Mature romance writers to be friends


I would like to find friends over the age of thirtyish that write or read mature romances. I feel old on Wattpad. I’m 42 with a teen daughter and pre-teen son. Married for almost eighteen years and the teen stuff bores me. Check out my profile for a link and DM me. I guess I’m just looking for mature friends that aren’t teenagers.

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I write mature, but I’m not sure I’ll count as I am not over thirty (two years shy from it). I get what you mean, though. I’ll read teen if it’s mostly other world fantasy, but not really interested in modern teen fiction anymore. A lot of this site is younger kids, so those seem to be predominant here.

Tagging @eliyeda as she writes in the romance/chicklit in the genre and is a parent.


30ish is fine. I just don’t get into the fangirl stuff. Not even sure what that means. Lol


I guess being like a diehard fan of a book/series/ship/character? I get excited reading good things, but not go completely gaga over things like I used to do.


I’m also very inappropriate and politically incorrect so I don’t think youngsters would like me much. Plus, I write mature content and I wouldn’t promote my stories to youngsters.


Hi! I’m Emma, I’m 42 also and I write mature romance. I totally understand you, new adult and college stuff isn’t for me either. I’ve tried to read a few stories, but I can’t relate.


Glad I’m not the only one.

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So you prefer mature romances with 30s+? I have subplots with older characters, but I’m still in 20s so I end up reading characters in mid-twenties to early 30s.


trust me, you’re not…


Yes. My characters are around 30… Right now I’m reading the story of a friend of mine, her characters are between 25 and 30… Of course, I’m not saying that new adult isn’t ok, it’s just that I am not into it this much.


I have young characters. Mostly ones that reunite later but I usually write about mid twenties up to mid thirties. I don’t want gross anyone out. Lol


my youngest character was 5 years old… :smile:


Understandable, I usually read/write in the 24-30 since that’s my age group, though my current romances also have side plot of romance with couples that’s 40-50s

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right now I have 3 couples that I am writing about: 30-35, 40-45 and 60-65…
but in my first novel, they were 30-35


I like to start out while they’re young then follow them as they get older. My historical romances force me to do young since older characters would be considered spinsters.


I wouldn’t know how to talk like a kid these days. I have no clue what they are talking about most of the time and my daughter just rolls her eyes when I ask.


sometimes I just go back in time to find some “inspiration”.
I have nieces that are 31 and 20 and a nephiew who is 11.
But I remember well the “rolling eyes”. I’ve raised my eldest niece, so I’ve experienced all the teenage moods.


My son is 12 and he’s worse than my 16-year-old daughter. She’s too mature and tries to keep me in line.


Well, I wish you luck with him… and a lot of patience.


Me too. He’s such a handful but a sweet one