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Name of your story: CAMBION
5 Important tags: Drama, High-Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Political
Description: As an innocent young boy, Dmitri was known as the “white cambion,” the strongest sorcerer to walk on earth. Many hated him for his background as “unpure,” born dead and able to wield magic. Some praised him for defeating the power-greedy tsar of Kiva.

Now an irresistibly handsome young man, Dmitri spends his time drinking in taverns and wreaking havoc in parties and gatherings, attempting to wash away the regrets of his past. Suddenly, a female exorcist named Greta gives him an ultimatum; either he helps her take down the “black cambion,” or he spends his time in special confinements for witches to sleep for eternity.

His return to a new journey marks Dmitri’s new misdirections, exorcisms, monster hunts, and reflections to his old life. With new partnerships in the adventure, he slowly realizes how much he’s changed, and the risks he’s willing to take for someone he loves.


Oh my goodness! :joy: I wanna see this one, I really like the concept too!


Is this spawn of Satan meme cracked me up xD


In the story if you do magic, you’re automatically a witch or the son of the devil :’D

Well, at least that’s how the world looked at it. Magic is frowned upon.


Partners [Path Unlocked]

Romance, Sci-fi, Mental Health, Openff, Lgbt+

Description: After unwittingly being partnered with an android - Designed with info from his Grindr account nevertheless - Detective Connor Anderson is, in a word: Done


HK800: You should probably try to, you know, not die

Connor: download