Mature Romance Discussion Thread! (part 3)


Where are you all? This thread is so dead lately… :sweat_smile:


Hello, I am here XD


How are you doing?


I’m alright. Just hanging out on the forums while waiting for a frozen pizza to cook. Ended up not meeting my NaNoWriMo goal and practically gave up halfway through but I tried and managed to get enough material to post regularly for a few weeks. So at least there’s that.


Ah, one of the biggest writing dilemmas. What I’ve learned is that you have to refrain from constantly editing as you’re going and second guessing yourself or else you won’t get anything done. If you really feel like you want to constantly rewrite- you’ll never finish anything because you’ll always be perfecting that one story and honestly, from one writer to another, it will never feel like its perfect.

Get some honest critiques from people on here found in the Improve your writing section on here if you really feel like its not good enough and want honest feedback. :slight_smile:

Whenever you’re writing a sex scene, you can base how it’s reading by how you’re feeling while you’re writing it. If you’re thinking too much and being too technical, the readers will feel that stiffness when reading. If you’re uncomfortable while writing, the readers will be too. If you’re turned on while writing, the readers will feel that, too.

Reading steamy scenes, seeing what works, what doesn’t, what makes you hot, what makes you cringe is the best you can do to find your way to writing a successful sex scene yourself.

But bottom line, if you’re feeling it, the readers will too :wink:


This is exactly how I feel when writing Seducing Danger :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

ESPECIALLY, when you’re commenting lol

This. This is so so true.


Thank you :slight_smile:

You so understand it. lol This is my brain CONSTANTLY. LOL

I was referring to mine but honestly it applies to anyone who plans to publish after getting used to the process of writing on Wattpad.

I cannot suggest planning enough. It helps so much avoid plot holes and realize if your idea has anywhere to go and can actually be written out to fruition. We as writers often have ideas pop up in our heads but it is rare that those ideas alone can morph into a whole, successful, compelling read.


I’m sorry! I was running errands all day, I’m back now! Until my Christmas party later on lol


Sounds like an achievement after all. I didn’t even try NaNoWriMo. My original plan was to do one on my own in December instead. But plans change… :sweat_smile:


Commenting brings me great pleasure as well, I’ve always been one of those people who love giving more than receiving. :joy: I’m the worst gift-giver in the world, because I can’t keep it a secret for much more than a day until I burst, because I’m always so excited to see the reaction of the receiving person.
And that’s what it’s like with the comments, I always feel like I want to give something back to the writer and let them in on my thoughts and reactions and hopefully make them happy that their story gets to me.
And you’re at least answering, I love the exchange!

I’m glad I’m not the only one :joy: I’m worried my bf is going to send me to a mental ward one day because I’m just “in my head” all the time. :see_no_evil:

Why don’t you think yours would work? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with planning out a story, on Wattpad or “in the real world”.
But I guess it is different, that’s true. A friend of mine read DE yesterday and said it was a little too dramatic at times (for her taste), but that she believes it comes with the genre. I think it mostly comes with this site, I feel like everything needs to be dramatic on here.
Although I didn’t mean to create drama to please any readers on here, I’m just a drama queen myself. I suppose that’s why I tend to get a little over my head sometimes. But that problem can be solved later…

I still know of a few in DE and a few other things that don’t really make sense, but I try not to worry about it for now. I just keep telling myself that at least three people liked my story so far, so it can’t be too bad. :sweat_smile:
Otherwise, I’d panic, take down the entire story and probably go insane while editing it to perfection (which obviously doesn’t exist). I guess writing a story you, as the writer, consider perfect is like trying to invent the perpetuum mobile.
My physics teacher once said to us that believing one has built a perpetuum mobile is a sure sign that person has gone insane.
And I’m starting to believe it’s the same with writing a story, it will never be perfect in the eyes of the writer.

I’m completely getting off the subject…:joy:
See, that’s what happens every time I actually write a story, my head is just all over the place.
I start with the plan to write a conversation about bees and end up with my characters going to a yoga class instead. :joy::see_no_evil:

What I actually wanted to write was that I’ll publish my last chapter of DE on Friday and that I have another “chapter” coming after with plot holes I have found myself already to ask the few readers I have if they know of anything else that needs to be straightened out.

Jesus, one sentence! I’m writing a freaking essay to say one simple sentence! :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:

It sucks to be in a different time zone, I always miss everyone on here… How was the Christmas party?


pleeeease don’t stop! your stories and characters are wonderful. I’m like millions of light-years behind all the amazing stuff you and everyone else has been updating, but I WILL make good use of the Christmas break to send you much deserved love.


Thank you! Don’t worry, I’m out of that hole by now. I had a terrible week last week, but I’m a lot better. Went to a spa on Friday, got a massage and a sweet birthday party in the evening and now I’m all good again. Just completely stressed out by work…

So don’t worry, I’m behind on every story I’m reading as well. The only one I’m up to date on is @LittleMinx94’s SD, but only because her updates fit into my schedule perfectly. :joy:

I can’t wait for the weekend!!! And I’m looking forward to welcome you back on my story around Christmas! :heart:


Yeah, overall I would call it a success. It was good that I tried it even if I didn’t end up succeeding at it.


I DO THE SAME THING. Twins. We’re twins. lol I’m more convinced each time we talk on here :joy:

I love talking back with my readers because honestly, I would be nowhere without them and I know it. Plus, the exchange being able to talk about these characters I created and adore with people who adore them just as much is the coolest thing ever for a writer lol

Your comments are so hilarious and I love each and every one of them! lol

No, I just meant that my motivation for writing has become ‘I can’t wait to see the readers reactions to this chapter’ and I will have to manage a whole book just thinking ‘I can’t wait to see their reactions to the book’. So, it will be less continuous breaks of motivation and just one giant hope and prayer that everyone likes what I put out as a whole lol I hope that makes any sense lol

She means dramatic with the genre of romance? Well, yeah. Romance tends to be a pretty dramatic thing! lol Reading about a perfectly happy couple for 40 chapters just isn’t as appealing as a couple riddled with tension and drama on their way to their happy ending lol

I’ve never heard of this. What is it?

And yes, even with planning plot holes and inconsistencies exist for sure! They are unavoidable. I have them in both BCC and UT and now SD as well lol BUT, they are few and far between to what pantsing novels usually hold.

So So So true. We will ALWAYS want to go back and edit something, even after publication. lol

The party was super fun! They gave us two drink tickets per person but never collected them and just kept giving out drinks non-stop so it was a great night! lol


THIS IS CRAZY!! I think I have found my soulmate! :joy::heart:

See, that’s what I love about you! There are so many successful writers on here who don’t, although I don’t know how many comments they get in a day. Still, I think taking some time to communicate with the readers makes a writer much more likeable.
And this whole exchange is why I love Wattpad so much! I can’t even read a normal book anymore and the thought of publishing an actual book and not knowing how the readers react and feel in the moment they do is so sad. I like to see it as doing theatre or movies, although you’re probably a better judge :wink:

I’m already writing like that. I usually finish the entire book before uploading, but it’s always exciting to publish a new chapter and wait for the reactions. Just imagine you could only read a comment or critic of the entire book, not these little details you put so much thought in!

I don’t think I’m a very funny person, I completely suck at telling jokes and I’m certainly not witty, so I’m always a little scared when I’m trying to write some funnier parts. So to me, it’s always a relief when someone comments on those parts, saying that they find it funny. The thought of not having those moments appreciated is weird…

And I have to admit that I completely fall into the type of reader who gets caught by that. I finished the whole After series in one week only for a reason… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

it’s a machine that’s supposed to run eternally without a source of energy. Basically by creating the energy by its own motion, if I remember correctly. But it’s supposed to be impossible to build such a thing and apparently, many have gone mad trying…

I didn’t find any yet… :sweat_smile:

I think you said to me once that you’re already feeling bad for the poor future publisher of our books. Still true… :joy:

Perfectly organised, what a luck. I’m glad you had fun!


It’s truuuuuuuuuuuue love. Truuuuuuuuuuue love. :joy:

Stawwwwp. You making me blush :blush: lol

Oh my goodness, yes. THIS. Lol

What? You’re hilarious! I always am left in stitches when I’m done reading your comments! lol Or even things you post on here. You’re very funny and I’m sure that translates over well to your work, I don’t remember LICM having much comedy in it or else I would tell you how funny it was XD

[quote=“ZeenaBecks, post:4250, topic:2363”]!

I’ve never heard of this. What is it?

it’s a machine that’s supposed to run eternally without a source of energy. Basically by creating the energy by its own motion, if I remember correctly. But it’s supposed to be impossible to build such a thing and apparently, many have gone mad trying…
I learned something new today! lol That’s quite a fascinating concept, though!

Oh trust me, they’re there. In troves. lol

Still very very true! Poor bastards! lol


Nothing else would break my heart like truuuuuueeeee love… :joy: (I’m a little obsessed with Pink at the moment)

You’re pretty and nice and talented and creative and beautiful and funny and my truuuuuuueeeeee love… :joy::joy::joy: (I’m so sorry, I’m in way too good of a mood right now)

Because there wasn’t. I never trust my humour, so I usually don’t dare to try and be funny. I think it comes easier with other stories I write, less dramatic ones. Humour didn’t go well with LICM :see_no_evil:

Always a pleasure, I’m such a smart girl! (Actually, my physics teacher made me promise him that I never, ever, EVER even think the word “physics” again if he lets me pass :joy: )


MY POOR HEART CANNOT TAKE ALL THIS LOVE! Jk, yes it can. I adore you and am sending all right back your way! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:

I didn’t think it did which is why I was assuming I didn’t remember any comedy in it! lol Does DE have any in it? That also reminds me I have to get back to that book sometime soon lol November was just so crazy with NaNo and the computer debacle that I didn’t get ANY reading done. December is proving to be not much better so far.

That next chapter of SD is still unfinished and I just can’t seem to find time to do it! :sweat:

Physics sounds like a monster of a class and I would certainly fail lol You’re totally going to pass though! You’re a genius!


Caaaaan you feeeel the looooooove toniiiiiiiight :heart::joy:

Not intentionally, I think. But I’m never trying to be funny on intention :joy:

Yes, please! (am I allowed to say that? :thinking: )
But I understand it, I haven’t read in so long. Whenever I do find some time, I’m mostly writing myself. And whenever I’m “in a flow” I don’t like to distract myself with other stories and characters. But I uploaded the last chapter and set it to COMPLETED a few minutes ago!! :tada::confetti_ball:

That was in 2010 :joy: I don’t have anything to do with science anymore, luckily! :sweat_smile:
But I did pass, with what would be a “D” I think (our grades are 1 to 6, 1 is the best. I had a 4 :see_no_evil: )
It’s our schoolsystem again… In year 1 to 10 of school, we have all subjects (German, English, math, 2nd foreign language, biology, physics, chemistry, geography, politics, history, religion, music, arts and physical education). You’re allowed to have one “5” on your report card when you have two, you need to repeat the class.
In our last two years, we can pick five subjects as our examination subjects. The top three have to be put together from different branches. We have languages, science, music & arts and social science. The grades of these three subjects count twice as much and you’ll write a 6-hour exam at the end of 12th grade.
The fourth subject has a 4-hour exam and the fifth is an oral test.
The first three subjects cover three different branches, the fourth subject needs to be out of the remaining branch and then fifth subject can be picked from either.
Besides those six examination subjects, you will always have English, German, history, politics and math and depending on your main branch (subject 1) another subject out of it. (I had music, German, biology, religion and English, so my additional subjects were history, politics, math and arts, arts being the one from my branch).

Soooo, basically what happened to me in tenth grade was that I already had a 5 in geography and should have gotten one in physics as well, which would have meant that I had had to repeat that school year. But my physics teacher thought it was pretty mean to be forced to another year of school because of such irrelevant subjects that I don’t have to take anymore (his words) and made me promise to never do anything related to physics again if he gave me some extra points and turned my 5 into a 4. :joy:


This is my first post in this thread! I have a question!

What makes you guys prefer writing/reading mature rated books rather than ones that aren’t? I’m curious as its not something I think I’d be able to do well! I also haven’t read many so consider this my introduction!