Mature Romance Discussion Thread! (part 3)


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Mature in what regards? A book is considered mature for a lot of reasons.


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I mean like mature romance, as opposed to like language and violence and stuff.


Ah so sex. Okay. Well, for me I read both. I prefer mature because I mean a really well written sex scene is hot and can really add to the love between the characters in love. I don’t like being teased, so don’t build up all this sexual tension and then fade to black. For that keep the romance innocent.

A lot of romances that aren’t mature rated with have all that frustrating build up. Then no release. Frankly, that ticks me off lol. Like I said keep it innocent if that’s the case and as a writer you don’t want to journey into the mature side.

That being said a poorly written sex scene can be a total turn off.


Ah I’ve got you. I know what you mean about the poorly written ones. I read one for a book club once and it was hilarious haha just full of things that people just don’t say


Yeah if you get too flowery with the language that can be weird. Lol!

Especially if you aren’t reading a period piece.

Used well the scene can really enhance the romance.

For example.

In Fierce Protection you get sex the very first chapter. Now, I was able to do that because one, It’s a spin off. Alex and Mercy are married and have been together over 10 years. So the sex show that even though these two people have been together ages, they have children. The love and fire they have for each other is still there. Otherwise I really frown upon detailed sex in the first chapter of a book. I like some build up especially if the relationship is new.


I see, I guess its a fine line between enhancing the romance, and then just having sex for sex’s sake if you know what I mean. I’ve found that sometimes it seems to be just thrown in. Maybe I just haven’t found the right ones


Oh yeah that is definitely part of it. If you want to check out what I’m talking about it’s posted its the very first chapter. My chapters aren’t too long. I don’t feel like it comes of as sex just for sex but then again it might to other people. In the main story though because it’s 45 chapters the sex scenes are spread out. The short spin offs are only 13 chapters.


I might do that. I’ve tried and started a few but just never found one to properly get into.


It’s about polyamory but that’s why Alex is kind of excited the first chapter of the spin off because the other husbands have been gone away for work. So he gets the wife all to himself. Lol!


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This. This is why I almost only read mature romances that I know will deliver. There are exceptions of course but I’m a grown ass woman and if I’ve been through this couples journey- their meeting, courting, fighting, falling in love, building tension- I want to be there for the pinnacle moment of this all. To cut the reader short right when the release of tension is being released and their love turns physical is a severe let down for me as a reader.

I want to experience all of this couples journey and that includes their sex. @StuartCampbell5


That makes sense! Sometimes the imagination just isn’t enough!


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And I only described one of our… um… five school systems? :thinking:

No one really does! :joy: But you would have graduated for sure, I did as well. And I never studied for only one test throughout my entire twelve years of school :joy: (although that resulted in pretty average grades, so I wouldn’t recommend it :sweat_smile:)


What do I see here? The other husbands are away? :heart_eyes:


That’s lovely - reminds of back home on Lake Erie. Makes me homesick.


They are all away on work. They come back for like 2.5 chapters. The other 10 chapter are just Mercy, Alex and the kids, Even though they do talk on the phone with Alex. Oh and April makes an appearance.

Oh and you will like that it’s narrated by Alex too.

The plan is to give each husband some alone time during their books with Mercy. Some of the next book Fierce Jealousy is already written and Aiden is alone with Mercy and the kids at the beginning.

Oh! and if you check back in the main novel the bonus chapter is how Alex Proposes marriage to Mercy since I never went into detail on that.


Will people be willing to read a romance if there is a couple of chapters of the plot moving before the romance starts?