Mature Romance Discussion Thread! (part 3)


If you like mature romance with a strong, female lead, I can recommend you The Empress by zlotaluna. I liked it.

@LittleMinx94’s stories are great as well, I recommend them to everyone.
If you like it a little dirtier and are open-minded when it comes to other versions of love, I also recommend @Lila-Mina’s Temper series.

And I would also recommend @NataliaBritt’s stories, but I think she currently doesn’t have one on here because she’s getting ready to publish. But keeping an eye on her is worth it. I got that recommendation once and her story Generation Breakdown really is my favourite romance story EVER! I currently miss reading it so badly (I’m one of those people who read the same story a million times and doesn’t get bored of it).


Hi @LittleMinx94,

Thank you for your warm welcome!
And thank you for the explanation, I do love a darker kind of mature too.

An heroine directly scoring the man of her dreams without any hardships is not my cup of tea either, I prefer the characters to go through various steps and toughen up : a bit more of a realistic pattern I guess?

I should be able to enjoy some of this thread’s writers’ stories then :smile:


I should add, those are only the stories I’ve read! I will have to agree, looking through the stories of these in here will be worth a shot. All those I just recommended you were stories from members or former members of this group, that’s how I found them. :wink:
I haven’t had time to read much lately, but I still have a couple of stories from those on here in my library and the people I know from here are the first I check whenever I do need a new story to read :slight_smile:


Thank you for your kind recommandations @ZeenaBecks!
I love your enthusiasm about all those stories, I will definitely check all of those out :star_struck:
Can’t wait for the good reads :heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart:!


Sixteen chapters?! Damn, girl you FLY! lol I wish I wrote as fast as you did! As do my readers lol

And no thanks necessary unless I come up with anything good! lol I love making covers and such for my friends :slight_smile:

And, thank you, thank you for the shout out :slight_smile: You’re just too kind to me and my books :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Then you will fit right in with us all here! lol The darker, the better. The kinkier, the better. Right? :wink:

I hope you enjoy any of the novels from the writers you were recommended! :slight_smile:


There is also ‘Blood of Azura’, it is a fantasy mature romance that was shortlisted for 2018 Wattys.


Hello everyone, how goes writing?


It was going really well up until about yesterday when I got nothing done lol

Then, I was planning on writing some this morning but got caught up in kindle unlimited when I say they offered 3 months for 99 cents and couldn’t pass that up and now Ive just been downloading tons of books all morning long lol

Soon I have to go to work anyways lol

How about you?


It’s been going mostly fine but the past couple days I haven’t done much. Apparently my brain just needed a break or something. I haven’t felt like doing anything but chat with people today so that’s what I have been doing mostly.


@addieAft thank you for the recommandation :hearts:
Just started reading it after you mentioned the story and already loving it :heart_eyes:


wooops I’ve been away so long and here I am, missing the kind and nice words of @ZeenaBecks Thank you so much darling for recommending my series! :kissing_heart:

@yukarichan0005 , well, if you’ve got any interest in Japan and do like the darker side of love then I think you’ll enjoy “Temper”. どうぞよろしくお願いします。:smile:


@LittleMinx94 I heard about your c pop mputer and I’m really sorry. If you need any help or anything (not sure what I can do lol) just let me know!

@Lila-Mina do you live in Japan because I’m planning a trip to go there in 2020!


Thank you. Unfortunately, there’s not really anything anyone can do for it anymore that doesn’t cost me tons and tons of money. Seriously, the price for data recovery is like 300 percent higher than it needs to be. It’s fucking insane.

But thank you for offering :slight_smile:


Geek squad makes serious coin. It’s ridiculous how much they charge for computer repair. I remember you saying you have your real draft of the Caleb/Peaches story not posted. Was that apart of the purge?


Yes they do, but there were actually the cheapest option to do the same work that the other places offered.

Part of Kaleb and Leah’s story is stuck on there, yes :frowning: I rewrote the whole first chapter and it’s on there.


Haha, actually I have lived in Japan for over 4 years and recently got back home :slightly_smiling_face:


I hope you like Blood of Azura… the author is amazing and I think you already know about Lila-Mina’s stories.


So,you never never recovered your data. if so, that sucks!

I went to Geek Squad and got lucky as the person who happened to be there was super friendly and gave me a good discount. The entire story of Wickedly Wicked was on it!

I had a PDF version as a back up and that too was not the recently updated one.


I do live in Japan, yes! :smile: Yep, with the Olympics in Tokyo, so many people plan to travel here in 2020. If you can, avoid summer :wink: And if you take a detour and go to the south-west, maybe we’ll have a chance to meet!