once I had around three chapters written out, and kept updating semi-regularly as I went along. It went alright, though sometimes I would go a month or two without posting, and then updated two or three chapters in a burst over a week and a half. However, I am super awful at finishing projects, so I stopped writing that about six chapters shy of the end and never finished it.

Now, I’m trying a new approach, where I finish writing the whole story before I start updating, and updating like clockwork once a week. This way, I’m both free from the worry of having to rush to make the deadline, and motivated to keep working on my WIP, because I know that if I don’t finish it, it’s never going to see the light of day!

I finish all my books before I start posting. I just can’t write on demand like that. Sometimes I write 10k a week, sometimes I write 100 :joy:

I wrote most of my first book on my laptop before publishing it here on Wattpad. Then I started to write a spin-off to it soon after completing it and only had about two or three chapters written. I guess I was too impatient and excited?

Same. xD