Mature Romance Discussion Thread! (part 3)


Puerto Ricans has pasteles. They take a crew to make and days of work. So we typically only make them for the holidays. Restaurants will carry them all year round but as a family homemade. We usually only make them for Thanksgiving or Christmas.


Eh, I think I am on the prettier side than that. :slight_smile: My style is not really modern. But, it matches the rest of the story, so it’s not like lovemaking suddenly shifts to something very different from warscenes, etc.


As long as it matches, it should be fine. There’s nothing weirder than reading a contemporary story and all the sudden you’re reading a love scene from Victorian England.


Well, I will give it a shot. If it is cringeworthy when I get to editing the story, I will just keep it in my google docs. :slight_smile:


Mmm. I could write like that all day.

It’s like, when I have to get my story from Crisis to Conflict to Climax, how shall I motivate the characters?
Should I use fear? Hate or Envy or Anger, or some other Deadly Sin?

Or perhaps, shall I use Love?

Sex wins almost every time. :slight_smile:


I agree when in doubt let them screw lol.

Alex’s spinoff had a foursome with Mercy and the three husbands where I finally explored what we all think would happen in group sex with one women and that is DP.

I was worried cause that can get raunchy really easily but so far the feedback I’ve gotten is that it was well written. So hopefully that’s true.

I’m still writing Aiden’s spinoff but this one may not have group sex if it does it will probably only be Aiden and Henry involved. I’ll see how it fits into the plot.

I tend to give the individual husband a lot of alone time with Mercy in their spinoffs mainly cause I have readers that like a certain husband more for whatever reason lol.


If I remember correctly: yes.
Enough said :joy:

Alex, Alex, Alex!!! Aiden is fine, but I don’t like Henry. But it’s Alex, and she loves Alex most of all and he’s her favourite husband and don’t you dare to tell me otherwise!! :triumph::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think you’re referring to end of Our Love but I was glad that one is okay too. I’m referring to one that starts in the chapter of Fierce Protection called ‘The More the Merrier’ and continues intonthe chapter ‘You’re Gonna be Sore in the Morning’ lol!

I think you read before the rewrite. Most everyone who have read since the rewite have Henry as favorite lol. I was surprised. Maybe cause I added more about their interaction and since I switches to 3rd person I was able to add perspective at times for each of the guys. Henry feels about Mercy how she felt about Alex in the beginning of the books. He has basically had a crush on her since they were teenagers. He kind of fangirls over her which is cute.

It was fun to go back and add perspective for the guys when I did the rewrite. Especially for Alex during some situations in part one. Alex is my male alter ego so it’s so easy to get in his head.


Now I don’t want to read the rewrite. Please don’t take my love for Alex away from me, just reading what you wrote now breaks my heart :sob::broken_heart:


I’m getting started. 8 pounds of kale about to be prepared for the feast :grin::drooling_face:


Lol! I think for you you’d still like Alex best cause he was first. He continues to be amazing through the rewrite. Especially because I got to let him have his commentary. You’ll be pleased when you read Fierce Protection.


You know me well! :grin:
I’m always team “I was with her/him first” :joy: Which now that I’m writing “her/him” reminds me that I don’t think I ever read about a love triangle where a man had to decide between two women… :thinking:
Once I have some time to read, I will give the rewrite a chance as well. :slight_smile:


I just found old books of mine on an old computer, I feel like I just found a hidden treasure! And it was pretty disturbing to see what I wrote at that young age (13 - 18) :joy:


Lol I just found a fanfic I started writing when I was into ESO.




Elder Scrolls Online.


Oh boy! lol Any of it good???


No! :joy:
Just… disturbing. I was a very… sad teenager as it seems… :joy::joy::joy:


Oh one thing was actually cute! Not a book, but under the same file I had saved a mail conversation I had with a friend six years ago and reading all those sweet things she said about me warmed my heart a little :blush::heart:


Oh my god :joy::joy::joy: I feel like we were all sad, melodramatic teenagers :joy::joy: