"Mature" stories filtered out

I think that Wattpad should add a feature that “mature” stories be filtered out. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with reading mature content, but I don’t feel comfortable coming across stories that have sexually explicit covers or things like that. I think that when I browse for a story, I should be able choose to filter out “mature” stories if I wanted to. What do you guys think?

I think it’s a perfectly reasonable option that shouldn’t ve too difficult to implement. I wish that mature stories would actually say why they are mature. I have no problem with violence and other adult themes but prefer to avoid explicit sex. I have no idea what’s in a mature story (sex? Or just violence?) unless a writer states it on the story description. As a result, I often don’t bother reading mature stories just in case there is sex involved. A simple feature like tickboxes could work: “rated mature for violence” or “rated mature for sex and violence”.


Right, I agree.


If you tap this button


You’ll get to this menu


Only works though when people are honest about their work at rate it properly.


Personally, I think there’s a bigger problem with the mature rating as mature rated stories don’t appear in the ratings or get the same exposure as their counterparts do. I’m sure this is what’s forcing many people to write disclaimers on their stories for the mature ratings instead of listing them as mature because they don’t want their work to be undiscovered indefinitely. It’s hard to gain a following or get exposure without extremely aggressive marketing on here when you list a story as mature.

I agree that there should be an optional filter for mature content and that it should be described just like an ESRB rating describes it’s ratings for games i.e. rated mature for graphic violence, gore, suggestive themes, nudity, etc. However, I don’t believe that just because a story contains these elements it should be disqualified from appearing normally in the browse features or from the ratings.

Programming filters should be a cakewalk for the development team, and you’re asked what your age is when you sign up for an account which can then have rules attached to automatically filter mature content based on age, but it’s unfair to the authors who’s work goes unnoticed because their target audience isn’t teenagers and they don’t have the time allocate a full work week to market their work.


Since the switch from a genre-based to a tag-based system, mature stories are able to rank. This was a big part of why the change happened so that mature-rated stories would get more exposure.

Users, who’ve stated their age as under 18, don’t see mature-rated works in the search. They are, however, able to see these works on an author’s page or on a reading list.
Users, who are older than 18 have the option to switch the mature filter on or off when they search for stories.


I had a story rated mature for half a year under the tag system. It got 2k reads and not a single rank until I removed the rating, so I have to believe otherwise.

The filter is, by default, applied regardless. I have to manually set it everytime I want to search for mature rated stories. It should be a toggle once option, set it and forget it, not toggle everytime you search.


I’m a mature author and I support the ability to search for mature/not mature entirely. I sometimes have readers who even wish they could search specifically for new mature stories to read. I’m always an advocate for more filtered searching, though I don’t specifically have a problem with how it is now. I’m just always up for trying new things out.

I’m also curious about the mature tag=less ratings opinion. That wasn’t my experience but I suppose it could have been the experience of others. Do you think it’s because of the under 18 readers who don’t usually see the books? (I’m just curious, those kind of statistics are super interesting to me!)

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I’ve had a mature-rated story up for two years and even though I haven’t updated it in ages, it always ranks in something.

My first story I left as rated everyone until I came upon a chapter that included a scene where one of my characters experience sexual assault. The descriptions weren’t very graphic, but it was clear the kind of assault that took place.

The story was ranked in a lot of it’s tagged categories until I switched the nature rating filter on. It since hasn’t been ranked in anything and I wasn’t gaining any exposure for almost a month. I started hanging some reads when I was aggressively requesting read for reads and critiques, but once I stopped, so did my exposure.

I’m a hobby writer with the goal of one day publishing my works in some form. I’ll probably go traditional just because I’ve never been able to get a strong following in any media format. My short career in self published music can attest to that. However, I’d like to develop some form of fan base before I do to lessen the risk a publisher will need to take on me if they select my story(s).

So far, this site is the most user friendly and active to do so that I’ve found, but the story remained unranked and undiscoverable due to its mature rating for about six months until I started working on a new project. I did an experiment and flipped the rating off and added a disclaimer in the story description listing what mature themes it contains.

The next day I started receiving a rank in its tags despite not posting anything new to that story. My reads also began picking up again at a very slow pace, but the book has tripled its exposure in contrast to when it was rated mature.

Technically, WP can flip the filter back on for the book, or a user can report it and have the filter flipped, but that hasn’t happened. I personally don’t care because I feel like my story was slighted in its eligibility to rank, gain exposure, or be listed on certain promotional feeds due to the rating. However, out of courtesy, I did add the disclaimer explaining exactly what type of mature themes occur in the book and do list those themes when I submit it to contests and what not. I’m not in the business of misleading readers on the content of my book, and I believe it’s the reader’s right to choose if they can handle the themes they choose to read within reason.

That’s a pretty interesting experiment! So surely you aren’t the only one who has experienced this. I wish something could be done to fix the situation, but with underage readers (for good reason) not being shown the titles unless they look at author profiles, I’m not too sure how that would be fixed.

I wish you good luck with the story if you choose to do anything with it in the future though.

I was pretty upset about it for a minute. But the story needs to be rewritten anyways. I can imagine others are suffering the same predicament.

I agree, certain people should not read stories like 50 shades or even parts of my story because of the graphic depictions of mature things, violence, gore, whatever. So, the mature filter does have merit, but it shouldn’t restrict the story the way it does currently, just the young, impressionable, sensitive reader from finding it.

However, I have to say, even without the rating, I’m still reaching my intended audience as far as my stats can tell me. Which leads me to believe that my disclaimer is working as intended.

Yes! I have to swim through waves of mature books to get to the appropiate stuff.

Mature stories rank normally now; mine do anyway. Has been that way for a long time now AFAIK.

My thoughts exactly. Most of the time when people see “mature” on WP they assume sex rather than anything else. Story may include violence or language or both but without sex. I would prefer to have an option to choose before I start reading…


I am about to take the mature rating off mine. IMO, it should be for stories where most of the content is mature. In mine, it’s just a small component and I have a disclaimer on the description.

I would like to be able to filter out fanfic in my searches. For example, if I search for “doctor” stories, I get mostly Dr Who fanfic, which I have zero interest in.