Mature Romance Discussion Thread! (part 3)


Oh, great! :sunny: Where did you live?


I could not think of Leah’s name! And I spelled Kaleb wrong. GAAAHHHH!!! Looks like I need to read it again to brush up! hurries along


Oh shit the Olympics are in 2020? I just wanted enough time to save up money lol. And avoid the summer? I wanna go for my birthday! June 12th :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


I did not :frowning: I’ve already begun to write things over again and I just have this sinking feeling that it is not as good as what I previously wrote. Oh well.

Thankfully, when I did try Geek squad, they took pity on me and didn’t charge me a thing for diagnosis because they couldn’t help me and I was a crying mess lol


Hahaha, I got no problems with that! lol Kaleb is always waiting :wink:


Girl… my heart just skipped a beat lol. I’m getting my hair done I can’t read that now. He’s like one of my FAVORITE OC characters and he’s portrayed by Henry Cavil… slides out of chair


Trust me, I know! When I was writing that book, I was having SO many dreams about him at night and honestly I didn’t want them to stop :sweat_smile: Henry Cavill as Kaleb is the best thing I’ve ever done as a writer! lol




Ho boy I’m getting hot and it’s not because my hair is getting straightened.


How do you add a gif?


You copy and paste it from google :slight_smile: Its way simpler than the old ways of doing it lol



It’s just showing the link…


Try copy paste the image address.




YOU DID IT! :clap:t3::confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball::tada:


Ahhh the Olympics are in July, I think??? so you should be fine. June is not quiiiiiiite so hot and humid (YET) but it can be rainy (like 2 hours of rain, and then sunshine and then rain again), as it is technically the start of the rainy season. But by that, I mean you shouldn’t bother with anything but sandals and light clothes that dry easily, because it does NOT get cold. If you don’t mind humidity, you’ll be fine :smiley:


I’m away too much as well. But you’re welcome, you know I mean it :heart:


Hey folks! So happy to find out today that @wattmulticultural added Temper: Deference to their Multicultural Romance reading list :smiley: :fireworks: :sunny: