Mature Ratings and Cursing

Hey all! I have a quick question about the requirements for a book not to be considered mature. I use curse words in dialogue and have some fantasy violence, but no explicit or particularly graphic scenes! I’m little confused because “Strong language” is included in the description by the button in story details, but the FAQs say nothing about curse words and talk more about violence, self harm and explicit sexual scenes! I realize that a mature rating turns a lot of readers off from a book and prevents the book from being featured in certain programs, but I want to classify my book in the best way possible as to not cause issues later down the road! I really appreciate you guys’ help with this and hope y’all have a great day! :slight_smile:

– MagesHeir

@MagesHeir You can read this article for more information:

Right! So when reading through that, I see absolutely nothing about cursing, but the story description contains “Strong Language” as a reason for classifying a story as mature which really is confusing me!

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I suggest you ask the ambassadors here: Ask the Ambassadors Anything!

Hey there!

As someone who tends to mark a vast majority of my stories as mature, I think the biggest factor to consider when reviewing your content is your readers.

There are obviously different levels of ‘maturity’ that could be included in a story, and as the tag itself suggest it can be for different elements. The best way to inform your readers of what kind of maturity they are dealing with is to give them a disclaimer, either at the end of your description or at the beginning of the first chapter.

As a general rule, if its something that you wouldn’t expect from 13 year olds, then its probably safer to mark it as mature. I say that because Wattpads’ youngest readers start from aged 12, some perhaps even younger, so its important to protect the younger members of the community. Realistically speaking, Most 13 year olds do cuss, but if its extreme and fairly constant its probably better if they weren’t exposed to it.

That’s just my two cents, and how I decide whether I mark my stories as mature or not. Hope this helps!



Awesome! Thank you so much!

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As long as you don’t directly say it happens… then you don’t have to care for it…

Cursing alone doesn’t warrant a mature rating.

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I’d say nudity and anything sexual would call for a mature rating…

Though, excess usage of the f-ck would at least call for something… too

Awesome! That was the answer I was hoping for :innocent:


According to the guidelines, the language alone does not make the work mature. The mention of nudity alone doesn’t either. There needs to be a substantial ammount of actual sexual content described in detail (or violence for that matter, though the bar for that is a little higher as violence in media is generally more accepted than sex)

For example, a romance story that just happens to have one single sex scene in it, even if it’s explicit, could still be left at everyone rating. It’s up to the author in the end though, if you feel like you should give it a mature rating, you’re allowed to do so, it’s your work and you won’t be punished for being too cautios.


Oh, really? Huh.

What about fetishes?.. oof

It’s dumb, but if your work is somewhere along the lines of After then it’s fine, as After is not mature.

Anything specific? If we’re talking about BDSM, that’s not banned, the key is consent though. Anything that glorifies sexual acts that happen without consent is banned.


Consent. I see.

Also the BDSM is like… eh… I have to rewrite that… :sweat:

Blood and Gore.

Any curse that isn’t bitch

Any talk of suicide

Any self harm.

Any detailed violence beyond a punch or saying “He was shot”

Is mature

You damn liar. What would I do without you agitating literally everything I post…

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I… I’m not here!

Ninja smoke bomb

Jumps through a window dramatically

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‘Strong Language’ concerns explicit descriptive language, not cursing. Cursing alone is not Mature.