Mental Health SafeSpace

Hey Guys!

I’m someone who advocates about mental health outside of Wattpad (yes I do have a life outside hahah).
But over the years, I have brought out mental health into a lot of the things I write. Which is why I thought I could have a topic in the community for mental health.
This is a place where you can make new friends, have people to talk to, vent or let out any emotion your feeling, maybe discuss things about how to portray mental health nicely.
Anything! This is your SafeSpace. And everyone is welcome!
The only rule is that you cannot advertise your book. Of course, if someone chooses to go read your book that’s fine. But do not talk about your book or post links about this.

Hope you guys like this!

Rishika :slight_smile:


Nice to meet you!
I’m Rishika!

Hi! Thank you for starting this! As someone with ADHD who feels the need to vent a LOT, I think this is a cool idea :dizzy:

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I’m glad you think so!
I’m Rishika, it’s nice to meet you!

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Lovely to meet you, Rishka. I’m Amneris. This was a good idea :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you too!

So where are you from?

Am from Australia. You?

I’m originally from India. But I live in USA.
But it’s cool that you’re from Australia. All I know about that place is Kangaroos and 5sos.

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Too many kangaroos where I live. Can’t get rid of the buggers

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Not much tonight. I’m just tired.

Yaaayyy I’m a mental health advocate too!! :blush:

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Hey guys

Hey! Nice to meet you! I’m Rishika!

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Omg that’s great! I lvoe talking to people who have the same interest as me!

haha :joy::joy:

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Nice to meet you too. :blush: I am Shalaka

So, mental health advocate? What’s that like?