Mature Romance Discussion Thread! (part 3)


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Hey mature romance lovers! :slight_smile: How’s the writing going? Read any good books lately? I’ve got a question for you all!

I actually started one that I thought I was going to love and I knew it involved cheating but… I just don’t like any of the characters. Especially the main character. I thought it was a woman stuck in a loveless marriage that finds love from her sexy neighbor but… the neighbor turned out to also be married and the poor husband has only been acting weird for about three months and the wife is already sleeping with the neighbor.

How do you all feel about unfaithful characters in romances? Can they be done well or just a no go for you?


Most of the time it’s a no go for me. If there are no issues with the spouse then why cheat? Did you try to work out the issues? Communicate? I understand there are many situations that makes people stay but all you’re doing is hurting the one you claimed to love forever. It’s especially hard to read when the character is unbearble.

To be honest I was apprehensive in reading Unlawful Temptations because of the infidelity content but the way you portrayed the characters made it realistic b.c and made me sympathize.


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Being unfaithful to the one you love is about the stupidest thing a person can do.

That, and then lying about it. :-).


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Oh, good question. I admit, I have a problem with it. If it’s a kiss, okay, fine. But actually cheating… I mean, people falling in love with someone else although they are in a relationship happens, but I’m not sure if I want to read their romance. And to be honest, I think it would bother me to know that my significant other had cheated on a partner before.
I don’t know, I’d have a problem with that.

But, funny that you’re asking. That new story of mine actually starts like that. :joy: My main character flees to her childhood home after finding out her bf had an affair. Yet I have her officially breaking up with him before she starts something sexual with another man (she didn’t before, out of reasons :zipper_mouth_face:).


Green bean casserole, Guacamole behind the wine glass, BBQ, and deviled eggs. It was great I made like 3 plates to take home lol


That’s the thing with this book I started. The blurb had me thinking it was a loveless marriage and a terrible husband with a wife who was lonely and miserable and then met a hunky, caring neighbor and spent most of the book fighting their connection. But no. The woman and her husband have had the perfect, happy marriage for seven years until a couple months ago when the husband just got distant. She wondered if he was unfaithful, fights her attraction to this neighbor- who is also married- and then sleeps with him like 15 chapters in.

The husband was off his game for two months and that’s all it took for her to feel she should cheat? I hate that. And the new guy is just as bad. Saying he will leave his wife for her and yada yada.

Thank you :slight_smile: It was a hurdle I knew I needed to ride delicately and show that even as shitty as Dom and Heather’s marriage is, he was still fighting for it till the end and once he finally broke, he did the right thing and asked for a divorce near immediately. If there’s one thing Dom is, aside from sexy AF, is morally guided. He always tries to do the right thing until he just can’t anymore.


I think it has to be super well done, which is why I wanted to read this book so badly because I love the author and her characters are so great usually and I thought if anyone is going to tackle an unfaithful marriage properly and make me root for it, it’s her. But, no. She made me hate the wife and new guy and feel only for the poor husband being cheated on.

Perhaps it’s a realistic take on it? Either way, I’m not enjoying it. I love me a good forbidden romance as you know and I was psyched so find a book I thought would master this situation well. Unlawful Temptations tackles it, obviously, but there’s so much more going on that you’re rooting for the marriage to end so that we can get onto more pressing matters. lol

I can’t wait to read it!


How are other people’s romance books going?

Just got done editing Uploaded Fairy, and going to expand it to Uploaded Fairy, Uploaded Elf (prequel), and Uploaded Skull-Fairy fairly soon.

I’m just needing to figure out the logistics behind how much of a major character Brittney is. She was first featured in a 500 Word prompt, though she showed up from time to time in the original novelette. So it was simple enough to graft that flash fiction onto the novella.

But I ended up with a new implication: Nadine and Brittney were somewhat close before she ran away from home, and fell off the Sky City. Brittney kind of exits the story after she failed to rescue Nadine, that allowed for the rest of the plot of Uploaded Fairy to happen.

What I’m not sure is if that’s because of my older style, of having characters be executed for crimes they didn’t commit, or if she will show up later like “Checkovs Gun.”

But she is suppose to be Nadine’s Yandere!

The original narrative before rewrite: Nadine represents Satan. Blanci, Malcolm, Slephner, and Ellen represent different 7 deadly sins. (Please bare with me, this wont be a preachy book.) Nadine, whom represents darkness in the light, is the only true prophet in a world composed of largely false promises.

Instead of showing them the way to Christianity, she introduces them to the idea that the entire structure that society is built upon is a lie, and then the only true deceiver is the large government struggling to hold on.

All this ties together into a Post War theme, about a world on the brink of a Fifth Reich, and the plucky protagonists Libertarian-Left lifestyle.

All this was prior to setting it inside of a JRPG like world.


No kidding… :triumph::roll_eyes:
I feel a burning hate for Heather right now :joy:

I think the realistic take on it is feeling bad for the husband who has been cheated on. I have three real life examples in mind right now of people I know or have heard about and in none of those do I think “oh, how great he/she found a new love and left the spouse”. What I do think is how bad I’m feeling for the now lonely partner.
I’m a firm believer of communication and I want to believe that a couple should speak about it when something is off. Not just jump into bed with the next best person and drive the dagger through the relationship’s heart.

Thank you, but it will be a bit before I’ll start uploading. I have four chapters left on Devil’s Entourage and then 40 plus epilogue for its sequel that I plan to finish before. I like to have a story completely written once before I start uploading, because I’m really unorganized and keep changing things around. :see_no_evil: