Hey guys I created this game so that it’s not only will be fun but it’s will give new advertisement angle for your story.

You can create for own meme with the help of .

Fill the form :

Name of your story
5 Important tags ( For the context)
Description (Again for the context)
Meme that you created about your story
Link to your story (for anyone who is interested in your story )

Example :

Lady of the Ravendale

Romance, Fantasy, Polyamory, Mystery, Matriarchy.

After living for five years in the futuristic world of Etria, Annbelle has to return back to a home that is filled with magic in Ravendale. Her mother died from sickness; now she will have to become head of the household.

Little did she know that her parents managed arrange marriage before their death.

Follow Annabelle’s journey as she uncover secrets of Ravendale and her true origin.


Please do not link to your own story!


This is cool. I feel like gifs work for me:


Perchance to Dream
college, hamlet, darkromance, sexuality, identity

Description: Hot-tempered college junior Katherine Miller strives for an award-winning career in journalism. When she learns of a coveted internship opportunity at a New York magazine, she’s determined to earn it honorably, unlike her scheming classmates. To boost her chances, she attends an Off-Broadway production of Hamlet, and everything she knew to be, believe, and dream crumbles.

The “paragon of all animals,” Katherine meets her dream guy. The lead actor intoxicates, inspires, and confounds her all at once. After an illuminating private encounter, he leaves her with cryptic obligations and nothing but his name: Nicholas Phillips. In a city that never sleeps, her dreams are just out of reach. Unlike the internship, though, Katherine will get him… by ANY means necessary.


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Name: Natasha Terry Is Not Special
NaNoWriMo, secretsocieties, aliens, highschool, incomplete

Description: For the longest time, Natasha Terry has prided herself on being the least special girl in Duitton. She gets perfectly average grades, is perfectly average at sports, has two perfectly average friends named Mona Rhodes and Erin Sellers, and is a master at perfectly average small talk. Nobody notices her, and if you ask her, she’d say it’s better that way. Especially in Duitton.

Because Duitton is a special kind of city. Mysterious events occur every other week there, and quite a few of them leave witnesses with special abilities of some sort. Natasha, Mona, and Erin have all avoided this up until now. They’ve been normal, up until now.

The three girls, when walking home one night (they hate doing this, but the school buses were on strike and their parents were at work), discover an alien device in a back alley, being held by an older girl. When Natasha remembered what she’d been working for her entire life, it was too late.

Natasha Terry is not special. Except when she is.

I’m doing it on the NaNoWriMo YWP site so I don’t know how to get a link, sorry.


Cool meme, and interesting story! Good luck on your NaNoWriMO challenge


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I love this idea!!

Name of your story Darkness Embodied
5 Important tags Witch, violence, werewolf, prophecy
Description A siphon witch runs away from a primitive and violent tradition to save her soul, but ends up in deeper water when she meets a power hungry werewolf.

*Jensen runs away from evil Coven to save herself *

*Meets Kaleo *

Kaleo: Sooooooo how about that soul now?

Jensen Avery:


Dear Alice
Alternate Universe, Dystopian, Adventure, Family, Love
In a world where all pregnancies must be approved before conception, the lives of those “unapproved” children is a difficult one. Invalid Delaney Shepherd’s life is changed forever when she and her brother find an abandoned infant on the road; their choice to take it changes their life forever



I’m glad that you like my idea, your story sounds funny :smiley:




Story: The Great Game
5 tags: general fiction, action, mystery, drama, comedy
Description: Three college students and a college professor is pulled into the world of the US Army to help track down Professor Richard Brooks. He claims to have a few lines of complex computer code that can unlock anything in the world. They must catch him before he can sell it to the highest bidder



Hmm as a software engineering student, I find your story quite interesting. :smiley:


Teen For Hire

Tags: Humor, Action, Teen Fiction, Adventure, Highschool

Description: Reece sticks by a certain motto in life:

“If you ever want something to get done, pay somebody to do it for you.”

In this case, people pay HIM to get things done. Anything they could possibly want, from babysitting, to stalking their exes or even doing their math homework. He could do it all with the right amount of money.
Okay, maybe doing Maths homework is a stretch, but you get the gist.

Trouble arises when the hot mess of a teenager got an offer of getting $10000 per month to protect the new girl in town, Sierra Ferrind, he didn’t exactly know what he was signing up for.

She was everything he hated,
But he was everything she loved.

And now Reece has to stalk her. Great.

Join Reece Alexander as he rocks out in Junior year with undercover missions, disastrous people and the ever so powerful teenage hormones. After all, who knows what life could bring when you’re a teen for hire.

Any Person: Can you please, please help me do this?

Reece: No way, it’s crazy and it’s illegal. It’s all just too risky and I don’t want to waste-

Any Person: If I gave you 50 bucks, will you try?

Reece: tenor


I think it’s a good idea that I made a forum post now I can read new undiscovered interesting stories :smiley:


Ooh, did check it out if you like :wink:


Hahaha, I already checked it out.
I like it, You have a very interesting plot. :smiley:


The Curse of the Betweens
TAGS: Paranormal ~ Action ~ YA Fiction ~ Ghost ~ Mystery

Celestial Perris is one of the many chosen to protect and guide the souls that linger on. These souls, also known as Betweens, are here with unfinished business in our world. Angels and Demons are not supposed to interfere with a Between’s business in our world due to a pact made long ago at the start of our world. Demons, however, do not always abide by this rule, trying to sway the innocent to the Darkness of the Spiritual Realm.

Celestial is soon confronted by a strange soul, who is unlike the others she has protected before. With him comes a curse that forces the Betweens to remain trapped in our world and it’s up to Celestial to help free them. With demons sprouting out of the wood works in droves, will Celestial be able to help? Or will an evil be unleashed due to the selfish purposes on both sides of the fence?



Romance, Fiction, Shortstory, Timeskip, Highschool

R, the owner of the notebook, started a diary when she was a 9th grader high school student, which turns to a short story book when she finished writing on all its pages.

Her high school experiences were written there, starting from her first day as a ninth grader, meeting her computer lab partner, having a small fight with her friend, celebrating her birthday, Christmas and new year, and experiencing falling in love again.

If only high school can happen forever, but it can’t.

R’s high school life ended. Surprisingly, she haven’t finished writing on all of her diary’s pages yet. She grew up, yet still kept it, together with the love she wrote on her diary.

When she opens and writes on her diary again, will her heart beats again?



The Armory

science fiction, superheroes, action, adventure, young adult

Audrey Tremblay has finally become a super. She’s the new Dagger, a member of the elite team known as the Armory, and the second person to take on the mantle.

But the last Dagger died under mysterious circumstances. The rest of the Armory won’t tell her anything. And a mysterious supervillain is terrorizing the city, who seems to know Audrey better than she knows herself.

There might be some problems even a superhero can’t fix.

audrey: so i applied to become a superhero at the doha
rommy: i am disgusted i am revolted i dedicate my life to our lord and savior jesus christ and this is the thanks i get-