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Hey. I worked all night to make art for the upcoming vampire forums, only to post one here this morning to discover… this

Does anyone know the correct size? All graphics I made are 720p wide, and that’s too much. I’m kind of sad that this entire thing failed and really need a way to fix it. The vampire genre will forever love you if you help <3

512 x 800, when it is the same as covers on wattpad


512… thank you!

I’m not sure this is correct…


like I said, if this is the same as the covers on wattpad it is 512x800, but looks like its not

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It appears to look good on PC version, only the phone version is cut off

Have you changed from desktop view to mobile view?
Just click on the three bars and choose the mobile version.

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Never knew that button existed. Huh.

No, I used an actual desktop. Bigger screen and all.