Can we talk about this movie please?

I enjoy it so much.


I aspire to make a character as amazing as Megamind. This movie is inspo juice.


Hal is the classic nice guy: “I’m a nice guy so why doesn’t the girl like me?!”


I totally did not just watch the movie again today.


I love the movie too! I love the part where he plays that song on the boombox and snaps his fingers and bobs his head with his eyebrow raised.
Such a good character, I agree!


Oooh, that was a great part!

His character arc was so satisfying to watch.

I want to do that in my writing.


Definitely. It’s the kinda story that you go in expecting to hate certain people but they all end up growing on you.

I am definitely enjoying all the new superhero stuff that’s coming out these days. Like My Hero Academia - really loving that!
I also like the Webtoon ‘Kind of Confidential’ even tho it’s a bit backwards in the way it’s been written I enjoy the story idea.


Lol, so true. Plus, it’s so inspirational, too! I love how it breaks black/white morality.

Never heard of either, but I think it’s great that more good content is pouring out!


Megamind makes me want to play more with morality.

I already did it a bit with a dialogue story but I want to do more.


Oh my gosh I love webtoons. They are like comics but better because they are colourful and some have music on them.

My Hero Academia is an anime :slight_smile:

Yes! Definitely breaks the black/white. A great antihero I think!


So… a webtoon is a colorful comic with music?

Ah, okay.

Hm. Probably. I’m not sure what label fits him best, though.


Yeah, you should check out the app. It’s pretty much like a comic or manga but is colourful and some have original scores they play to match the chapter you’re reading. They also read as a scroll downwards, instead of flipping a page so each scene connects really nicely.

As you can tell, I may be a bit passionate about them.

Yeah Megamind is a hard one to label. Did they ever look at making a second one? I wish they did but also it’s so good a second one might have ruined it.


I’ll look into it if I have the time.

I can indeed see that.

I haven’t heard anything of a second one. Then again, I don’t keep up with that kind of news.

Hm. True. I do enjoy it as a standalone.


I found this at least:


Wow hahahaha I can’t believe you found this! It’s super cool makes me want to watch the movie all over again :laughing:


An amazing thing about the movie is the fact that it’s still good when you rewatch it. :lumi:


Bernard: Hey! We’re closing soon.

Roxanne Ritchi: Oh! You scared me. Barry, right?

Bernard: Bernard.

Roxanne Ritchi: Bernard! I was just, well, I was talking to… myself. You probably think I’m a little bit nuts.

Bernard: I’m not allowed to insult guests directly.

I love reading quotes from it, too. :rofl:


Hahahahaha oh my god you are definitely in love with this movie! I haven’t watched it in a long time but you’re making me want to watch it again!


Ahaha, probably. I have super high standards, so when stuff meets them, I’m a huge fan.

When I get super into things, I even go through “phases” as well.

This happened a lot when I used to watch anime.

You should totally watch it then. :rofl:


This is me too… I am definitely in a Webtoon stage lol