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Title:Fight For Me (Complete)


You have no idea how much I need boring.

Two years after the murder of her parents Caia is finally ready to start anew. New name, new town, new school. Desperately wanting normalcy and longing to put down roots again, she’s determined to stay on the straight and narrow and avoid anything or anyone who poses a threat to her new life. And that includes steering clear of Liam ‘Beast’ Paine. The hot-tempered, adrenalin seeking mountain of muscles is precisely the kind of person she wants to avoid. Should be simple enough. And it would be if only she could keep a clear head when he kisses her.

Run my little Bambi. The beast is on the hunt.

Born with a will of steel and a silver spoon in his mouth Liam Paine is used to getting what he wants, so when he sets his sight on the shy and jumpy Caia he does what he always does: go after her with a single-minded determination and about as much finesse as a bull in a china shop. However, it soon becomes clear that the unassuming girl, who looks at him like a deer caught in headlights, has demons that need fighting. And if there’s something Liam does well, it’s fight.

I’m ready to fight for you.

But the past doesn’t always stay where we want it and Caia’s is always lurking just around the corner. Ready for the next round.


photo The Love Traingle cover_zpsmu8rwwgk.jpg

Story Link:

Amber Celest and her mother pave their way to a new beginning. Their world? It’s not what it seems… You see, there has been strange mysterious rumors spreading around about the dark forest that’s right behind her house. Rumors not to be reckoned with.

Hand in hand, romance and temptation sparks the heat in Amber’s heart. And it’s not just one, but two desirable guys. Will her mind decide to choose? Or will she have a hard time in this twisting journey?

Book 1 | Trailer Inside

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Murder, poverty, drugs, and chaos are the things The Amegeros thrive on, as the leading criminal organizations of the underworld on planet Cavara. Yet the daughter of an organization leader, Jasmine Morjika led an innocent life of books and romance stories. At first, all she ever wanted was to find love. But that changed when she met the vain, sadistic power-hungry Zane Merskia and he awakened a darkness within her that made her crave something more addictive than love or drugs - Power!

Zane came from nothing and worked his way up the ranks to become third in charge of Amegero Prilena. After recognizing the sadistic potential in, Jasmine, he teamed up with her to take out her father and take over his organization.

Now the only thing stopping them from complete control of underworld is the charming and complex Slenal Kovosov who has an agenda of his own. On course to take down this last obstacle, the crimes, bodies, and darkness multiply. Jasmine and Zane might be fallen souls, but the bond they share keeps them rising to the top, and may even help Jasmine achieve her original goal.


2018 WATTYS Long List


Thomas Sullivan had always taken Lilliana Burton for granted while they were growing up. She was a just a buddy, right? Now, she is back into his life, and he can’t seem to stop thinking about her. It is ridiculous really! No matter what his family or anyone thinks. He will not let her walk out of his life again. Consequences be damned.

Lilliana is on the cusp of a deal with a high-end jewellery brand. To achieve their dreams, she knows that there is only one person she can turn to. It seems that their paths would become irrevocably entwined. Can she risk her heart, her dreams and her everything for a man that finally wants her? When the dust settles, would their passion survive to something deeper?

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Liberating Cassie - completed
A twist of fate leads Tyler into the life of Cassie, but it is only courage from them both that will bring them together.

C: That’s cute. I’m okay, nervous about Sunday more than excited, for all I know I could be going off to meet with a serial killer who has a necklace of teeth from his victims!

T: Someone’s been watching too many horror movies. I don’t even wear a necklace, it never goes with any of my outfits, I keep mine on a keychain. Ty

C: Not reassuring at all Tyler…

T: Cassie, I had your purse I returned it with everything intact, I had your full name I haven’t googled you once, I know what you look like I haven’t been on the hunt stalking you, I’ve done nothing to not deserve your trust. We’re meeting for a chat that’s all. Just trust me. You have to take a chance, what if I’m the only one you get? Ty

C: You’re right, I’m just scared, what if he finds out? What if he comes home early and I’m not here? What if someone sees me and tells him?

T: What if you stay and he gets a bit too heavy handed? What if you die Cassie? Ty

T: Cassie?

Written Into Love (LGBT Mature)

What happens when a lonely writer saves two lonely emo boys from the harsh NYC winter. Just know that there will be triggers, man x man content, potentially graphic sex, and some other mildly offensive stuff.

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When you loose the love of your life it seems as if that’s the end of your life as well; until you find someone who has experienced the same pain, and happiness as you, you then find love again.

the story is developing i will post a chapter a day. I will also follow for follow, read for read, and comment for comment :slight_smile:

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“Since I first saw you, you have made me curious. You’re different every time I see you. You’re changeable and unpredictable. I never quite know how you’re going to react - do you have any idea how exhilarating that is? After years of cardboard copy women, to meet someone so…fresh.”

Aspiring garden designer Lola O’Connell has no idea what awaits her at Harrington House. A normal business meeting with a sickeningly wealthy business man seems likely, but what Lola finds instead is Alfie Tell - a devastatingly intimidating, overly confident hotel tycoon with a complete disregard for Lola’s boundaries.

Lola doesn’t want to be attracted to him, but she can’t deny being drawn to him. All her instincts are telling her to run, but Alfie is not willing to let her go. He wants her and nothing in this world will stop him getting her.

As they embark on an intense love affair, she discovers strength and passion she never knew she had, as well as the dark parts of Alfie that will threaten to tear them apart.

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Elaine White is an untamed spirit. There is a reason all of her relationships have failed. Life has dealt her a malicious hand, but things are finally starting to look up. If only she saw that as a good thing.

Noah Brooks has always gotten his way. His personality is uncompromising in wit and confidence. As far as everyone’s concerned, life has been unfairly kind to him.

When a chance encounter causes Elaine and Noah to collide, literally, their fiery attitudes severely clash. They are so different, yet so similar.

Noah can’t possibly get it.

Or can he?


Started in September 2018.
Cover Photography by Mario Kroes.

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<img src= />

July 13th, 2003: They came without a warning, their ever looming shadows showing us who was truly the dominant species. Twice our size with every advantage we lacked; speed, strength, technology, and an exotic beauty that was designed to lure their prey right where they wanted them. And who was their prey? Us, mankind, we were their goal and their desire. It took three days for the UN to reach a verdict. Having been confronted by the vicious beasts of another world, they made the only decision they could. It was compromised that every year, on the same day as the initial arrival, that there would be a selection. 50 men and 50 women would be selected as sacrifices to the brutes who promised us peace. It was posted in every school, store, and office around the world, the international compromise as it became famously known; “Sacrifice one hundred, for the hundred thousands”. And the selection itself adopted the title “The Reaping”. Our governments locked the truth away, wouldn’t tell us anything about the creatures except what they wanted us to know. Throughout the year, we would continue our lives as usual only vaguely reminded that we were being watched. Only 3 days out of every dreadful year, we are forced to come to terms as the selections are read and we are forced to wait for those who will surely go missing. I never thought it was possible for me to be picked with so many others in this world, and I also never expected to find comfort in the most unlikely of arms, but life has a pretty fucked up way of reminding you how powerless you truly are.


Carter Pierce.

His name alone oozes sexiness.

His appearance matches that of his name.

He is wanted by many, envied by others and feared by plenty.

Why? Because Carter is the heir to the multi-billion dollar company known as Pierce Enterprise, a company that crushes and surpass others in a blink of an eye.

But in order to claim the company Carter needs one thing.

To show the world and his father that he is a committed man.

Alexa James.

A normal girl with a feisty attitude

She is an undiscovered gem within a sea of fake blondes and caked on make up.

She flies under the radar and is just trying to make it through life in general

What happens when Carter and Alexa meet under unfortunate circumstances? Why a lot of snarky remarks and eye rolling.

Taken by her, Carter offers Alexa a chance of a lifetime. To be his fake fiancé.

Alexa is about to land herself in a world filled with money, good looking people, betrayal and a fake engagement that will shake the lives of many. Including her own.

Hey guys! All of your stories look great. Y’all are so talented and I’m honestly really lucky to share an amazing hobby with you all.

Well, the reason I’m here, obviously, is to share my Romance story. I’m not allowed to post the link so feel free to go to my profile to check it out.

It’s a fan-fiction with SELENA GOMEZ and HARRY STYLES. I’ve gotten a lot of attention on this story for the past few months and I would like to think of myself as a great writer. BUT I would love for your opinions on my story as well.

Please check it out and if you’d like me to read your story reply to this with a smiley face.

I seriously feel like we all post in here but none of our stories actually get read and I would really like that to change. We all deserve some attention for our stories.

If you made it this far and you’re STILL reading, you a real one. :wink:

Title: Identity Crisis

Working at a theme park has it’s ups and downs. Summer has come and Ramona is stuck wearing a character costume that barely covers half of her while everyone else is in spandex. Her friend Jackson tries to keep her spirits up despite the fact that she not only has to deal with gawking teenagers and handsy dads all day but also the fact that her fiance left her a month before their wedding. As much as he wants to tell her how he feels about her, how he’s felt for a while, he knows that just helping her recover is what she needs until on what should have been an average day they all end up turning into and gaining the powers of the character their dressed as…leaving Ramona as the only assassin and Jackson to try and convince her she’s so much more.

I’m crap at blurbs so if you guys have any suggestions or tips on those too I would greatly appreciate it! This is also my first story on Wattpad so if you guys read feed back would be great :blush:

“I have been waiting for this very day, my Rrrosaline.” His husky voice purred in my ears causing my whole world to stop. I was about to pinch my skin until I realised my arms were trapped by his strong grasp, I couldn’t breath because of how close we were.

“You didn’t think I forgot you, did you my Rrrosalina?” Goosebumps erupted all over body as he chuckled in a low and predacious tone. He began clicking his tongue and leant closer to my neck, I sucked in a gasp as his mouth reached my neck. My mind refused to believe that this was real, “You aren’t real, you’re a nightmare!”
A throaty laugh broke throughout the air, “You thought you could get away! But I found you and its time to break you! I am your living nightmare my Rrrosaline and you will pay, for what you did to me!”

A predator lurking in the shadows but walks out in broad day light like a king. His words are like the law, and everyone knows to abide. His power is what makes him golden, everyone submits to this ruthless being who carries his work and efforts with pride, a leader who had built his empire from nothing. Kayden, a name which makes men fall to their knees and woman to fall onto their backsides, all except for a woman he cannot tame.

Kayden breaks each and every soul which enters his path all for dominance and all for his golden empire, but the fact that a soul should go unbroken and not be affected by his diabolical charm makes his blood boil. Even though this untamed woman hasn’t been broken yet doesn’t mean Kayden will stop and he will punish her every day until she has finally succumbed to him. Time is running out for Rosaline and Kayden will sooner or later unleash his wrath.

May contain some mature scenes.

Authors note: Hi awesome readers, this is a first for me as I have never written a story like this before but I hope you all will give it a chance! Your support will mean a lot to me. ^-^

I hope you all enjoy it! X

When Maria Delsante attends a BDSM meeting, hoping to research the topic for her next book, she never expects to meet Sylvester Jackson. A man who sets her body on fire.

Much to her surprise, their meeting continues in a broken down elevator, followed by rope, handcuffs, and a little bit of murder.

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Aurora (A Soldier’s diary)

A chilling four-day diary left on a soldier’s cell phone tells a tale which pushes the boundaries of our understanding of the human heart. What nineteen-year-old private Harmon was to learn about the powers of desire in the last moments of his life is a lesson for all of us. For he was to experience the rarefied gift that what we will eventually see is that which we desire most.

Read this story here:

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My Lady Is A Man

He’s verbally abusive during arguments, constantly belittling her, but yet claims to still love her. Little does he know she’s falling for a good friend and co-worker. A friend who’s also looking for her soulmate, guy or girl. But what happens when her boyfriend starts to feel remorse for his actions? Are his actions genuine? Will it get worse? Or will she give him a second chance or will she explore a new and exciting love? As Tiffany finds out for herself, her choice will lead her through a dangerous path.

I’m sorry this isn’t done correctly, I’m new to this and this wouldn’t allow me to upload a cover. Didn’t see any options to message someone for help.


I think you’d like this story: “Not Your Average love story [Completed]” by let_alpha_write on Wattpad


They say you can’t force love, You’ll most likely find it when you’re not looking.
Just like how the Fetridge’s Law works. Important things that are supposed to happen do not happen, especially when you are looking.

Most important things in life really do happen when we least expect and it has happened to me. Love found me when it was the last thing on earth I was searching for.

But what if Love isn’t everything we compare it to? What if love isn’t roses that blossoms? What if love isn’t a fairy tale that brings magic to our lives?

What if love is not air that you never get tired of breathing? What if love isn’t rivers, and oceans that flows without end?

And that we’re just swimming in seas of depthless metaphors?

What if Love is everything we look for but we don’t really find? What if love doesn’t make every risk worth talking and every nightmare worth the fright?

Read full story here :point_down:


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Ellie Andrews escaped her life from her abusive boyfriend Ian, who happens to be a part of the mafia. The FBI has been trying to take Ian and his associates down for years. She finds herself in witness protection, and her main security happens to be a hunky agent from the southern states. His charm and looks set Ellie on fire. Will she be able to keep things strictly professional or will emotions take over?

Eric McGilvery has been an FBI agent for 7 years, and the last 3 he’s been working on taking down Ian Patterson. He finds himself playing security to a small redheaded firehouse Ellie. Emotions run high, and the sexual tension becomes thick. What will Eric do when Ellie’s life is threatened, and death is sitting on her shoulders? Will Eric risk his job and put everything on the line to save her life or will he stick to his primary goal, capturing and taking down Ian Patterson?