Gym Mates
Three months into your new job in a new city and your fiance leaves you for another, younger woman. You try to move on and focus on becoming a successful nutritionist. Thankfully you’ve met a few good friends that work at your now go-to gym. They know the owner who is a total beef head, or is he?

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how did you share yours?


Go to the bottom of the whole page and you will see a reply button right next to a button that says flag. That’s how you can post, oh and here this might help. Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work


i don’t understand this…


What exactly are you trying to do are you trying to post an image?


i don’t understand how all this woks. the thing says share your story and that is what i’m exactly trying to do but the article you shared me is telling me something about trust so i’m very confused on how all this even works lol sorry to be such a bother.


I’m sorry I know it’s confusing. I just figured it all out myself today. So once you meet the requirements for the first trust level you can actual share a webpage link to your story so when people click on it they will be directed to your story. The post you see of mine just has a synopsis and an image I was able to edit into the post after I earned the first trust level. I have yet to post the actual link to my story.


so how do you do all the things to be able to reach the trust level?


So if you go to the community like you did to find these posts read through enough until you reach thirty, you also have to spend at least 20 minutes reading total. Make at least one post on here detailing your story or post in other groups too. If you click on your name in a forum like this you will be brought to your profile page where you can go to summary and find what requirements you have met so far. You will also receive a notification that you have earned trust level one. Basically what I did was I made the post you replied to, then I went to some other community topics read some other posts, then I came back here and read some stories.



Have you ever believed in fate so much that you made it fool you?

Elsa was hypnotized by the facade of what she thought was destined love, but when betrayal and her love for the “game” ascended everything she ever believed in started to change.

She never anticipated that one day she would be one of the most envied and successful criminals behind drugs, guns and other illegal activities. She worked along with other druglords and criminals from almost every part of the world to accomplish her mission. Her legacy as a young drugs master was amongst some of the most successful druglords who hid behind the disguise of wealthy business men and women.

From being forced to start off in the streets, she ended up becoming one of the most virtuous Drugs master. She had a taste of the game and now she wanted the entire recipe. Through her, passed some of the most dangerous and high quality drugs and guns that were worth millions of dollars.

Beauty with a gun, that’s what they call her now. She wasn’t afraid, they turned her into a heartless criminal, now she wanted it all. The Heartless bloody trails she created meant nothing to her. She killed anyone who got in the way of her getting what she wanted, no disrespect just respect. Elsa’s love for being the reigning champion had taken control and her passion for getting what she desires isn’t backing down



Thin Blue Line
Being a graduate student can be absolutely grueling. For Althea it was tough enough, even before she was held at knife point and almost assaulted three blocks from school. With her attacker still at large her friends try to help her cope, to bring some normalcy back into her life. When they put Althea into a compromising situation with a police officer and he becomes friends with her best friend’s brother, she finds herself walking a thin line between danger and blossoming love.

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Hello everyone. I am writing a new story and I would appreciate if you guys check it out! Thank you!

Title: The Only Wish


Chace Crawford: Prince Alexander Warde

Barbara Palvin: Aerin Hylle

Francisco Lachowski: Noah Caslowe

Peyton List: Ava Carter

William Moseley: Nate Davenport


“From this moment, I will stay beside you wherever you go. I will hold your hand when it gets rough. I will share the burden when it gets too heavy. I am your half, and you are mine. The only wish I have is for us to be together, as long as we can, to whatever end.”

Seventeen-year-old Aerin Hylle knew that she had to get out of the small town of Silverton, Oregon, a place where everyone knew about each other’s life in detail. Her last year of high school was packed with breakdowns, family drama, and unbearable stress, that she couldn’t wait until she goes to college and leave her home for good. But that’s until she met the biggest thorn in her life, a prideful, egotistic Prince from a foreign land who came to her town with a personal agenda. In a series of fortunate and unfortunate events, Aerin will find herself in a crossroads, where she’ll choose to move forward to a far away land, or stay behind and fulfill an important wish.


Written Into Love (Gay Mature)

Fate has landed Tristan and Erik homeless during the harsh New York City winter. Along comes Ian, a writer by profession, who decides to try and help the two young adults out. Offering them a place to stay and finds them jobs until they can get back on their feet. However, fate has other plans in store for the young couple.

Just know that there will be triggers, man x man content, potentially graphic sex, and some other mildly offensive stuff.


Hello! Check it out for my story!


Description :

“I don’t even know what love means, but you’re the one who let me know what love is. Now, you’re the one who made me realize, you’re someone who I can’t have.” - Elena Grey

“I admit, I’ve made a mistake. I know we’re not gonna fit to each other. But, once you walked into my life, I’ll never let you go, mia moglie.” - Enrico Massimo

         Elena Grey, a 30 years old woman who has no luck in love and almost lose her faith in a relationship until she meets Enrico Massimo, the man who stole her first kiss, the man who changes her life into something unexpected, the man who would give her everything, except His heart. 

Status: On going

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Kara Daniels has never spent a single summer without her beloved god brothers, Grayson and Samuel. They grew up together, their short period of time being spent drinking soda on the pier, swimming in the ocean, and living it up, together. But one summer changes it all. Their parents have decided they need a break from the kids and are giving themselves a three month vacation, leaving Kara, Jayden, Grayson,Liv, and Samuel to do whatever they want. Parties, relationships, and a whole ton of drama ensue.
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Jennie Wardson got stuck doing night shift duty at her job. Which is out in the middle of no where. She dreams of aliens, but never thought she would actually meet any or be abducted by one! Now she must come to terms with her capture, but the insanely hot warrior that took her isn’t making it easy to say no.

Prime Ignes was told he had to mate with an Earth female. Which is not what he wanted. He dreamed of having a family and to show a worthy female even a warrior had a heart. He never dreamed the sexy, curvy Earth female would ignite his claiming instincts! Now he must prove they are fated mates and earn her heart.

Can both learn to love or will an old jealous enemy tear them apart? It is a race against time for a proud male to claim his female and if he does, he wins everything, but if he loses… he has more than his life to lose!

This book is a stand alone and is a guaranteed HEA! No cliffhangers, no cheating, etc. Just a lot of steamy scenes and adult content!