Merge Books or Book Series Folder Option

I’m wondering if there is a potential for Merge Books option, by tacking the second book at the end of the first, with keeping all the reads/comments the book had accumulated.

Alternatively, a ‘master’ book for series would be nice to give the cover and intro to the series, and then drill down to the individual books in the series.


Other sites have this, just help us make this easy for everyone.


They used to something like that years ago, you could move chapters between books. I loved that feature because then I could write short stories or one shots, let them fly on their own, and move them into a compilation album without losing a thing once the reads died down. Can’t remember if a reason was ever given for them taking it away, but I do know some people were abusing it. They were moving parts around randomly just to boost a books stats.

But I would absolutely love a way to link books so that people more easily know when a book is a sequel.


I mean, people are going to try to abuse any feature. If the main negative reason is something down the lines of, “This would be abused by our users!” or “This requires too much moderation/coding/maintenance!”, then it’s something HQ needs to check themselves about. If it’s a good, common-sense feature, it ought to be part of the platform. End of story. They should be getting enough funding from all the things they’re doing to destroy the free experience so they can promote the paid (Premium/Paid Stories), right?

As sarcastic as I am here, I do like this idea and I would love to see it implemented, but I don’t think HQ has the resources or time for it, and likely won’t.

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Back then, I assume, raising rating mattered though, so a faux update was beneficial. Right now, you can add, edit, remove as many chapters as you want, and it’s not going to increase the visibility of the story. Even the search by tags does not put the stories that rank the highest in that tag on top.

So, this concern is no longer valid as far as I can tell.

Somebody always has to ruin it for everyone else :unamused: It would be a nifty feature, though.

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But it wasn’t an update so it didn’t notify users of an update nor did it generate anything new. It just moved from one book to another, taking that chapters reads and votes with it, so it made one book appear to have more reads/votes. I have no idea what benefit the users who abused it actually got from doing that (nor do I know if that was even the reason the removed it) I just know there were several books where it had a random chapter unrelated to the book in it because that author moved it. Hell my own plagerizer was one of them. Before I contacted wattpad to have my stolen work removed from her profile i gave her the chance to remove it herself. She simply moved the chapters to another book to “hide” it from me. As far as I know she got nothing out of it, but she did that a lot with her books as my stolen work wasn’t the only thing randomly tucked away (and I looked closely at all her work to make sure I got everything she stole from me removed)

I suspect there were other reasons why they chose to remove the feature. Just not sure what they were because I really did like the feature lol was so sad when it was taken away.

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Yeah, I don’t see how it helps with popularity, and plagiarism is the whole other issue.

If not moving the books, grouping them under a master book as Series would be fine too. I’d rather have less titular works on the main profile than more tbh & it just would be neater.

I actually stopped writing (or attempting to write since I’ve never been good at keeping things short) short stories after that feature was taken away. I liked giving the short story a chance to fly on it’s own merits without being buried behind other stories, but after a while I got sick of seeing it on my profile. So I tucked it into an anthology. And there’s a trilogy that I probably will never continue that I wouldn’t mind just merging the 2 books into one book without losing the almost 300k reads on book 2.

But honestly, give me a way to link series and I’ll be content. I’m tired of being asked where book 2 is (granted it doesn’t happen often these days) when I usually announce the sequels title right in the first book. All anyone has to do is go to my profile and look for it, but apparently that’s too hard :joy_cat:

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Definitely agree. Wattpad should look into how to at least group series together. Especially since the landing page for an author only shows three books without it being “expanded”.

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Even I have the doubt - not in merging, but in splitting the book chapters.

I would like to move chapters from Book 1 to Book 2 of the Series. I can copy and paste them as New Chapters in the second book, but that would disrupt the count of Reads and also the existing comments that the chapter has accumulated. Does Wattpad has this option?

No, unfortunately there is no options to move chapters between books.

Since this thread has been necro-ed, I’m just going to say that linking series together so that the next book is suggested to readers/is linked to the previous is a great idea.

I’m contemplating going the ‘master book’ route for my novellas because building an audience every time for stories that will barely make the double digits in chapter count and amount to 20-40k words each sounds terrible >.>

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That’s what I did with She Kills Elephants and Men, 4 parts, each going to be 30-40K

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That would be awesome.

Or some other organizing option. Like bookshelves. Before seeing individual books, you see the bookshelf and a description of what can be found there.

I’ve created reading lists to organize my books but I wonder if readers realize that’s how they should browse my profile.