Mature Romance Discussion Thread! (part 3)


This is so cute!!! :heart:


No, No, noooooo.You’re a good writer and you have wonderful ideas! People do want to read your work, I promise! Every writer goes through slumps like this but we have to push through. Please dont give up on your story and please dont change a bunch of things in the state of uncertainty. lol


Please don’t stop writing lol



Thank you. I’m just stuck rn. I don’t know, I’m always worrying about others too much. I know, everyone says to write for yourself first and when I started, I did. But I was so stupid to ask my reader on her opinion whether my main character was too strong. As in if it’s believable she’s still able to function after the shit I’ve thrown at her (and am going to in the future). And although she was very pleased with her, she said she found the male lead a little weird. Kind of short-lived thinking when it comes to his decisions and opinions. It wasn’t even something that bothered her.

He’s a typical male, acting all primate protective unable to see past tomorrow morning. Pretty much like majority of men in love

That’s all. But of course, since I’m such an idiotic person, all alarm clocks went off in my head and started screaming at me that I need him to have a better background story and that I should focus on his character development more and so on. :roll_eyes:

and then there was the discussion on here about cheating men and I realized, that he’s a freaking cheater as well! So I spontaneously changed my flashback chapters to make him a single in the past and not have him cheating (we’re talking about three kisses in a span of 8 months and him breaking up with his girlfriend after the third because he realizes he can’t stick to his intentions of NOT falling for another girl.) But after this discussion on here I thought that it freaking sucks and that both of them would be completely unlikable when them falling in love was at the same time he was in a relationship with someone else. And it doesn’t really fit her personality either, at least that’s what I told myself. But I guess she would be a person to do that. I don’t know. I feel like I don’t know my characters at all anymore.

And now I keep thinking about those ideas I had for their future story and start believing that they don’t make sense, are too predictable, make her seem unhumanely strong and what not.:weary:

I’m sorry for rambling, but it needed to get out. I HATE MY F*CKING BRAIN!!!:triumph:


I won’t, I promise. I just need to overcome my insecurities and chill for a second. :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:


YES!!! :grin::grin::grin:


How can this day possibly get any worse? My birthday is on Friday and my fiance and I both have the day off and wanted to go swimming and to a spa and now my boss called to tell me I’d have to work because he has to go to a funeral on Friday. I think I’ll go to bed and cry now. Goodbye you fucked up day from hell!!


Nooooooooo! But it’s your birthday! You have to have the day off! That’s not fair! Just call in sick or personal or something. Please. You deserve to have your birthday off. Tell your boss to suck it!

Also, I have many thoughts on the post you made about your books and cheating characters but I’m rushing to write this as is and will go back and respond once I’m back home. Just so that you know I’m not passing over it lol


I’m already feeling awful for not saying I’d come right away. A close relative of his committed suicide and we’re only two in the office. So I either come or the office needs to be closed completely.
Now all I can do is hope we can close it, but I don’t want to leave him hanging. It’s already a fucked up situation to be in.

And my exams went miserable as well. “Fucking shit” is what sums up this day perfectly!

Also, don’t rush, it’s fine. :kissing_heart:


What?! Noooooo. You studied so hard! Are you sure they went poorly?

And I will keep my fingers crossed that you guys can just close up shop on your birthday so that you can have the day all to yourself. Birthdays spent at work are no way to spend a birthday lol


I mean, character development is never a bad thing but maybe if its tripping you up so much right now, save it for when you go back and edit?

Having a character who cheats or has flaws isn’t a bad thing! I’ve done it for BCC AND UT and SD. My readers haven’t left me still. lol There’s a proper way to do everything and you can’t change your whole story around just to please a few people who may have problems with it. There’s always going to be people who have issues with anything you write but you need to do right by you and your characters.

This sounds just fine to me and as a reader I wouldn’t be upset with these circumstances at all.

You need to learn to trust yourself as a writer and trust your decisions and characters because you DO know them better than anyone else and you shouldn’t change them around just because you’re afraid of scaring off a few readers. Write for you, not for them. :slight_smile:


Thank you, we do close today :slight_smile:


Ugh I know! Honestly, it didn’t go well. I’ll be happy if I pass with 50% :see_no_evil:
But it wasn’t just me, everyone who did the early test with me is furious. So at least I’m not alone in my misery. :sweat_smile:


All I can say about everything you wrote is, you’re right. I know you’re right. The only thing that’s really stopping me is me :roll_eyes:

Oooooh I’ve seen such a perfect picture for it lately. I’ll try to find it



When will you find out your grade?


That picture is so priceless! :joy::joy:


We can check them online in three to four weeks. Way too long for my nerves :tired_face:

I’m off to bed now, good night :slight_smile:


THATS SO LONG. Id pull my hair out in nerves! lol