Can someone get more MDC members on here to test? :slight_smile:

Have tested things on behalf of the MDC coders

What are you looking to test?

I can try to get more of them here.


idk mostly just seeing what else they’d need, i know @Makaylasophia said we don’t have the ability to create stylesheets…I want to know how much we’re missing for them so we can try to fix


I know some people make pure image threads, so they won’t be affected.

People who make graphics, in general, won’t be that affected.

This mostly seems like a thing that’ll affect thread coders.


Which community are they most active in?


I think the main thing people would want would be dimensions for graphics.

If you know the image will be resized, why not make it that size so it’s not resized?


Ah I see–I have some options to help with resizing–I’ll try to mess with them


I’ll try to make a list of the various niches in the MDC.

  1. Thread Designers (ranging from fully coded to a pure image thread)
  2. Graphic Designers (book covers, banners, avatars, character boards, etc. etc.)
  3. Trailer Makers (people who design book trailers)

There are also some people who teach others how to do some of the above.

I’m not sure if I’m missing anything else.


On that note, I think people would want dimensions for designing avatars.

That is, if the avatar will run differently than the system currently on Wattpad.

Maybe some explanation of how to code images.

But if you mention that some HTML works, I think a lot of people can adapt.


You are the best, @lumi!


Glad to help! :grin:


As a graphic design by trade, though I dont offer my services on wattpad because I’m lazy, I agree knowing specific dimensions would be ideal. Say I build an ad that’s 1000x2000 (random numbers are random) but on the clubs they will only display at 600x700. I’d like to know that. If I have a reason to still design it 1000x2000 I can, but I’d rather know the display size and cut out any potential issues with re-sizing. Most of the time I’d rather build things to the exact dimensions.

As for getting more active members from MDC over here, if you haven’t already I’d post on that club or maybe even PM more active users directly and ask if they’d be willing to beta and give their thoughts on what they need that this forum currently may or may not have.


I sent the link to some MDC people.

Hopefully, we learn more about what this place can and can’t do.


Hello all! Just joining in on the conversation and checking things out.

With the forums the way that they are now, not all html works. Just basics (div, span, blockquote, etc…). So I think most people would be worried about how much that would change. If this new platform would remove more and give us more to work with.

When coding threads (I create/code mostly image threads, but all do a lot of html), knowing the size of comment boxes is a huge deal in making the image/html look correct. So knowing specifics like that would be very useful!


@sickhearts There’s a testing thread here where some others and I have been testing code:


Unfortunately, all the cool things with style="" don’t work here. :c


@Lumi Thank you!


@Lumi Really?! But that’s like the basis of every html coding


@sickhearts ikr? I just learned how to manipulate borders to make cool stuff.

Oh, also one more thing you need to know!

There are three themes that users can choose here; white, black, and gray (with orange accents).


We should really get the word out.

I have a feeling a lot of coders would be upset over this.