Mature Romance Discussion Thread! (part 3)


I’m wishing you a great weekend. I hope you’re all happy!! :confetti_ball:


Well, yesterday was an interesting day on Wattpad. lol Looking forward to getting back to normal, mundane correspondence today! lol

I’m going to try and get some writing done for this chapter that is action packed and not too well thought out in my mind as for the middle. I know exactly what I want for the ending but the middle part is what is tripping me up.

Anyone else ever have this issue?


I’ve had that issue with a lot of books. For the project I’m supposed to work on, though, I have the reverse… problem? I have no idea how this book is going to end.

Likewise I have no idea what will happen in this novella after MC fails to revive one of her love-interest’s wives. Lots of sex, probably.


I couldn’t do this. lol I’m a big planner. Chapter by chapter kind of planner, small moments; things like that. I have to know how I’m going to end my book or else I think I’d lose interest halfway through lol

This is always a good solution to most things in life and novels. lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You changed your picture! I didn’t recognise you :sweat_smile:

I usually never know how my chapters end. I have an idea what I want to show or say with it, as in how I want it to move the story along. Sometimes I have specific situations planned out, but I barely end up where I wanted to in the beginning. :joy:

I can do both. For Devil’s Entourage, I had the entire story in my head before I started writing. Now with the sequel I have every chapter planned out as well.
But I also sometimes just write and see where it goes.

No, then it’s like reading a story for me. I get addicted and continue writing because I want to know what’s going to happen to my characters!! :grin:


hiya- I’m new to this thread, nice to meet y’all


Hey, welcome :slight_smile:
It’s been a little quiet here lately, but I’m sure it’ll get better soon.

Are you a writer as well? If so, what kind of stories do you write?


I joined wattpad so long ago it’s quite a range, back in my naive younger (somehow more successful) days here it was fan fiction, anime and starters fan fiction at that.
I took some time away but now I’m back- I’ve only got one completed story so far, a messy little coming of age sequence short story but that’s not really where my interest lies.
I like writing about darker stuff- sex work and gangs mostly but I don’t want to fall too far into wattled cliche’s but god damn it I do love them.
right now I’m working on probably the most “mature” story I’ve ever tried my hand at, essentially about an escort getting a little too caught up in the new world of debauchery opened up by joining a “more exclusive” agency.
what about you?


I feel like fan fiction is pretty popular on here, but it’s never really been my genre. I’ve read the published after books though, but I didn’t really know they were fan fiction. I think you don’t really notice with those, especially when the male’s name isn’t Harry anymore.:sweat_smile:

What you’re writing now sounds interesting. Is that a cliche on here? I didn’t know…

I’m writing mature stuff. My first two stories are a bit darker with one character suffering from BPD and the other book being about rape, abuse and drugs (although that’s mostly in the background, the main topic is just romance :wink: )
But I’ve started writing another story two months ago or so without such dark topics and I have another one in the line which is also not as mentally exhausting. But it’s all romance, I’m in love with love :smiley:


I did change my profile pic! lol The blonde wig is gone in place of actual hair now lol

I TOTALLY do this. In my super vague beginning outlines, you’ll see just random situations scattered across the page of things I want to happen between my characters. They usually aren’t even big moments either! Just small things Ive envisioned for them in my head and want to see put out on page that usually just helps with character development more than anything.

That’s a fun way to look at it! For me, I guess with being on this site it’s become about knowing whats coming up in the story and being so excited to get it out to my readers. lol

I guess for normal publication that incentive won’t work as well! lol


Hey there and welcome to the thread! I love your username so much lol Truly, the embodiment of my personality most days lol

Oh, you’ll mesh in nicely here. lol We all write twisted, dark romances that put our characters and readers through absolute hell before giving them their HEA lol I’m currently writing about sex-trafficking if that gives you any notion of the group of writers we are! We do not shy away from the brutality of reality.

This seems to be a common theme with writers who come back to Wattpad after a while of being away. The site is just so huge now and getting noticed is a bit more difficult and takes a lot of work. Plus, fan-fiction like @ZeenaBecks mentioned is hugely popular. I mean, take the After series as a perfect example. lol


It’s crazy how much wattpad’s grown as a platform over the last few years :joy:
Have y’all got any advice for a fledgling mature author- I still feel like i’m struggling to find my footing


You mean as far as recognition or the writing itself? We’ve got lots of advice on both! lol


What are the problems you’re having?


So true!! I need to quote a comment I got on my last chapter, it amused me endlessly! (I’m just as mean as you are! :stuck_out_tongue: )

now I’m seriously dreading what’s coming next. She must not hurt anymore, meaning I’ll die being heartbroken for her.

And the reaction in my head was “If you only knew… :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::joy::joy::joy:
This is so much fun!!

But seriously, I think sometimes you just have to drag your characters through hell and back to show them how strong they really are. What doesn’t kill them, makes them stronger :wink:


recognition and writing! every so often I second guess what I have published and take it down for revisions and editing, not that anyone’s reading it but I’m somewhat of a perfectionist aha.
writing wise sometimes I struggle around word choice- I want my sexier scenes to actually be sexy- not just a cringe fest.


Well to write good sex scenes, you’ve got to read both good ones and bad ones. So you can know which is which.

I’m also a perfctionist and a very slow writer. I can’t move on from a paragraph if it doesn’t sound right to me.


I like it, you look pretty :slight_smile:

Yes, yes, yes!! I always picture the scene I want in my head before or I do something in real life and suddenly, I will stop and think “Aww, what if character x and y did this now? How would they react?” and then I start believing it might just be the sweetest or funniest thing and just have to write it in.
It’s like my mind is in the story 24/7, I just can’t let go… :sweat_smile:

Which one? Yours or mine?
You know, I wrote Lost In C Minor like that (open end) and Devil’s Entourage was planned through. I guess the success of them both speaks for itself. :sweat_smile: (success compared to each other, not compared to actually successful stories!!)


I feel like you’re speaking about me :joy::joy::joy:


I think she talking about a lot of us.