Mature Romance Discussion Thread! (part 3)


Meh… how’s everyone doing?


I love it when ladies stuff their faces full of chest nuts and pine nuts. Makes them look like squirrels a little bit. I like random.

Back to writing again, though I’ll have to see how explicitely mature romance it gets.

So much for the blue wave friends were talking about. And yes, I will probably continue voting Green.


Something about eighteen year old teachers?

I say that as a joke, but my high school didn’t exactly have the highest common sense in terms of picking on substitutes.

Theoretically, though it never happened, you could be a senior and have Junior be your substitute teacher.


Well, there’s no word yet on my busted computer or if I will be able to retrieve my work from there but… my mom gave me her old work computer to use for now for writing so that’s at least something.

I guess NaNo was just not meant to happen this year for now :frowning:

How about you?


I’m alright spilled soda on my keyboard so the keys are all fucked…


Well, that sucks but at least you have all of your work and files still! lol


yeah, well I write in google doc’s no matter what I’m writing, so I always have my files… I feel for you still, tho! It sucks when your laptop breaks <3


I’ve edited and beta read in google docs but usually just write in word so that I can write offline in case I’m somewhere that there’s no wifi.

I now regret that decision. lol

You can clean out your keys though and hopefully it will get back to normal in a few days after you work them out enough.


Is there anyway for you to save the harddrive at least and place it into another computer?


This happened to me in January… my computer got fried.My computer refused to reboot or go in recovery mode. I got the hardware changed for $350 ( which is pretty cheap, I think) . But they were able to retrieve all my documents including the story I am publishing on Wattpad. I hadn’t backed up for two months!


Does it ever freeze the web page for you? I keep cursing my life out, and mom wonders what I’m making a big fuss for.


Nope… it just crashed and would not start, I had the option to either to get a a new computer or change the hardware. i changed the hardware as I am used to my computer.


For most cases, it would be that simple but my issue is the firmware and not the hardrive. Windows won’t even open and if the firmware is damaged enough, it can corrupt the files on the harddrive regardless from what I understand.


Hardware? You mean hard drive?

And that sounds like mine in so many ways. I’m hoping and praying I have the same success as you did! It is with an IT guy now who has been called brilliant by people who have used him so I’m keeping my hopes highish. lol


Yes, hard drive. Obviously, I don’t know much about computers.


They are slowly coming back to normal, after almost a week of ruining every nerve I had left lol


That’s good! I can imagine how frustrating that would be! lol


Ah ok. I think I ran into the same thing so I took my hard drive out completely and just got an adapter to get my files on my laptop. I hope it works out for you!


You really can find out just about anything online to research for your book. This one lady literally cooked her shoes so she could have them resoled.

Other then under certain circumstances, would people really consider that?

Keep being weird internet.

Edit: Since my curiosity got the better of me, I went ahead and asked the blogger how she does it without burning them. I have a very specific situations where I can’t wear most shoes, so it makes walking … a very uncomfortable experience. I’m not crippled, but I’m prone to shin splints.

So I may have to consider customs at some point.


I see, it’s been quiet here for a few days. How are you all doing? :blush: