Mature Romance Discussion Thread! (part 3)


Ah, I assume you read the newest chapter uploaded a couple days ago then? lol

Absolutely. I totally agree with this! And, the thing in this book is that she did try an talk to him maybe twice and he shut her down and said he needed time to figure out what he wanted to say. Which, yes, sounds bad but still gives her no reason to assume the worst and the sink down to that level.

I don’t want to finish the book but I feel like I will just so that I know how it all ends.

Woah, what?? DE has a sequel? Awesome! And you’re going to finish writing that sequel before uploading this new book?


Yes, finally. This morning.:sweat_smile: haven’t you seen my comments yet? :scream:

Absolutely. And I think it’s his right to want to take his time figuring things out. I think everyone has these phases once in a while when they wonder if what they have is what they want, why make any rash decisions?

I always finish books. I don’t even know what would have to happen for me to drop it a couple of chapters in. :joy:

Yes, I had the whole story in my head before I started writing and it was just too long to limit it to 100,000 words give or take. But the sequel is already planned out and I hope to finish it in December.

And yes, once I’m done with it, I will continue writing the other story (title right now is My Best Frenemy), although I already have sixteen chapters done. But I don’t want to make my lovely reader wait for the sequel, she loves DE so much and it brings me great pleasure to see how much she enjoys it. Best motivation ever!! :smile:


I just did! lol I love your misery over this book! lol

Oh, I definitely want to know what your hard limit is on a book to make you stop reading lol Even if it’s poorly written will you still read?

Holy crap! How many words do you think you average a day?

Oh that’s so sweet! I bet my readers wish I could keep them as updated as you do! lol


And I love showing you how miserable I’m feeling. This is what I love about Wattpad, every time I read a normal book, I’m going crazy because I can’t let the author know what I’m thinking. It’s addicting :sweat_smile:

Yes :see_no_evil:
Honestly, bad language drives me insane. And when I, as a nonnative speaker, start feeling the desire to correct a text written by someone who should know better, it’s just sad. And poorly written stories bother me as well. But, if the story succeeds to make me care about the characters before the language or writing style starts bothering me, I’ll still finish it.

Honestly, I have no idea what has to happen and I hope I don’t find out. :sweat_smile:

Um… When I only write in the evening after work, it’s usually one chapter. My chapters usually vary between 2,000 and 4,500 words.
When I get to write all day, I sometimes finish 2-3 chapters :see_no_evil:

Yes, we do. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But honestly, I am lucky to have a job that allows me to write in the office. I’ll be all alone there for the next 6 weeks and we barely have anything to do, so I’m just sitting around to simply be there in case something does happen.
And my bf is very supporting and forgives me for being absent in the evenings. At least so far :see_no_evil:


Oh my… A friend just inspired such an amazing story!!! Uaaaah, it needs to get out!!! :weary::weary::weary::weary::weary::weary:


I generally mark writers who comment on works before the writing is finished off my to-read list. I also mark writers who go to that writer’s defense off my to-read list.

We’re all adults here, we don’t need to be using non-competitive business practices to give ourselves an artificial leg up, because we can’t compete with a work once its finished.

This is what Crony Capitalism does, it relies on a state to give it a leg up, because it simply cannot compete in a free market on its own.

That practice is just … sleazy. I think I’ll move my work here.


What? Half the fun of Wattpad is that you can comment on other authors work. And why should a writer coming to the defense of a writer upset you so much that you won’t ever consider reading their work? That seems mighty unfair. Writers have to stick together and stand up for each other.

Writers should be able to comment on any work that is up and available for review on here. If you don’t want them commenting before it is finished, then simply don’t post your work until that point.


Oh, wow I would LOVE TO HAVE THAT MUCH TIME TO WRITE. lol When I first started writing, I was a nanny and had an hour and a half each day during his nap to write and it helped me get BCC written in just under 5 months! I really miss that time.

Those six weeks alone are going to be like paradise. lol

Another new story? Oh boy!! lol


YES!!! God, I can’t wait for Wednesday to be over so I can finally get back to writing again. :weary:

I can’t help it. She told me a story and my head kept screaming at me that this would be such a great way to meet a love interest and now I just HAVE to do it!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:
I mean, I only have like ten story ideas saved up that I still want to write, so what’s the big deal? :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming::joy:


I wouldn’t if there was still private books.

So I take it’s right for them to find a writer that sticks up for their defense, but it’s apparently not right if I do the exact same thing?

I’m talking about people who ganged up on me. If it’s fine for them to team up, it’s fine for me to also team up with people in my defense.


Writing has been going surprisingly well for me given I haven’t been very inspired lately. As for how I feel about characters who cheat, I can’t stand them. Cheating on a loved one is straight up betrayal. I can’t stand characters who betray another like that, they’re horrible.


I have a NaNo novel I am tragically behind on, research papers and lab reports to write, and an exam to study for.

And yet all my brain does is KEEP SPAWNING NEW LESBIAN STORIES.


What’s Wednesday? The end of exams?

Ooooo I can’t wait to hear this new idea! :slight_smile: And trust me, I know the struggle lol Why do you think I want to get SD done so quickly? These other ideas have been hounding my brain for two years now! lol


I don’t think I quite understand what you’re saying now.

Is it okay to gang up on people? No. Not at all. But that wasn’t the situation originally provided.

Lets all just get along and be kind to one another, yeah?


Yay! I’m glad writing is going well :slight_smile:

As for the cheating, I think there are ways and situations that it can be almost justified but it has to be very very well written as do the characters.

This book that I’m reading has terrible characters that I am rooting against though lol


Wait, so you’re against people interacting with your novel before it’s complete? Then why post it before it’s complete at all? I’m a little confused about what exactly you are saying here.

I know I love when people comment on my work. It’s motivation to keep writing!


Due to my whole computer explosion, I can’t even hope to catch up on NaNo. lol I will continue writing to see how far I can get but I’m not even at 20k yet.

How far have you gotten?


About 21k. No way am I finishing at this point. Too much academic work to do.


Exactly! In my opinion, it’s one of the best features about Wattpad!

Like tons and tons of free beta readers lol


Eh, school, work, adulating, expenses. So much gets in the way.

I started so gung-ho but the Universe was so not on my side. lol 21k is still great and there are still days left to at least reach the half way mark! That’s all I’m aiming for at this point now.