Mature Romance Discussion Thread! (part 3)


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Reach out to them and say you missed the Futures program . See what they say . No harm in asking. And if they don’t respond , at least you tried.


HI everyone. I do apologise for not being on lately. I’m travelling for business this November, so in and out, but would love to hear how everyone is doing.


Thanks for the link! It really helped. I’ve decided to do some extensive editing on my story then apply to Radish, but probably next year.

@addieAft No harm in trying I suppose.

Btw, has anyone here ever submitted a completed story to Wattpad studios?


What is Wattpad studios? Please do tell.


I was doing some editing on the app and saw this Screenshot_20181107-123424 Screenshot_20181107-123518


I’m not married yet but I completely agree with you! Teen fictions these days doesn’t sounds relatable as in real life events. all it’s about is bad boys and innocent girls. schools filled of hot boys and wannabe queen bee like yikes those ain’t real. sorry for being rude :sweat_smile:


I had no idea this even existed! Good to know for the future! Thanks! :slight_smile:


You’re not being rude! Your just being honest and pretty much everyone on this thread agrees with you! :sweat_smile: lol


What is it? Whats Wattpad studio


Hello! I have a question.
I really enjoy writing forbidden romances, they’re my favorite. But I am running into some issues. As an adult, what would make a relationship forbidden?
I don’t really like writing about religion, so I wouldn’t go that route. And I have hesitation writing about someone trying to steal their best friends boyfriend or something like that.
Also the boss thing is kind of over played as well.
So again, what would make an adult relationship forbidden?

  • Maybe a Romeo and Juliet type situation? Where their families hate each other for some reason.

  • Class differences. Like one person is from “the wrong side of the tracks.”

  • Ye olde racism.


Stealing your dad’s new wife?

Hope this helps!


Infidelity can be good if written well.

Teacher/Student. (Age appropriate of course like college or 18)

Different races that’s looked down upon in a certain town or city

Mom/Dad significant other with daughter/son.


Ehhhhhh If you want to write a romance and not abuse, I’d stay away from incest and high school teacher/student as power dynamics pretty much rule out the possibility of a relationship not being abusive or coercive.


No incest I meant mom or dad’s boyfriend/girlfriend. And the high school thing isnt bad of the kid is 18. That’s a consenting adult right there! If I was 18 when I went to school with my hot, fresh out of college art teacher I would have been all over that. But its frowned on of course lol. And it could be mature if the characters are written as mature. When people get into the 15-16 ramg with teachers that’s when it’s not right.


I still maintain the power dynamic is too unequal to not be coercive. Yeah, an 18-year-old is technically an adult, but just in terms of life experiences and development that’s worlds away from a someone 22-24 (the youngest teachers). Not to mention just the dynamic of someone who is in control of your grades it’s just…not good. It’s way too easily turned into a really bad situation.


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