Mature Romance Discussion Thread! (part 3)


Yup! Like as long as someone who is critiquing my work also says at least one thing they like and isn’t just 100 comments of grammar correction, I’m all for it it!


Yes! I do get annoyed at those and usually let them know that this isn’t the final, edited version and to avoid commenting on any random grammar mistakes and I’ve only had one or two people still be assholes about it. For the most part, I love the people who comment and find most of the tiny plot holes or character discrepancies through them!


Oh yeah, I’m sure some people can do it well. I am just not a fan of it. What book are you reading?


It’s called Slip of the Tongue by Jessica Hawkins.


Tomorrow is the first exam (AND I’M TOTALLY FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW!!!:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:) and Wednesday the last two. Then it’s all over…

I can only support your decision to get SD over with quickly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, it’s probably going to be a little more erotica than what I usually do. But I can’t wait for it. Although I still have the DE sequel first, then the equestrian thing second, then the new one, then I have an idea for a spin-off for DE, then I have a story about a stripper in mind, another one about… And so on :joy::woman_facepalming:


That is if you have any readers at all. How do you people do that? :weary: Am I just too stupid to advertise or do my stories suck so badly? Or do I maybe not even want to know in case it’s the second? :see_no_evil: (LICM doesn’t count, that story can go right into the garbage)


Oh god I feel this so much DX



Holy crap, girl! That’s a lot! lol But as for more erotica… I am so on board for that :wink: lol

I’m confused. What do you mean?


How all of you get so many readers? Am I doing something wrong? :see_no_evil:

And thank you. I can’t sleep. :tired_face::nauseated_face:


No, you’re not doing anything wrong! To get readers you either have to have a super cliche book or be super active on the threads as well as find ways to advertise such as book clubs or contests or things like that. Getting recognized on Wattpad is like a part time job. lol


it sure sounds like a lot of work but the recognition will be worth it.


Just logged into the forum in a while to see all those messages on the thread :rofl:
I lived in Tokyo but I have traveled a around a liiiitle bit when I could take some time off work.
I loooove Miyajima and Shikoku :heart_eyes:
Where do you live?


Mmm, actually I am pretty bad with cheating characters and tend to avoid stories based on those.

It is a bit hard to explain why, maybe because I need to really be into the main characters to enjoy a read, and me being honest to a fault, that type of personality turns me off somehow :sweat_smile:

Also I guess, because I feel that when one or two of the lead characters are cheating, the story revolves mainly around the cheating and guilt which can be a tad too repetitive…

This is just my opinion though!


I don’t believe there’s one personality for all cheaters. lol All circumstances are different, all people are different, and the choices they make that lead them to their unfaithful decisions are usually different. I’ve seen unfaithfulness done well once or twice but the other relationship was already on its way out or was abusive or something along those lines.

I think what I don’t like about this current book is that the cheating is not justified in anyway. The MC is just a bad wife and I don’t like where it’s gone.

Yes, I do agree with this. I myself get bored if a book only really revolves around one conflict and many unfaithful marriage stories might fall into this. Another reason why I think if the cheating is ‘justified’ on a relationship that is on its way out or abusive, etc than I can get much more on board because then the story is usually about more than just the unfaithfulness.


Ahahah I get it, I’m barely on this side of WP – not enough time!!!
I live in Kyushu! It’s really a beautiful and inspirational place. I love going to Tokyo for fun, but after 2 years there, I was beat. Kyushu lifestyle suits me better :wink:


Exams over! Now I’m in desperate need of some cheering up. Anyone want to volunteer? :tired_face:


Here you go =)


I’m game! What do you want? Gifs? Memes? Hot guys? All three? lol


All three sounds good :grin:


And I’ve lost my confidence with my story as well. Now I’m going into this horrible state of mind where I think “this is bad” and “people don’t like that”, so I start changing it and lose the feeling for the characters and the motivation to write at all :tired_face: