@Acey! Shaming all the bad grammar Vocab Failures: In which we point out common yet tragic errors
:lumi: :prisim: :dreamcatcher: :makaylasophia:


@acey welcome to the dark side :makaylasophia:


Welcome to the Emoji crew :prisim::makaylasophia::lumi::dreamcatcher:


I feel welcomed ouo


@uncleL From where do I choose the pictures?

And can I put this on hold until my friends finish deciding which one to choose?


This is cool


They only have monochromic icons right?


You can recommend colors for your emoji.



But how about the multi-coloured ones?




@Acey Congrats!! :tada::tada::tada:

Also, I think you can hold until you’re ready to choose.


Aw okie



Can we use caps and numbers in naming the emoji?

And what is the character limit for the name?


I’m unsure the limit! Don’t think there is one and yes to numbers but I don’t think caps matter! Sorry I fell asleep sooo early last night :confused:


It’s okay, you must be tired c:

I think we’ve mostly decided—

the name is “theC0VENvirtualmascot” and it’s the totoro icon.

Is there a setting that makes the color that the emoji appears in random every time it’s used?


oh i wish! that’d be such a cool setting but otherwise, no :confused: want me to color some options and show you?


also omg lol your emoji name


I guess then totoro should be totoro’s colour ouo

(sorry it’s kinda low-key advertising)




Awe cutee