Mature Romance Discussion Thread! (part 3)


Hey guys! This is a thread that originated in the old clubs which I thought I’d bring over here as well.

This thread is a discussion page for all romance writers out there who feel hounded by the enormity of teen fiction or fan fiction romance out there that just isn’t quite our cup of tea. We like something a bit spicier; a big racier dare I say :wink:

If you’re a mature romance writer or reader, feel free to join in on the convo! We talk about everything under the sun from writing, what we’re reading at the time, what draws us into more mature novels and away from the more reserved books out there.

Why do you love mature romance? Do you have any tips to writing mature romance? How do you develop your character or prefer to see your character develop in a more mature setting? What do you think the industry is like for mature romance? What’s your favorite pizza topping?

These are all topics we’ve tackled before and topics we would love to delve in to again if the topic calls for it!

So, don’t be shy! We promise we won’t bite! (hard)

I want to write a mature story, but I don't know how!



In order… lol

-Because it’s fun to not read about teenagers for the umpteenth time and feel kinda creeped out
-Not at the present >.>
-Uh… I don’t know??? I spit shit out and people like it. Most of my character development is a complete accident.
-I mean there’s an obvious market for mature romance. Most of what I see is the stuff I dubbed “grandma porn” tho. Yaknow, the ones with the buff dudes holding swooning women in period piece attire?
-Iiiii really like mushrooms. And banana peppers/peppercini. And pineapple. But not all together.


What would make something mature romance? Romance with slightly darker themes, or something else?


Great question! A mature romance contains more mature themes and usually a combination of a few, including violence, drug abuse, sexual assault, self- harm but more widely used- sex.

Mature romances on here especially contain sex scenes that go past the ‘blackout’ ending before anything past more than kissing can happen. If the scene gets steamy to the point that particular acts are detailed past kissing, it usually needs to be labeled mature.

Do you have any romances like that or read them?


A’int this true. I had to explain to a bunch of high schoolers today why I wouldn’t feel comfortable watching any of them perform songs from Spring Awakening for their auditions. lol Same goes for reading about teen love. Aside from a few exceptions of course- mainly anything written by John green that is lol

I love accidental character development! I love how the characters just take over and _tell_you what needs to happen for the to get where you need them to. I think that’s when you know as a writer that you’ve created a character to be proud of.

Mushrooms?? :face_vomiting: lol Although, I can totally get on board with banana peppers and PINEAPPLES! So happy to have found another pineapple on pizza lover. SO many people be hating. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I totally agree! I don’t want to read about 16 year old’s having their first kiss. I’m a grown woman, I’m married. I want to read the steamy relationships between the characters, I want to read about that passionate kiss, not the sloppy awkward first kiss. I want to read about relationships that are relatable to my life now. I also want to read stories that have more dynamic, intense conflicts, not the typical - “Jake the captain of the football team cheated on me with the head cheerleader. I guess my nerdy self wasn’t enough for him!”

There’s a time and place for YA stories. However, as an adult in the prime of her sexual and self-discovery YA isn’t the right genre to read at this stage of my life. Mature stories all the way!


To a degree, although that sort of gets inverted near the end.

Here is my exact problem, the kind of romance I’m most familiar is the particularly dark variety: Basically this guy and his wife go into this cave, and she falls and has a head injury. When he tries visiting her, she doesn’t remember him and asks him to leave. Then when he tries coming back a year later, basically she gets slaughtered in an events that’s comparable to dropping bombs on Berlin. (But the fantasy game equivalent.) In Final Fantasy 6.

While I don’t think I’ll ever match that, it’s worth noting.

So I’m not really sure how typical that is for mature romance, outside of say historical fiction.


slow claps You most definitely belong in this thread lol

Have you written any mature romances or more so just a reader?


I suppose a better way for me to put it, I want to read the relationship set in the French Revolution about an adult couple. Combining it with a sloppy kiss just adds the awkward in a way that doesn’t appeal to me.


Aha, I finally found this place! And wow, this is gonna take some getting used to. Why do I like reading about more mature relationships? Well, quite simply it’s since I know that teen love just doesn’t last (or rarely does). I would rather see an actual HEA instead of just a teen romance that’s probably not gonna last.


You made it! :slight_smile:

And yeah, that’s a great point. Once you past a certain age and you read those teen romances, you can’t fake yourself into believing that the characters you fell in love with are realistically going to stay together for more than a couple years at best lol

Kinda ruins the magic a bit lol


That’s quite specific! lol Sloppy kisses, while realistic, aren’t sexy and I don’t really wanna read about them lol

Are you reading any good mature romances currently?


Tbh it’s been a while since I read “mature” romance that wasn’t dark… Should find more cushy romance to read. Dark and forbidden is okay [when it ain’t straight-up abuse] but need more happy things in my life.


Dark and forbidden romances are where I liveeeeeeeeeee :smiling_imp:

Both in writing and reading. I’ve even written one about straight up abuse lol Taken from a standpoint of putting a spotlight on how unromantic abuse is in an relationship and how nothing about being slapped or degraded by the one who ‘loves’ you is sexy or okay. It was my clapback at all of the novels romanticizing abuse lately and showing it for what it truly is. That book is both very dark as well as forbidden. lol

I sit nicely between the two in anything I read and write lol I get bored otherwise if everyone is happy for too long. Does that make me a bad person? lol


wow same.

hmm perhaps I should read it one of these dayyyyys

Nah doesn’t make you a bad person to entertain yourself.


Finally found this thread! The Genres section seemed to be missing for a day or two :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yay! You made it! I wasn’t sure who to tag yet in this thread since not everyone has made their way over yet. lol

And that’s very strange about the genres section. I’ve been on at least once every day since I found this site and I think I’ve come to this section, too. That’s very weird. Guess that’s the fun with a beta version lol


Hello Minx! I’m glad I found my way here but I do feel a bit lost trying to make my way around. It certainly doesn’t help that this is a beta thing and so it feels in flux. A bit like Hogwarts with the shifting staircases…


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